Tuesday 30 August 2011

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 007: Dead Sound

Since it's relaunch, Slash Dot Dash has been all about 3 things, Dub, Techno and Industrial. Kenneth Christiansen brought the dub, everyone else has brought the techno, but now it's time for us to represent the industrial side through our podcast series.

Hailing from Stoke in the North of the UK, Dead Sound, is a fusion of 4/4 techno and broken beat experimentalism. Taking influences from UK EDM and Berlin's stand out techno sound to create Industrial techno different from any other. Unlike most industrial producers he doesn't rely on relentless, high octane banging, preferring to keep the tempo's steady and let the use of effects and intelligent programming produce big dancefloor reactions.

This talent has been recognised, and snapped up, by one of the UKs best labels, Perc Trax, and with his production partner, Videohead, they've remixed releases from Go Hiyama and Samuli Kemppi and PT048 saw their first solo project featuring 5 forward thinking tracks.

For the Slash Dot Dash Podcast 007, the award winning turntablist has compiled a selection of his own tracks for this mix, and once you press play, it's easy to see why Dead Sound has a big future ahead of him and we're delighted to be featuring him in our series. You can stream or download the mix from the soundcloud player below or you can subscribe and download from iTunes.

You can find the rest of our podcast mixes on our Soundcloud page, through iTunes or on the Slash Dot Dash website Podcast Page

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Mix Of The Day: Wax Treatment Podcast 025 - Fiedel (22nd Aug 11)

For todays MOTD is the next installment from one of our favourite mix series, the Wax Treatment Podcast. Wax Treatment is a Berlin promotion run by DJ Pete and the podcast series has featured mixes from Surgeon, 2562, Shed and plenty from DJ Pete himself.

For #025, Fiedel makes his 3rd contribution and it's a belter. You can stream or download the mix from the soundcloud player below


  • 01. James Blake: Pan - Hemlock 011
    02. Dubbel Dutch: Pulso - SSSSS 001
    03. Roska: Jackpot - Rinse 007
    04. Shake: Piper - Frictional 016
    05. Population One: Rush Hour (Aardvark Remix) - Rush Hour 020-2
    06. 2562: Aquatic Family Affair (Extended) - When In Doubt 001R
    07. Freak Seven: Sonar Quistas (Peel Seamus Remix) - New Religion 104
    08. Bowly: Idée D'Un Tropique - Berkane Sol 015
    09. R1 Ryders: Just A Feeling - R1 Ryders 003
    10. Dark Sky: Radius B1 - 50 Weapons 014
    11. Peverelist: The Grind - Punch Drunk 002

  • You can catch Fiedel at the next Wax Treatment party at Horst Krzbrg, in Berlin this Sunday (28th Aug) alongside Hey-O-Hanson (Live), DJ Pete and Mark Ernestus. Details on Resident Advisor. Or if you happen to be in Denmark next weekend (Sat 3rd Sep) you can catch him at Culture Box alongside Marcel Dettmann for the Sound Of Berghain. Again details on Resident Advisor.
You can keep up to date with all the latest info regarding Wax Treatment on their Facebook Page or through Twitter

Bank Holiday Weekend Recommendations: Ostgut Ton @ Cable, WetYourSelf @ fabric

This weekend is the last Bank Holiday until Boxing Day and it'll probably turn out to be one of the busiest clubbing days of the year. Every venue across London will be trying to pull out all the stops to draw in the crowds, but there's only two events that have caught our attention.

I struggled to pick a favourite out of Ostgut Ton @ Cable and WetYourSelf @ fabric so we've simply started off with Ostgut because it's first. On Friday to be exact. After successful showcases at Corsica Studios and The Red Gallery they've now switched to one of our favourite London venues, Cable. Not only that, but for the first time they're bringing over our favourite Ostgut DJ, Marcel Dettmann. Joining him will be Marcel Fengler, Efdemin, Steffi and Ame.

Tickets are still available on Resident Advisor and you'll find all the rest of the details there too.

Finally, no Bank Holiday Sunday would be complete without a WetYourSelf special. We have very fond memories of the last one in May when Slash Dot Dash front man, XI, made his first appearance at fabric b2b with Chris Stanford and a selection of the Worlds very best techno artists in Room 2. And this commitment to great techno continues into August. Headlining Room 2 this time is possibly the current biggest name in techno, Chris Liebing. He'll be joined by another SDD favourite, Terence Fixmer, Kai Zen boss and upcoming London producer, Roberto and our good friend from the Candlelight Sessions, Billy Allen.

Also don't forget to head up to Room 3 at some point to check out Andy Bone. Those of you who came down to Public Life last month for our last party will remember what a great job he did on warm up duties and we expect the same on Sunday.

As always tickets are still available on Resident Advisor and there's plenty more info to be found

Tuesday 23 August 2011

Mix Of The Day: Donor / Truss - CLR Podcast 130 (22nd Aug 11)

Looking back through recent MOTD posts, you could accuse us of lacking a bit of imagination when it comes to the CLR Podcast series, but the fact of the matter is, we've featured so many of late because they've all been absolutely superb.

This weeks mix is no exception. Donor and Truss are an ocean spanning act that have seen a rise from releasing music on Donor's net label, Miniscule, to some of techno most respected labels including Perc Trax, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Thema and more.

The podcast consists solely of original pieces and remixes by the pair and includes a number of currently unreleased tracks. Check out the mix and the tracklisting below


1) Truss - Rockfield - Unreleased
2) Sian - Moorish Idol (Donor / Truss Remix) - Octopus
3) Donor / Truss - Modal - Unreleased
4) Donor / Truss - Sude 5 - Thema
5) Donor - EM1 - Unreleased - Prosthetic Pressings
6) Donor / Truss - Endo 3 - Unreleased - Perc Trax
7) Chevel - Trevisun (Donor Distress Remix) - Stroboscopic Artefacts
8) Donor - Remainder - Stroboscopic Artefacts
9) Donor - Lapse - Stroboscopic Artefacts
10) Donor - Portal - Stroboscopic Artefacts
11) Donor / Truss - Sude 3 - Thema
12) Heiko Laux - Re-Televised (Donor / Truss Remix) -Forthcoming on Thema
13) Truss - Wonastow - Unreleased
14) Samuli Kemppi - Spirit of Elibop (Donor / Truss Remix) - Perc Trax
15) Donor / Truss - Endo 2 - Unreleased - Perc Trax
16) Truss - Osbasten (Donor Remix) - Perc Trax
17) Donor - Fade - Stroboscopic Artefacts

More information on the pair can be found on the relevant social networking pages
Donor - Facebook / Twitter
Truss - Facebook / Twitter

Their next release on Perc Trax will be out in September, so keep an eye out for that. No doubt we'll cover it here. If you want to see either of them playing out, you can catch Donor playing alongside Audio Injection vs Truncate @ The National Underground in New York on Saturday. Full details on Resident Advisor.

As for Truss, he'll be playing alongside myself, XI, next month at Public Life for Void. The line up is yet to be fully announced and there's one more special guest (who we're big fans off here on at SDD). For all the information check out the Facebook Event Page

Friday 19 August 2011

Delsin Records @ fabric (20th Aug 11)

It wasn't difficult selecting our pick of the weekends events today. There is really only one event worth worrying about, fabric, and another first class line up in Room 2. The Amsterdam based label will be making the short trip across the English Channel and bringing with them 4 acts from their superb artist roster, in Brendon Moeller, Mike Dehnert, Delta Funktionen and Newworldaquarium.

It's a simple decision of where to go tomorrow night but with Stacey Pullen, Levon Vincent and Bruno Pronsato in Room 1, it's going to be difficult to choose where to be once you're inside the club, but fabric have really pulled it out the bag for what's supposed to be one of the worst weekends of the year for business. And because of that reason fabric is reward it's faithful by making it free for all fabricfirst members (Of which we are). You can't say fairer than that!

Tickets are still on sale on the Resident Advisor Event Page and for everything else fabric related head over to the fabric website. Delsin can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Also for a little insight into the minds of Delta Funktionen and Newworldaquarium check out this video interview that Plastic Dreams did with them earlier on in the summer at this years Sonar festival

Thursday 18 August 2011

Traversable Wormhole Vol 8

Last time we spoke to Traversable Wormhole aka Adam X it was not long after the completion of the monstrous CLR remix pack which ended up being a veritable who's who of techno artists. And as much as the project was a big success, Adam wanted TW to return to it's more mysterious roots. No promotion, no hype, just straight releases, that was if it was to ever return at all! But luckily enough for us, it has!

We first heard about it back in April when Giorgio Gigli listed it in his RA Chart but since then, as is the traditional TW way, mum has most certainly been the word! Now though, over a year since TW Vol 7, it's out, and it's time we started spreading that word!

Like the 7 releases proceeding it, Vol 8 consists of two tracks, 'Four Dimensional Mami Fold' and 'Negative Energy Density'. Both feature the dark, stripped back, industrial techno that made him our number 1 priority when arranging the Slash Dot Dash relaunch last summer. Check out the samples below

This is out in the shops now so go out and grab your copy, because there wont be many of them and they won't be around for long!

Cio D'Or - Magnetfluss EP [Prologue 022]

It's been over a year since Cio D'or's last release, we remember it well, but the wait is now over for new material from the Cologne native, and from listening to the samples, it's seems it was well worth it.

Deep, emotional, a sparse reflection of the world of modern dance music. Cio gives us a glimpse into her musical mind, and we're very grateful.

The release will be out, on Prologue, in the middle of September and the remix pack will follow straight after featuring reworks from Silent Servant, Milton Bradley and Shifted. More info on Cio D'or can be found on her Facebook Fan Page. Prologue fans can find them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can catch Cio D'or performing at the Prologue Klubnacht @ Berghain on 8th October alongside Mike Parker, Dino Sabatini and Claudio PRC. All the details you need can be found on Resident Advisor

Wednesday 17 August 2011

Mix Of The Day: Emika - Candelight 020 (16th Aug 11)

Today we feature a mix from our friends over at the Candlelight Sessions. The London based blog has been building up a great list of some of dance music's most respected artists including DJ Rolando, Hans Bouffhmyre, Monoloc and more.

For their 20th episode they've roped in the services of a very talented lady, Emika. Born in the UK, to Czech heritage. Trained in classical piano and composition as a youngster, she was an integral part in the rise of the Bristol dubstep scene. Now based in Berlin, her excellent ear for sound landed her a job with Native Instruments as a sound designer.

Her most notable work to date was the spearhead for Berghain's Fünf compilation. Emika compiled a series of field recordings from the Berlin club and turned them into a 4gb soundbank which became part / all of the tracks on the album, including one of her own.

As a producer Emika has released on UK imprint Ninja Tune and Berghain's label, Ostgut Ton, we expect plenty more great things to come...


1) Nina Kraviz - I'm Weak
2) Emika - Professional Loving (DJ Rashad & DJ BMT Remix)
3) Photek - Sleepwalking (Faulty DL Remix)
4) Zomby - Mush
5) Emika - Pretend
6) K209 - Diffusion
7) DVS1 - Running
8) DJ Nibc Feat. AWA - Hold On (Basic Soul Unit Remix)
9) Shed - Keep Time
10) DJ Nibc Feat AWA - Hold On (DJ Nibc Dubs Again Mix)
11) Roska - Love 2 Nite
12) Nina Kravitz - I'm Gonna Get You
13) Hyetal - Broadcast LP
14) Emika - Professional Loving

More info on Emika can be found on her Facebook Fan Page or you can follow her on Twitter. For more info on the Candlelight Sessions head over to their Samurai FM Page

Monday 15 August 2011

Mix Of The Day: Sigha - CLR Podcast 129 (15th Aug 11)

The CLR Podcast has been on great form of late. Excellent mixes from Shifted, Mike Parker & Marcel Dettmann have made our iPods very happy and this weeks, from Sigha, is no different.

Sigha himself, has also been on good form. 2011 has been a great year so far for the Londoner. Stunning sets at fabric, for Plex and streamed live on Boilerroom. Add that to amazing releases on his own label, Our Circula Sound, as well as Blueprint Records, Hotflush and just released is his remix of Tommy Four Seven on CLR, has lead to his name spreading far and wide, landing him his first set at legendary techno club, Berghain, when he performs their flagship Saturday night event, Klubnacht (1st Oct 11).

You can stream or download the mix from the soundcloud player below


  1. Surgeon - Whose Bad Hands Are These (Roly Vexd Remix) [Dynamic Tension]
  2. Silent Servant - El Mar (Sverica Remix) [Symantica]
  3. Skirt - Ikaros [Horizontal Ground]
  4. Traversable Wormhole - Untitled [Traversable Wormhole - 06]
  5. Marcel Fengler - Thwack (Mike Parker Remix) [Motevolver]
  6. Mike Parker - Subterrainian Liquid [Prologue]
  7. Lucy & Xhin - LX2 [CLR]
  8. Sandwell District (Feed Foward Test Session Recorded Live In Berlin) [Sandwell District]
  9. James Ruskin & Mark Broom - Hostage [Blueprint]
  10. James Ruskin & Mark Broom - Pigeon [Beardman]
  11. Pacific Blue - Industry Part 1 [Pacific Blue]
  12. Traversable Wormhole - Exiting The Milky Way (Surgeon Remix) [CLR]
  13. Samuli Kemppi - Heat Of 1000 Degrees [Perc Trax]
  14. Mondo - Work Me Baby (Marcellus Version) [Deeply Rooted House]
  15. Sigha - Untitled (A2) [Hotflush - HF029]
  16. Shifted - Control [Motevolver]
  17. Silent Servant - Untitled (A) [Sandwell District - SD17]
  18. Ventress - Untitled (A2) [Avian - AVN002]

More info on Sigha can be found on his Facebook Fan Page or you can follow him on Twitter. All the CLR Podcasts can be found on the CLR Website, where you can also find out all the details of their past, present and future releases, plus all the up coming dates of the CLR artists

Skudge - First Observation EP [Echocord Colour 016]

The First Observation EP is the first release on our Echocord Colour by the Swedish production duo, Skudge. The release features two new tracks, 'Surplus' and 'Void' and a remix of 'Void' by Conforce.

Both tracks showcase that great dub techno style that Echocord is so famous for, where as the Conforce mix takes things into a more stripped down direction with heavy sub bass mixed in with distorted stabs and dreamy synth lines. Check out the tracks below. Conforce have disabled the embedded code on soundcloud so just on the link below to be taken to their page.

The EP is out now in all the best record stores so go get one. More info on Skudge can be found on their Facebook Fan Page. There you can for all the details of their upcoming releases and future appearances

Friday 5 August 2011

Sonic Groove label night @ Suicide Circus, Berlin (5th Aug 11)

We've just given you our weekend picks for the UK's events, but that's probably no good to you if you happens to be elsewhere on the planet. For all you Berliners, here's a little something for you which is well worth checking out.

Tonight at Suicide Circus, Adam X, brings together some of the artists from his Sonic Groove label to put on a showcase event. Joining Adam will be a live set from Mono Junk and a DJ set from Slash Dot Dash favourite, Dasha Rush.

It kicks of at midnight tonight and will probably finish at some point....? All the info can be found on the Resident Advisor Event Page

Weekend Picks - EarToGround label launch, Warm and Life Is Two

There's a couple of notable events coming up this weekend. Two in London and one on the sunny south coast in Brighton. Up first is the EarToGround label launch party at Corsica Studios. They've enlisted the services of the excellent Inigo Kennedy and Shifted who will be supported by a host of residents and guests all in the name of celebrating their first release. Tickets are available through Resident Advisor

Still in London, but this our second pick is something a little bit different. Warm are throwing an intimate party at Plastic People, the last before they close for a month to refurbish the venue, and they've pulled out all the stops.

As one half of legendary dub techno label, Rhythm & Sound, one half of Basic Channel, the founder of Berlin's most famous record store, Hardwax, Mark Ernestus certainly has some credentials that are worth sitting up and paying attention two. Mark will be joined for Paul St Hillier aka Tikiman who will be providing guest vocals throughout the night. There's also an unnamed special guest who I expect will be quite special indeed. Tickets are still available from Resident Advisor

Finally, it's the 2nd Birthday of Brighton venue, Life. They're throwing two days of parties, starting tonight, with great lines ups across both nights, although it's Saturday that really grabs us. A 12 hour party, 3 hours from Marcel Dettmann, 2 from Appleblim and plenty more besides. And of course, tickets can be found on Resident Advisor

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Mix Of The Day: Marcel Dettmann - CLR Podcast 127 (1st Aug 11)

Yesterday was Monday and Monday's are normally spent discussing the weekend, trying to stop yourself from falling asleep at your desk and, of course, the new CLR Podcast. This weeks offering is a return for a past guest, Marcel Dettmann.We're not even bored of the last one yet, but never say no to more mixes from the Berghain resident.

The mix is what we've come to expect from Marcel. Drawing inspiration from the entire history of techno, blending together new sounds with beats from the old skool. Encapsulating the spirit of Detroit minimalism and fusing it with modern day European electronica to create something extra special.

You can download the mix from the following links

Those of you in London wanting to see Marcel Dettmann live can catch him at the end of the month at the Ostgut Ton Label Showcase @ Cable, or if you don't live in London then check out his future dates on his RA DJ Page. He's got shows coming up in Spain, Holland, Finland, USA and even Brighton in the next few weeks. For all other info, check out his Facebook Fan Page