Thursday 14 February 2013

We Fear Silence pres Blueprint Records @ Cable (16th Feb 13)

The first Blueprint Records of the year at Cable and the big names don't stop as Dutch Techno pioneer and Electric Deluxe boss, Speedy J, comes to town, joining Blueprint main man, James Ruskin, Regis and Daniel Miller. Room 2, as ever, is taken care off by Colony with Blueprint's latest acquisition, Lakker.

I could bang on about how great all the artists are, but instead I'll let you find out for yourself with some audio and visual treats. Firstly we have Speedy J's four hour recording from Berghain...

Then we continue with Regis live in the Boiler Room

And finally we conclude with and exclusive mix that Daniel Miller has done for We Fear Silence

Tickets for the event are still available through the We Fear Silence Website. More information on Blueprint Records can be found on their Facebook Fan Page or follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Friday 8 February 2013

Stefan Gubatz - Distanz Varianz (Telrae 015 V)

On of our favourite labels, Telrae, is on too their 15th 10" vinyl release and it's a 4th on the label from Stefan Gubartz. Fresh from the release of his debut album 'Distanz' (available direct from the Telrae webshop) on the imprint late last year Stefan uses 015 as an opportunity to revisit and rework two tracks from the album.

'Byte and Scratch' entertains and enthralls with wave after wave reverb'd chords and a spattering of high hats. On the B Side we find 'Offshore' and a slightly more muted affair. Again blissful chords provide an altogether calming yet uplifting influence. It's one of those records you want to listen to in a dark room, all alone with your thoughts.

Check out the samples from the soundcloud player below

As with all Telrae releases it's available exclusively from and should be in the store soon. More info on Stefan Gubatz can be found on his Facebook Fan Page and the same goes for Telrae or alternatively you can head over to their website for info on all their previous releases.

Monday 4 February 2013

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 016: Abstract Division

After what already seems like the longest winter (and it’s not even over yet) we’re back with our first podcast of 2013, and after Charlton provided an aggressive techno workout for 015, we’re back to the Netherlands for the duo of Paul Boex and Dave Miller, otherwise known as Abstract Division.
Abstract Division is a young and exciting collaboration between two veteran techno artists; Paul Boex and Dave Miller. Paul is label-boss of the respected Dynamic Reflection imprint, experienced DJ and producer, and the driving force behind the series of succesful Mental Evolution events in the Netherlands. Dave has earned his stripes through his longstanding career of (vinyl-only) DJ-sets, productions with Damian Keane and as part of the Audiosculpture collective. Combining their love of and keen ear for techno that stands out from the gray majority, Abstract Division knows how to surprise, teach and get people dancing their faces off all at once.
Conveying a characteristic sound that stems from a mutual background in Detroit, Berlin and Birmingham techno Abstract Division merges a basement vibe with a warehouse feel; drones and soundscapes meet straightforward uplifters in a way that simply makes sense. With well over twenty years of shared experience in playing out and producing tracks under their belt, Abstract Division knows their game and fits any bill perfectly. Getting a room in the right mood, building on an present vibe or tearing a club a new one; leave it to them to deliver on all occasions.
Abstract Division is actively putting out new material at the moment after having released their first lauded trilogy “Form and Function” containing original tracks and remixes by among others Norman Nodge, Mike Parker, Ben Sims and Delta Funktionen on Dynamic Reflection. They are set to release their “Relevance” EP on Labrynth shortly and more material, including a remix on Orbis Records is planned for the near future.
The podcast was taken from last months Berghain Mixtour event, in Utrecht, as Abstract Division warmed up the night for Marcel Fengler and Norman Nodge to follow. Using a combination of hypnotic rhythms, solid percussion and atmospheric textures they subtlety build the energy to have the club set to a frenzied level before the Berghain residents take over...

You can stream and download the mix from the soundcloud player below, or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes