Friday 29 July 2011

fabric On with Ricardo Villalobos & Sandwell District (30th July 11)

We're getting excited about tomorrow as not only is it a fabric On party but our boys, Sandwell District, are coming to town. It's always big when Regis and Function stop in and it's made even bigger by them being backed up by one of London's brightest new stars, Sigha. It hasn't been long since the London last performed in the epic Room 2. Back in May he set the tones for Shed and Marcel Dettmann with an exquisite warm up set.

Room 1 isn't looking bad either. Headlined by the king of fabric, Ricardo Villalobos, who will be doing one of his monumental morning sets, no doubt he'll be joined by Craig Richards at some point. A live set from Perlon's San Proper would also be well worth experiencing.

As is always the case with fabric's 15 hour On parties there's guaranteed to be many special moments. Too much to all take in. Tickets are still available on the fabric site and there's some special deals in there for discount fabric cds, and it's not even xmas yet!

If you're looking for something to get yourself warmed up before heading down to the former meat store, then we highly recommend Void @ Public Life. Headlined by up and coming UK producer, Roberto and familiar face to SDD fans, Chris Stanford. Head over to the event page for more details

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Mix Of The Day: Gary Beck @ Awakenings Festival (25th Jun 11)

Todays MOTD comes from last months Awakenings festival and takes in a live recording from Gary Beck. Hailing out of Glasgow, the Scot has built up a reputation over the years as one of the most consistent members of the techno community, both as a DJ and a producer.

Behind the decks, he's played at the best clubs in all corners of the globe. As a producer he's had records released on various labels, including Perc Trax, Electric Deluxe, Minus, Beardman, Edit Select and his own Bekaudio imprint.

But for now it's his DJ skills that we're concentrating on for this Mix Of The Day. Although there's plenty of his own tracks scattered about the mix. You'll find the streaming / download links and parts of the Tracklisting below...


00. Intro
01. ID
02. Mark Broom - "Verve (Gary Beck Remix)" [Unreleased]
03. Mioxam & Evan Burke - "Tunnel series 01" (Gary Beck remix)
04. Gary Beck - "Get down"
05. Gary Beck Loop Project
06. Gary Beck - "Askaig"
07. Gary Beck - "Egoist"
08. Phil Kieran - "Empty vessels" (Gary Beck remix)
09. Gary Beck - "Hands is mine"
10. Woman in panic & Alexx Wolfe - "Chin stroker" (Gary Beck remix)
11. Gary Beck - "Hey big girl"
12. Miki Litvak - "Polinator" (Gary Beck remix)
13. Gary Beck - "Say what"
14. Gary Beck - "Consumed" (Mark Broom' bang bang remix)
15. Gary Beck & Nic Fanciulli - "Hear me out"
16. Mark Broom - "Eye Of The Tiger"
17. Kalden Bess - "Se7en" (Gary Beck scene take 1)
18. Par Grindvik - "Sinister" (Gary Beck remix)
19. Pig & Dan - "Deliverance" (Gary Beck remix)
20. ID
21. ID
22. ID
23. Kalden Bess - "Se7en" (Gary Beck scene take 2)
24. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Gridlock" (Gary Beck locked up drums)
25. ID
26. Gary Beck - "Yes"
27. BCR Boys & Joseph McGeechan - "Identity" (Gary Beck footprint remix)
28. Xhin - "Blade Moth"
29. Tony Thomas - "Beginnings" (Gary Beck Remix)
30. Gary Beck - "Consumed"
31. Gary Beck - Unknown [Unknown]
32. Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr - "ACB Experiment" (Gary Beck Remix)
33. Gary Beck - "Fereneze"
34. Gary Beck - "Limehouse"

More info on Gary can be found on his Facebook Fan Page or you can follow his updates on Twitter. If after giving this mix a whirl then you can find all his upcoming gigs on his Resident Advisor DJ Page. He's got some bits coming up in Germany, France, Italy and Hungary in the next few months!

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Obtane - The Utopian Man EP [Sonic Groove 148]

Out now on Sonic Groove is the new EP from Italian producer, Obtane. His 3rd release on the label, 'The Utopian Man EP' comprises of two tracks. The first, 'The Utopian Man', is dark and atmospheric with sweeping bass sounds and Detroit styled stabs. 'Symbology Of Decline' is peak time techno at it's best. Strong kicks and scattered percussion make this a tester for any sound system. Click below to listen to the samples

The track is available in all good stores now, so make sure you go get one. Check out the Sonic Groove Facebook Page for all the info on past releases.

Mix Of The Day: Smoke Machine Podcast 020 - Subjected

Today's mix of the day comes straight out of the Vault, the Vault Series infact. The driving force behind the German label, Subjected, mixes up the 20th edition of the Smoke Machine Podcast. They also caught up with Subjected for a chat. Check out the full interview on their blog


1. Function – Immolare /// Sandwell District
2. Perc – Gonkle /// Perc Trax
3. Reeko – Empirical Science /// Pole
4. Subjected – 005.3 /// Vault Series
5. Sawf – Unrhythm (Marcel Fengler RMX) /// Perc Trax
6. Truncate – Pad Mode /// Enemy
7. Reeko – Cyberpunk /// Pole
8. Tommy Four Seven – Armed 3 /// CLR
9. Speedy J - Shoegaze (Speedy J Tool) Electric Deluxe
10. Moerbeck – unrealesed /// xxx
11. Northern Structures – Self Similarity /// Sonic Groove
12. Subjected – 005.7 (Reduced Tool) /// Vault Series
13. Truncate – Truncate.18 /// Enemy
14. Microwave Prince – Deathcounter /// Le Petit Prince

More info on Subjected can be found on their Facebook Fan Page. More podcasts from Smoke Machine can be found on their Facebook Fan Page.

If you're in Berlin on the 9th September then you can catch Subjected performing at the Suicide Club Nacht at Suicide Circus alongside G-Man and Grounded Theory's Henning Baer. All the event info is available on Resident Advisor

Monday 18 July 2011

Dead Sound & Videohead - The Chosen [Perc Trax 048]

Industrial action is somewhat the sign of the times from Perc Trax of late and thankfully we're not talking about them going on strike. Recent releases from Forward Strategy Group and of course Perc's very own debut album, 'Wicker & Steel' have set the standard for things to come.

Perc Trax 048 sees a first release from new boys Dead Sound & Videohead, although it's not their first outing on the label after their recent remixes for Go Hiyama and Samuli Kemppi's 'Arabia EP' that came out on Perc Trax last month. If you was impressed by that then you'll discover similar feelings when listening to this one too.

Hailing from Stoke and fusing influences of experimental music with a wealth of techno knowledge from the UK and Berlin sounds to create something that is different and exciting, when lined up against your run of the mill attempts at industrial techno.

To go along with the release, a video of 'The Chosen Path' has been assembled and uploaded to youtube.

The release is out on Beatport now and will be in vinyl stores imminently. More info on Perc Trax can be found on their Facebook Pan Page

Thursday 14 July 2011

Mix of The Day: Scuba - Essential Mix Live @ Sonar (25th Jun 11)

We've got a right treat from our Mix Of The Day today. Scuba's set from Sonar was recorded by the BBC for their Radio 1 Essential Mix show and Hotflush have kindly whacked it up on soundcloud for us all.


Boddika - Rubba [Swamp81]
Brawther - Spaceman Funk (George FitzGerald Remix [Secretsundaze]
Boddika - Windy
Jon Convex - Pop That P
Deadboy - Wish U Were Here [Numbers]
SCB - Mace [SCB]
Jichael Mackson - Gti [Stock5]
Paul Woolford & Psychotron - Stolen
Joy O - Ellipsis
Maurice Donovan - Babeh [SSSSS]
Rod - Malmok One [Klockworks]
Scuba - Adrenalin
Beaumont - Lucky [Kinnego]
Marcel Dettmann - Lattice [MDR]
SCB - Loss [Aus Music]
Boddika - Acid Battery
Tommy Four Seven - Surma [CLR]
Scuba - Feel It [Hotflush]

You can follow Scuba on Twitter or like his Facebook Fan Page for all his latest info on gigs, releases and other stuff

We Fear Silence pres. Blueprint Records @ Cable, London (16th July 11)

This Saturday it's the next Blueprint Records party @ Cable, hosted as ever by the in house team, We Fear Silence. The last couple of Blueprint parties have been totally insane. Line ups including Sandwell District, Luke Slater, Surgeon and of course James Ruskin.

This weekends event is just as huge as it's predecessors. Ruskin will be joined by Time To Express boss, Peter Van Hoesen (remember how good he was at fabric!), the man from Minneapolis, DVS1, the beardman himself, Mark Broom and our good friends MB & CB from Colony.

Tickets are available from Resident Advisor now otherwise it's more on the door. Check out the RA page for all the info.

Monday 11 July 2011

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 006: Kenneth Christiansen

On Friday 8th July we invited Echocord Records boss, Kenneth Christiansen, to London for a special 3 hour set in our favourite former Victorian toilet, Public Life. He duly obliged and arrived with a box full of records and a smile on his face. We had our recorder handy and these are the results!

An hours snippet from the set will be added to our iTunes podcast later on this week but for the full 2 hours and 50 mins you want the soundcloud link above.

Thursday 7 July 2011

Giorgio Gigli, Obtane & Milton Bradley - The Darkest Thoughts Of Fates Manufacturer [Zooloft 001G]

In the shops now is a new release on Italian label, Zooloft. A collaboration from Giorgio Gigli, Obtane and previous SDD guest, Milton Bradley. A is ferocious, B1 is dark and atmospheric (as we've come to expect from Milton) and B2 carries on from where B1 left off, just subtract the drums. Making the whole EP very spooky but stunningly crafted.

It's in at now and I'm sure will be hitting all the other usual places sooner rather than later. For more info on all the parties involved check out their facebook pages

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Cassegrain - Dropa EP [Prologue 021]

Here at Slash Dot Dash we're big fans of Prologue, tracks from the label can be found on both of XI's SDD Podcasts, but for some reason we've never covered any of their releases. Until now anyway.

Released last week is the Dropa EP from Cassegrain. A quality 3 tracker of droning minimalist styled techno. All 3 tracks brilliant yet different. Luban is a chugger, Eub is more driving and Lop-Nor is deep and atmospheric. Check out the samples below.

The release is available in all good record stores now so go get it. More info on Cassegrain can be found on the Facebook Fan Page or you can start following them on Twitter

Mix Of The Day: Mike Parker - CLR Podcast 123 (4th Jul 11)

To celebrate the 4th July yesterday CLR invited a very talented American to mix up this weeks podcast, Mike Parker. The DJ / Producer / owner of Geophone Records fits all that in while at the same time being an artist as well as a teacher of art.

As a producer his music has been released on labels such as Prologue, Aquaplano and more. But it's his DJ talents that he's showcasing with this Podcast and they sure are mighty. Download the mix from the links below.


  1. Jonas Kopp - Alkitran [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
  2. Jeff Mills - Precision [Axis]
  3. Vincent De Wit & Bas Mooy - Zondagsschool (Radial Edit) [Zwart]
  4. Shifted - Bound [Mote Evolver]
  5. ? - Medusa [S?hk?]
  6. Mike Parker - Subterranean Liquid [Prologue]
  7. Chris Liebing - Auf Und Ab (Edit Select Remix) [CLR]
  8. Mike Dehnert - Timber Framing [Deeply Rooted House]
  9. Claudio PRC - Clear Depths (Obtane Remix) [Prologue]
  10. Mike Parker - GPH16A2 [Geophone]
  11. Emptyset - Isokon [Future Days]
  12. Mike Parker - Vesuvio Tremors (The Lab Mix) [Geophone]
  13. Terence Fixmer & Claudio PRC - Lunar Forest [Prologue]
  14. Reality Or Nothing - Untitled (Function Mix) [RSB]
  15. Donato Dozzy - K [Further]
  16. Dino Sabatini & Donato Dozzy - Nocturnal [Prologue]
  17. DJ Slip - Slow Phrylls [Kanzleramt]
  18. Cio D'Or - Pailletten (Sleeparchive Remix) [Prologue]

There's plenty of our favourites within the tracklisting so before you've even started listening, you know it's going to be special. More info on Mike Parker can be found on his Facebook Page. We're pretty sure after listening to this that you're going to want to see him play live, so if you happen to be in Berlin on the 8th October you'll have the chance to catch him at the Prologue label night at Berghain.