Friday 28 May 2010

Ben Gibson - In A Realized Luck Of Immanence

Here is the first free giveaway from Perc Trax. More will be coming soon including dj mixes, exclusive tracks and unreleased remixes and edits.

This is the mixed version of Ben Gibson's debut album that was released last year on Perc Trax.
Support for the release came from Chris Liebing, Laurent Garnier, Avus, Par Grindvik, Joseph Capriati, October, Drumcell, Xhin and many more.

Ben Gibson - In A Realized Luck Of Immanence (Mixed) - Perc Trax by Perc

The full album and the individual tracks can be bought from

As ever keeping up to date with all the latest Perc Trax info couldn't be easier. Just add them to..

Ricardo Villalobos cancels DEMF Performances

Due to problems obtaining his US work visa, Ricardo Villalobos has been forced to cancel his two performances this weekend in Detroit.

The celebrated DJ and producer was scheduled to headline Beatport's stage at Movement on Sunday, then play back-to-back with Cassy at the Voyage Royale afterparty on Sunday night. According to a press release sent out early this morning,
Richie Hawtin will replace Villalobos at Movement, then DJ alongside Magda at Voyage Royale, in addition to headlining the festival's opening night as Plastikman.

The announcement comes just days before what would have been Villalobos' first Motor City appearance since 2002. Movement's executive director Jason Huvaere said: "We are disappointed Ricardo is not able to make it, especially with it being so close to the festival, but the show must continue."

Slash Dot Dash pres. Sandwell District & Traversable Wormhole (Live) @ The Hub Club (10th July 10)

Slash Dot Dash returns for 2010 to bring you the very best in cutting edge, underground techno. For our first big event in years we're flying in legendary duo Regis & Function from Sandwell District and Chris Liebing's CLR imprints latest signing and techno's next big thing, Traversable Wormhole.

£10 Early bird tickets are now on sale at Resident Adviso r but be quick because there are limited numbers of pre sale tickets. Once the Early Birds are gone then they'll go up to £12.50, then £15 on the door.

Sandwell District
(Regis & Function)

Sandwell District is, without doubt, THE underground Techno label of the moment. With support from all quarters (they count Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, Len Faki and the Berghain crew, Laurent Garnier, Miss Kitten, Jeff Mills, Sleeparchive, Speedy J, Troy Pierce, among their many devotees) they have not just blurred the boundaries of techno, but have dissolved them and re-built it in their own unique image...

Function and Regis need little introduction, as stalwarts of the hugely influential Downwards Label they have been breaking down and re-arranging the D.N.A of conventional dance music for over a decade. Sandwell District however is very much it's own animal and although it shares many of it's ideals and energy with the iconic Downwards, it is very much a label of the here and now. As Beatportal recently put it, "Influential British techno label Downwards are causing waves with their new imprint Sandwell District, as is Marcel Dettmann, Shed and Sleeparchive, who have all picked up where Downwards left techno in the late 1990s."

With Function already scoring 2 massive hits this year, with his "ISOLATION AND ANTICIPATION EP'S " and Regis causing major waves on the underground as his alter ego KALON, it seems as if in the past 12 months, Sandwell District can do no wrong. Going from strength to strength with every release, so far this year both Function's mighty 'Isolation' and the Kalon and Function Mixes of Silent Servant's 'Violencia' earned DJ Mag Techno Record of the Month, Function's 'Anticipation' held the #1 Bestselling Techno Record position for 6 weeks on Juno, in June the label earned Resident Advisor's prestigous, Label of the Month, and currently the Kalon and Function mixes of Silent Servant are getting major airplay and DJ Support. And now with mixes from Marcel Dettmann and Troy Pierce in the pipeline for the next sandwell 12"s, as well as Function remixing Miss Kitten, Heartthrob (Minus) and the Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram and Mundo Muzique +8 classic, Final Exposure 'Vortex', 2009 is already promising to be another major year for SANDWELL DISTRICT.

As you would expect, Function and Regis's approach to live/dj work is forward thinking and challenges convention ... Digital and Analogue equipment is combined to create the maximum creative environment for both ARTISTS to feed off each other during a set.

Traversable Wormhole (CLR - NYC & Berlin)

In 2009 a series of five anonymously produced ink stamped vinyl recorded releases appeared in the global techno scene under the mysterious guise "Traversable Wormhole. The series released exclusively on vinyl. The sound of "Traversable Wormhole is a unique signature of sci-fi laden techno music with gaps of time,space & bass in between sound & rhythm.

Within a month's time of it's conception Volume 2 of the series appeared and a huge buzz was soon amassed on the project. Accusations on who was the artist behind the project ran wild. People all over the techno scene had made theories to who was behind it. The project quickly received huge support from many of the world's most renowned techno shops such as Rub A Dub , Hardwax, Juno & Decks.

Word traveled fast through the wormhole and it was soon reported that globally respected dj’s such as Chris Liebing, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Mathew Herbert, Ryan Elliot, Andrew Galluzi, Surgeon, Function, Frankie Bones, Surgeon, DJ Deep & Radioslave were all supporting the sound of TW. With the series fast approaching into further galaxies with the appearance of Vol 3. Techno cult blogsite MNMLSSG ( tracked down TW via Twitter. A sonar ping was sent back to the popular blog and soon a "Traversable Wormhole" mix appeared anonymously on the site, receiving rave reviews. Their were also reports through the anonymous "Traversable Wormhole" Myspace profile that dj's from the dubstep scene were supporting the songs that had more of a broken beat structure in the series. As the series transgressed to Vol 5 by the year end of 2009 the mystique of anonymity continued to grow.

To usher in the very start of 2010 "Traversable Wormhole" would release the sixth volume of the series. At the same time 20 year veteran techno artist/dj Adam X originally from NYC but now residing in Berlin would be invited to partake in a feature called "Playing Favorites" on "Resident Advisor" the worlds biggest electronic music website. As Adam's feature read towards the end he would subtly take claim as the producer behind "Traversable Wormhole".

While traversing the wormhole, Adam has crossed paths with Chris Liebing and his CLR imprint. Forthcoming in Summer 2010 CLR will release "Traversable Wormhole" Vol 1-5 in digital format for the first time ever with all five volumes being digitally remastered in the highest of quality. Also planned for release at the same time period is a massive remix project that maybe the biggest ever in techno. "Traversable Wormhole" has found itself remixed from some of the best in the scene. Surgeon, Marcel Dettmann, Sleeparchive, Function, Chris Liebing , James Ruskin, Peter Van Hoesen, Terence Fixmer, Kevin Gorman, Tommy 247 & Brian Sanhaji have all taken a turn in remixing TW. The remix project will see release on both vinyl and digital format. Then come September 2010 CLR releases on CD "Adam X presents Traversable Wormhole Vol 1-5" a full length mix of all 10 songs, mixed by the artist himself.

In support of the CLR releases "Traversable Wormhole" will traverse the world with a live show tour starting in July 2010.

The Residents

Kicking off the night will be Chris Stanford and XI. Both no strangers to the London Techno scene. Part of the legendary Lost Souls parties at Public Life they've played host to a number of the world's very best underground DJs and will be bringing this party to the boil, setting it up nicely for our guests.

Thursday 27 May 2010

Marcel Fengler - Thwack [Mote Evolver]

Here's the new release from the excellent Marcel Fengler. I basically want his life. Resident @ Berghain, works at Hardwax, DJs around the world and makes beautiful techno (and occasional house). This time he's took a step away from releasing on his usual label, Ostgut Ton, and instead has crafted some beats for one of London's best Techno Label's, Mote Evolver.

Check out the samples here

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Peter Van Hoesen, Cio D'Or & Hometrainer - Variable Parts @ Harry Klein (1st May 10)

Harry Klein is one of the worlds clubs that's on my must go to list. Great booking policy and the fact that they record a whole nights music and then make it available for download is great. Rather than just an hour snipet of the headline set, Harry Klein, like to give you an insight to how the night goes down.

Excellent line up too. PVH's reputation has been growing steadily for quite a while now. He was excellent for us down at Rabid Festival last winter. His label, Time To Express, has been going from strength to strength taking in some of the biggest names in techno, Norman Nodge & Samuli Kemppi to name a few.

Cio D'or is an artist i've discovered recently through the way of a release on the German Prologue label. An excellent producer with previous releases on Treibstoff and the afore mentioned Time To Express. Definitely a name to look out for in the future.

Hometrainer is a Harry Klein resident who's been in the game, both as a producer and a DJ. He's scored releases on labels such as Console and Pitchtuner. His sound is more Cologne styled than the technoness of Berlin, but end of the day he's a Bavarian.

Free Ellen Allien Track - Sun The Rain

Ellen Allien - Sun The Rain

taken from the album “Dust” (BPC217)

Ellen Allien, owner of the BPitch Control label and Fairy Queen of Berlin’s more delicately woven rave music, has been tinkering with the sound of the city for over a decade now. What has remained from all these years – packed with great releases, highly original remixes and exploratory mix CDs – are her five monolithic albums, each the condensed result of a completely different creative phase – made to stand the test of time. Indeed, looking back, each of them in its own right can be seen as marking a piece of techno history. You just have to think back to the feeling of astonishment upon hearing Stadtkind for the first time. Or being spellbound by Berlinette. Or being pulverised by the ARP in Thrills. And let’s not forget the superb collaboration with Apparat which resulted in Orchestra of Bubbles, perhaps the most beautiful indietronic gem to be produced in recent years. Now it already seems an eternity since Ellen Allien last remodelled her own sound with the sharp-edged diamond Sool in 2008 – a release which opened the gates to a far-off parallel world where minimalist artefacts float through the room with a cool elegance and distanced allure. Yet, just like each of Ellen’s previous albums, this was followed by a cut. A metamorphosis. A reincarnation. With her new album, Dust, Ellen removes the sense of remoteness entirely. A warm immediacy takes centre stage in place of distanced artistic abstraction. As such, what is perhaps Ellen’s most personal album takes the form of a complete spectrum of her creative output to date, a cross-section in time which also looks ahead to previously untrodden paths… The world according to Ellen.

Ellen Allien Myspace

BPitch Twitter

Monday 24 May 2010

Sandwell District (Function & Regis) - Animal Farm @ The Sub Club, Glasgow (23rd Apr 10)

Sandwell District is easily one of my favourite labels of the moment. I've got Regis & Function both coming over from Berlin in July to play at my Slash Dot Dash party. The night after this recording they both played at fabric and we're absolutely outstanding. A mixture of new and old skool techno perfectly blended together with live elements using drums machines and keyboards. Anyone that brings a 909 with them gets a big thumbs up from me!

Friday 14 May 2010

Traversable Wormhole - mnml ssgs mx 32

It's a bit of an old one, but definitely a good one. Been on my ipod for months and got a run out today. Infact it was so good i felt i had to share it all with you.

If you don't know about Traversable Wormhole yet, it wont be long before you do. Recently signed to Chris Liebings CLR label. Set for a release which features remixes from Surgeon, Marcel Dettmann, Sleeparchive, Function. Chris Liebing, James Ruskin, Peter Van Hoesen, Terence Fixmer, Kevin Gorman, Tommy Four Seven & Brian Sanhaji.

Plus in July he'll be embarking on a world tour, with his first dates in Leeds on July 3rd and my own party, Slash Dot Dash, on July 10th at London's Hub Club.

You can download the mix by clicking on the following link. It's a direct link so right click, save as

Also you can keep track of his future productions and releases by adding him on Myspace

Wax 30003 / Wax

The third installement of tough techno tracks from Hardwax, Berlin! Scant info, limited run and raw, stripped down proper grooves.

Available at the following stores

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Brendon Moeller - From My Hood To Yours - The Realm DJ Mix

I can think of a lot worse things to arrive at work too than a mix from Brendon Moeller, infact i'd say that's one of the finer things in life! The American, who's living in Europe over the summer, has been in fine form recently with great releases as himself and The Ecologist. We've got a remix he did for us coming out soon on Lost Souls recordings that we're all very excited about. Not to mention his amazing live set at fabric last month.

But with this Brendon flexes his dj muscles to provide 50 mins of what he classes as ' Dub, Beats & Psyhcedelic Hip Hop'


1. microfilm - a journey to the 75th - 04 - inouwali
2. rod modell - Subway
3. Calibre_-_Steptoe
4. disrupt- Berzerk dub
5. slugabed -Pressure
6. beastie boys - Your Sisters Def (acapella)
7. King Tubby - Forever Dub
8. rene roussel - Noctilucque
9. dj collection:dbridge_instramental_and_skream-acacia_avenue
10. dorian concept - When Planets Explode
11. Cluster - Hollywood
12. King Midas Sound - Ting Dub
13. Jacky Murda - Three Piece Suit
14. tussle - Meh-Teh
15. Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective remix)
16. Harmonic 313 - Cyclotron
17. Illum_Sphere_-_Go_Killum
18. thomas brinkmann - 10
19. mike slott -Sun_Tan
20. madlib-Open (Space)
21. milton bradley - Somewhere+Beyond+My+Illusion
22. ballistic bros. - Uschi's Groove

You can follow Brendon on Soundcloud and Twitter and add him as a friend on Myspace

Monday 10 May 2010

Matthew Herbert brings his big band to Matter on the 9th June

Electronic pioneer Matthew Herbert (Bodily Functions and Around The House) comes to matter on Wednesday 9th June, when he'll perform with his Big Band.

Appearing with Herbert and his band will be the extraordinary lead vocalist Eska, and also the Goldsmiths Vocal Ensemble, who'll provide choral backing for the performance.

Eska is currently working on her debut album with Herbert acting as producer and is leader of the Ensemble who performed previously to rave reviews with Herbert's band last year at London's Barbican.

The performance at matter will be only the third time this show has been performed with the choral and visual additions and represents an exciting new exploration of the themes presented on Herbert's album 'There's Me and There's You' - his second with The Matthew Herbert Big Band.

The supporting act for the matter performance will be chosen by Matthew and announced shortly.

Doors open at 7pm and the show is expected to finish at 11pm. Tickets are £18.50 and can be purchased from either Ticketweb or Resident Advisor.

Here's the promo video for the event

Mark Broom - Lost Souls @ Public Life Videos (8th May 10)

Saturday night saw another awesome Lost Souls party down at Public Life. After the massive success of our February Party with UK Techno legend, James Ruskin, we thought we'd keep that trend going by enlisting the services of another UK Techno legend in the shape of Mark Broom.

Mr Broom was on fine form and had the toilet rammed until the very last beats. Here's some videos for those of you that missed it.

Also feel free to check out my Youtube Channel to see the rest of my videos of various djs / live acts from various events / festivals in all sorts of European cities

Wednesday 5 May 2010

Lost Souls Pres Mark Broom @ Public Life (8th May 10)

Lost Souls, Public Life and Techno are 3 institutions that go together very very well. As our last party, with James Ruskin, proved in February. We rammed the bog full of techno lovers to witness Ruskin's immense headline set, and Saturday evening we're planning to do it all over again.

This time we're bringing in another UK techno giant, Mark Broom. Over the years he's steadily built up a reputation for solid productions and outstanding dj sets which have seen him release on some of techno's most respected labels and played to some of the best dancefloors across the globe.

Alongside Mr Broom will be a selection of Lost Souls finest residents, providing you with some quality b2b sets. Kicking off the party will be Antony Difrancesco and Lee Hume serving up some deep groovy vibes before Chris Stanford and myself take things up a notch in preparation for Broom to hit the famous Public Life decks!

Full Line Up

Mark Broom (Saved Records / 20 20 Vision / Blueprint)

Antony Difrancesco
Chris Stanford
Lee Hume

Entrance is £10 on the door, or £8 concessions guestlist. To get your names on the list e-mail them to

You can check out the event pages on Facebook and Resident Advisor for all the info

And if you want to brush up on all Mark's info or check out his upcoming releases or forthcoming gigs then add him up on Myspace

Tuesday 4 May 2010

Redshape - Live @ Liquid, Robert Johnson (19th Dec 09)

Track ID: 2009-12-19 - Redshape -Live- (Delsin Records, Present) @ Liquid, Robert-Johnson - Offenbach
Audio Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Length: 01:26:34 minutes
Style: Techno
Size: 198,0 MB