Monday 16 February 2015

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 037: D.Carbone

Davide Carbone - better known as D.Carbone, class of '87 - is a techno producer since his early days.

His sound is rooted in the visionary decay of society that evolves into an acidic vision of life in general, accompanied by deep drones and glitch sonorities creating the raw and industrial, yet unique sounds.

During the past years, Davide has released on labels like Planet Rhythm, Inner Surface Music, Dynamic Reflection and his own labels called REPITCH and 3TH.

In 2013, he introduced his new moniker "Honzo" that he calls his alter ego. D.Carbone has a keen interest in Human Psychology - therefore the EP's name "D.Carbone meets Honzo in a Biopolar Disorder" which appeared on 3TH Records. Carbone wants to show the world the bipolarity of expression itself and in oneself by using both of his monikers - for the A/B side.

The A-side appears in typical D.Carbone manner, revealing the will to impress with metallic-acidic trips escorted by dramatic ambients and rich bass lines. The B-side represents Honzo as the experimental side of Carbone's music, focussing mainly on futuristic-breakbeats and industrial tones.

Over the years, Carbone established a strong collaboration with Ascion, who is, together with D.Carbone and Shapednoise, the third head behind REPITCH Recordings. D.Carbine is also one of the masterminds in the creation of 3TH Records. Recently, the works of D.Carbone and Ascion have resulted in various aliases such as Repitch and 3TH, that were named after and released on the homonymous labels.

In the future, there will be a lot more to expect from Carbone and his surrounding artists.

In this mix, D.Carbone leads an audio assault with his powerful arsenal of distortion drenched, post apocalyptic industrial techno, which has seen his stock dramatically rise in both the techno and experimental arenas. This obvious talent has served to fit him in the category of one of the most exciting producers around.

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1) Cage Suburbia - Marseille [Haunter Records]
2) Honzo - Der Sandmann [Haunter Records]
3) Ascion - Acido Rosso [3TH Records]
4) Talker Feat Kerridge - Meniscus [Downwards]
5) Stave - Hardened Chord (Regis Remix) [REPITCH]
6) Ascion - Carnival [3TH Records]
7) Gaja - To Have [Ophism]
8) Stave - Pit Circle [REPITCH]
9) Ascion - Public Head [3TH Records]
10) Polygon Window - Quoth (Hidden Remix) [Warp Records]
11) Orphx - Burning Flags (Surgeon Remix) [Sonic Groove]
12) D.Carbone - Metempsychosis [REPITCH]
13) Mescalinum United - We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin TTQ Mix) [R&S Records]
14) Jeff Mills - The Visitor [Axis Records]
15) Honzo - Gemello di Té Stesso [Haunter Records]
16) Acid Warrior - Drop Out [Junkfood Records]
17) Honzo - Vert Venin [Haunter Records]

For more information on D.Carbone head over to his Facbeook Fan Page. For the rest of the mixes in our series check out the Podcast page on the Slash Dot Dash Website