Thursday 31 May 2012

Mix Of The Day: DVS1 - fabric Blog Mix

On Saturday DVS1 returns to fabric's Room 2, along with Ben Klock, for a full on, high energy techno assault (if you've been lucky enough to see DVS1 play you'll know just how much energy the guy displays during a set). But before that he took some time out to record a mix for the fabric blog and do an interview to accompany it. You can download or stream the mix from the player below.

And here's the interview

You’ve probably lost count of the hours you’ve DJ’d for since we last spoke – can you tell us what have been your stand out records over the last year? 
Wow...that’s always hard for me. I’m one of those guys who tries not to get stuck in what’s new, what's hot, what’s this and that. I don’t do charts and I try not to get to wrapped up in keeping up with trends. It’s hard, cause there is so much information and great new music out there lately, but I’ve been on a mission to re-discover lots of music in my own collection this last year. I've started pulling out and playing things that just fit again into the vibe I’m going for right now. I’ve also been lucky to be finding tracks from unknown producers that send me their music. I’ll listen to their tracks and if I hear something close to the vibe I like, I dig a little deeper and can usually find 1 track from them that matches perfectly. 

These tracks might not do much on their own, but in the mix just come alive. I’m a big fan of playing music that my crowd might not know or aren’t the obvious ones they’ll hear every other techno DJ play at the moment. I remember back when I spent more time on the dance floor than in the booth, that’s what always blew me away, the DJ who played tracks I didn’t know or b sides. We live in an age of information where everybody knows everything. Sure it’s nice to hear something on the dance floor you have a memory attached to, but it’s also nice to hear things you have no pre-conceived notion about.

More than ever you’re in Europe for gigs, have you found it to be a drain on your energy traveling between Europe and the US so frequently?
I made a decision about a year ago to stay living in the US. I started to realize the importance of being reminded why I’m doing this. Sure the flying is a bit difficult, but every time I’m on the flight over to the EU I’m reminded that someone is flying me half way around the world to play music! I’m beyond lucky to be able to do this and if the long flights are the worst thing I have to do, then I’ll take it. 

How’re you finding the demands of being active with your shows versus studio time?
That’s probably been the hardest thing to figure out. Finding a balance with these 2 things has been an ongoing struggle for me. I always say that I’m a DJ first, producer second, which puts me at a bit of a disadvantage to knock out tracks quick. After not touching your gear in 2-4 weeks, it's hard to just come home and jump into being productive. Other times you might be inspired, but are halfway around the world and nowhere near your studio. I’m starting to figure out what works for me and I’m close to getting it worked out. It's helped that I’ve slowed down with doing remixes for others, so that when I’m home I can focus on my own productions again. 

It’s been a while since your last release, but I hear that’s set to change this summer? 
Yeah... the last 2 full EP’s I did were back in Dec. I released Klockworks 08 and the first HUSH record. If all goes as planned and I keep getting closer to the balance I’m looking for, I should have more original EP’s out towards the end of the summer. I’m slated to do a full 12’ on Ostgut, which I’m really excited about. I’ve also got the last few remixes I did finally dropping. REKIDS -Nina Kraviz – Best friend (dvs1 Forever mix Feat Naughty Wood on vocals), plus a remix on PrIme Numbers for Trus me’s - in the red – DVS1 (gotta get out of the red mix) 

How have things been progressing with your label Hush?
Slow! But that’s my fault. The first release did really great... we sold out of the 1st run of 600 in the first 2 weeks and did another press right away that has almost sold out. My DJ’ing got really busy after the new year and I didn’t get things organized the way I would have liked, but once I get back in the swing of things Hush will start moving faster. I’m planning to release 4-5 records a year of my own material.

What else are you planning for the rest of the year?
I’m taking a chunk of the summer off to be at home and work on music. Come September I’m back on the road and crazy! So I need to get to work and get some music done!

Tickets for Saturday's event can be purchased from the fabric website. If you want to know more about DVS1's upcoming gigs and releases you can find it all out on his Facebook Fan Page

Wednesday 30 May 2012

Mix Of The Day: Rebekah - CLR Podcast 170

Today's Mix Of The Day features another CLR Podcast, they've been in great form of late. This weeks mix is provided by Birmingham's first lady of techno, Rebekah. Inbetween working on new tracks, promoting parties and putting together her own live set, she managed to find the time to select some serious techno tunes that have been doing the business for her of late.

You can download the mix from the following links



1) Ducerey Ada Nexino - Pollenshed (Seph Remix) [Genesa]
2) Andrea Santoro & OL - 47 Solid Smoke [Frozen Border]
3) Urbano - One (Matthias Fridell Remix) [Kaputt]
4) Unbalance - Fluid (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Mutex]
5) Ed Davenport -  One Last Look [NRK]
6) Truncate - Bodega V1 [Truncate]
7) Ben Sims - Machine Funk [Drumcode]
8) Roman Lindau - Adipeux [Fachwerk]
9) Raffaele Attansio - Black Boc (Manzel aka Jonas Kopp Remix) [Non Series]
10) Rebekah - Trapeze [Decoy]
11) Alexander D'Neil - Klona (Truncate Remix) [EarToGround]
12) AnD - ADBF [Black Sun]
13) Justin Schumacher - Gate (Audio Injection Remix) [IBR]
14) SP-X - Attack Pattern [Komish]
15) Spektre - Mind Eyes (Drumcell Audio Injection Remix)
16) Terence Fixmer - Drastik (P.A.S. Remix) [Electric Deluxe]
17) Markus Suckut - Section [Figure SPC]
18) Jerome Sydenham & Function - Two Ninety One [CLR]
19) SP-X - Stalker [Komish]

More information on Rebekah regarding her upcoming gigs (including her debut at Berghain) and her future releases can be found on her Facebook Fan Page and you can check out her music on her Soundcloud Page.

The Jubilee Weekend Clubbing Roundup: London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Italy, Hannover

For those of us in London a four day weekend is something a bit special, a four day week at the start of summer is a whole different ball game. There's some big events coming up, not just in the capital but all around Europe.... and here's the best of them


We kick off with a new comer to the London techno scene, Dystopia. The project goes beyond the standard format for a club night and pulls together the artistic talents of DJs, musicians, designers, visuals artists and photographer to form an inclusive creative showcase.

They've picked two very creative acts to guest at the party with Time To Express boss, Peter Van Hoesen and Stroboscopic Artefacts duo Dadub (check out their recent Dystopia Podcast 002). The venue will be announced for Saturdays party in the next few days. Full event info and tickets can be found on Resident Advisor

fabric are pulling in the big guns for room 2 on Saturday as the Berghain resident and Klockworks Records head honcho, Ben Klock links up with the man from Minneapolis, Berghain regular and Klockworks artist, DVS1.

Tickets available on the fabric website

When Plex and Perc Trax combine at Corsica Studios the outcome is usually pretty special, but Sunday could be the most special to date. 9 hours of first rate techno featuring some of the best names in Underground music. A live set from Kangding Ray, DJ sets from Lone, Perc, Randomer, Truss, AnD, DJ Skirt and many more make this rammed full of quality from start to finish.

Tickets available from Resident Advisor


From the English capital to the Scottish capital now and Edinburgh is in for a massive treat on Friday as Adam X presents Traversable Wormhole for Unseen at Studio 24. There's no tickets so just get there and pay on the door. Full event info on Facebook


And now on to the ROI captial, Dublin, as Fachwerk Records owner, Mike Dehnert, takes to the decks at The Academy. Again there's no presale tickets but head over to Resident Advisor for all the event info.


Je Ne T'Aime Plus Afterparty @ Studio 2 Club, Vigonovo (Friday 1st June)

Delsin Records' Morphosis joins Prologue Records artists Donato Dozzy and Neel at the Je Ne T'Aime Plus Afterparty, and best of all it's free. Full event info on Facebook

The One Festival takes place this weekend at Cocorico in Riccione. Techno highlights come from the legend that is Jeff Mills, Dasha Rush and Tommy Four Seven. All the info you need can be found on the Facebook Event Page


TechnoDrivers mit Luke Slater @ Underground Club (Saturday 2nd June)

Our final stop off is in Hannover at the Underground club as TechnoDrivers welcome the man behind the Mote Evolver label, Luke Slater, headlines alongside a host of local talent. Full event info on Facebook

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Slash Dot Dash Talking Techno with Chris Finke

Chris Finke is a man of many hats. Be it a DJ, producer, promoter, label owner, radio show host... he's done it all. With his new split EP on Luke Slater's Mote Evolver, with Bas Mooy, arriving in the shops yesterday we caught up with him for a good old chinwag.

1) How has the start of 2012 been for you?

Really good so far thanks. I moved into a new studio in January which has been extremely productive, plus I've been doing some great gigs and meeting some really funny and interesting people along the way so I can't complain at all.

2) So how did the Mote Evolver release come about?

I noticed that Luke had been playing some of my tracks, so I sent him 3 new ones for his sets and he got back to me and asked if he could put 2 of them out. I thought about it long and hard for about 1.4 seconds and of course said yes. I'm friends with Bas Mooy (the other artist on the Parallel release), so it's good to be sharing it with him. Musically my tracks on it are pretty different, 'Sleep When You're Dead' is a peak time techno monster and 'Euphemism' is a dark, groovier kind of thing. I love them both and they do the same in the clubs so I'm very pleased they are out on such a wicked label.

3) You've DJ'd all over the world, run parties and labels, released records performed in DMC Championships. Is there anything you've not done but you're still looking to achieve?

Yeah I suppose putting it like that, the CV looks kind of cool, but my next step, and something I'm really passionate about, is to get into radio again properly. I used to be a local radio DJ (which is a story for another day!) and then went onto present The Split Radio Show with Ben Sims for 4 years which quickly turned into somewhat of an institution, and I really miss the presenting side of things. I can't say too much now but I am returning to radio very soon with quite a high profile show, so it'll be fun.

4) Musically where would you say you are right now?

Musically both and a DJ and a Producer I couldn't be happier at the minute. I'm sick of the boring droney techno sound which (in my opinion) has gone the same way as the "minimal" thing did in 2007/8, too many people essentially all making the same record and copying each other. There is so much amazing music around but you have to dig deeper to find it and go that extra mile. When I play I've always been really versatile and I play as much bass / other stuff as I do techno now as some of it's more "techno" than a lot of techno these days. I play a lot of my own edits of things. I'm really on it in the studio now, and I'm all over the place with what I'm making which is good for the soul and good for my DJ sets!

5) Birmingham has a rich history of techno, is the scene still as lively as it's always been?

Musically it's very strong with loads of up and coming prodcers across all genres, but with actual club nights it's a bit strange. There are so many people into dance music but a very small percentage of them actually go out to the clubs aside from the big DnB or Dubstep events or for DJs like Annie Mac who always does well there. To give you some stats, the last Atomic Jam party sold out with well over 3000 people and just under 25% of them were from the Midlands. The majority of them came from in and around London and "The North". There are some wicked nights with breakthrough artists which just aren't supported which is sad. I think promoters need to work together more to make it stronger instead of all chasing the same thing as it doesn't work these days. Oh, and people always think I'm from Birmingham as I'm resident at Atomic Jam but I'm actually not!

6) January saw the last ever Atomic Jam party at The Q Club, how was it?

Absolutely astonishing night. Ot was the last party ever in that amazing venue and we rocked it till 7:30am. The crowd were on fire right up till the end and it was an honour to play the last set for the finale. The Que Club is hands down the best big venue in the UK for dance music and it's now gone forever. It's not quite the same but you can watch it all as it happened on here with sets from Speedy J, Dave Clarke, Marcel Fengler, Ben Sims and my end of the night techno classics set.

7) And to finish, what does the rest of 2012 have in store for you?

Gig wise, I've got some exciting things coming up. I'm back in Japan in October, and going to the US in September both of which should be wicked. Aside from the Mote Evolver record, I've got EPs coming out soon on Hidden Records, EarToGround and Gynoid Audio, plus remixes for Mark Broom, Orlando Voorn, DJ3000, Dave Tarrida, Chris Page and just finishing another three EPs of various stuff which I'll be looking for homes for. I've also started a really interesting collaboration with Tom Diccico wich has started off pretty explosively, so excited about where that is going to go. I've also just recorded an Electronic Explorations mix which I'm really excited about, and I've just been signed by Elastic Artists to handle my bookings so looking forward to working with them. Oh, and Atomic Jam is going to be back in a new venue as well.....

The Parallel Series 3 is out in the shops now so go buy it. Check out the samples from the soundcloud player below

Mote029 :: Parallel Series 3 :: Bas Mooy + Chris Finke by Mote-Evolver

More information on Chris can be found on his Facebook Fan Page, you can follow him on Twitter or check out his music on his Soundcloud Page. For bookings please contact his agent

Friday 25 May 2012

Weekend Clubbing Roundup: Detroit, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm

We've already brought you the news of We Fear Silence presents Blueprint Records @ Cable and Grounded Theory @ Arena but here's the rest of the weekends action around the globe, and it's a busy one! (I'm going to be brief otherwise I'd be here all day


We begin in the birthplace of Techno, Detroit, for the Movement Festival. Saturday night CLR set up camp at the Hart Plaza with a headline set from Collabs (Chris Liebing & Speedy J) and support from Tommy Four Seven, Drumcell and Monoloc.

Tickets available on Resident Advisor

Interface 36 - Scene 04 - Official Movement After Party @ The Works (Sunday 27th May 10pm - 7am)

Line Up

Cell Injection (Drumcell / Audio Injection)
Raiz (Live)
DJ Hyperactive
Kyle Geiger
Jeff Derringer

+ more. Full info and Tickets on Resident Advisor


Klubnacht @ Berghain / Panoramabar (Saturday 26th May 12)

Ø [Phase]
Inigo Kennedy
Jonas Kopp (Live)
Henning Baer

Amirali (Live)
Tama Sumo
Ivan Smagghe
Andrew Weatherall

Red D
Oliver Deutschmann

Full info on Resident Advisor

Wax Treatment Carnival Weekend Open Air Africa Special @ Gretchen (Sunday 27th May)

Line Up

Yard (Outside) - 12:00 - 22:00:
CGB-1 (Wax Treatment)
Duncan Brooker (Honest Jons)
Adamantios Kafetzis (Teranga Beat)
Hugo Mendez (Sofrito)
Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri with Mbene Diatta Seck (Live) (Ndagga)

Box 1 (Inside) - 22:00 - end
Analog African Soundsystem - Samy Ben Redjab & Pedo Knopp
Appleblim (Apple Pips)
Shackleton (Live) (Skull Disco)
Shed (Wax Treatment)
MMM (Live)
DJ Pete (Scion Versions)

Full event info on Resident Advisor


Sandwell District take over the Culture Box with a live set from Function and a DJ set from Silent Servant.

Full info on Resident Advisor


Finally we end our tour in Stockholm at Karbon tonight for a DJ set from Semantica boss, Svreca, and a live set from Stockholm Ltd's S100

Full event info on Resident Advisor

Wednesday 23 May 2012

Grounded Theory 15 @ Arena (25th May 12)

Grounded Theory approach their 15th party and by now the formula should be pretty familiar. Take one of the best techno promotions in the world, in the best city for techno in the world and fill the line up with the best techno artists in the world. Then all you need to do is turn up at Berlin's Arena Club and have one of the best nights of your life!

Marcel Dettmann returns for his second appearance and is joined by a live set from a Danish Duo who are the latest signings to Adam X's Sonic Groove label, Northern Structures. Grounded Theory resident Milton Bradley and Stroboscopic Artefacts label owner, Lucy complete this incredible line up.

Full event info can be found on Resident Advisor Event Page. There's no tickets so make sure you get yourself there early to avoid being disappointed. More info on all the relevant parties can be found on their Facebook Pages

Grounded Theory
Marcel Dettmann
Northern Structures
Milton Bradley

Tuesday 22 May 2012

We Fear Silence pres. Blueprint Records @ Cable (26th May 12)

It seems everytime James Ruskin brings Blueprint Records to London's Cable club, it turns out to be even better than the last, and Saturday's event in conjunction with We Fear Silence looks to be continuing that trend.

Ruskin is joined by three S's in the form of Surgeon, Silent Servant and Sigha. Expect something very special as Surgeon is celebrating 20 years at the very frontline of cutting edge music, Silent Servant will be making what we believe is his first London appearance ever and after a few slots in the backroom, Sigha, makes the move into the main room for the first time.

Room 2 is hosted, as ever, by one of favourite London party throwers, Colony. The residents Tengui and MB & CB are joined by Russell Haswell and they provide the perfect accompaniment to the main room action.

Tickets are available through Resident Advisor. Head to the event page for all the event info. More info on everyone involved can be found on Facebook....
We Fear Silence
Blueprint Records
Silent Servant

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Mix Of The Day: Dadub - Dystopia Podcast 002

Dystopia is a new edition to the London techno scene. Combining cutting edge electronic music with designers, visual artists and photographers to create an artistic experience and inspire creativity.

Ahead of their first London party next month, Dystopia, have invited one of their guests, Dadub, to take the reigns on their second podcast. So the Stroboscopic Artefacts duo got together at the labels Artefacts Mastering Studio in Berlin to put together this epic live set.

Check out the set through Dystopia's Soundcloud

Dystopia Podcast 002 - Dadub by dystopiaonline

As this is a live set there's no tracklisting, but it shouldn't be too difficult for you to track down any specific tracks which really do the business for you.

The launch will be taking place on the 2nd June and Dadub will be joining Peter Van Hoesen at the event, being held somewhere in East London. Tickets are available from Resident Advisor and you'll find all the event info there too.

More info on Dystopia can be found on their Facebook Fan Page and the same goes for Dadub and their Facebook Fan Page

Thursday 10 May 2012

Competition: Win a copy of Forward Strategy Group's debut album 'Labour Division'

It's competition time again and we've teamed up with our friends at Perc Trax to give you the chance to get your hands on one of three CD copies of the debut album from Forward Strategy Group entitled 'Labour Division'.

After a couple of EPs on the label, an album was the next logical step. Allowing them to focus less on their traditional industrial techno sounds and expand to encompass semi-broken beats and post punk influences.

To get your hands on one of the three copies, all you need to do is answer this simple question.

What Perc Trax EP did Forward Strategy Group provide a remix for in 2010?

To enter the competition please send your answer to with the subject title 'Forward Strategy Group Competition'. All entries must be received by 5pm on Thursday 24th May and the winners will be drawn at random and contacted by e-mail.

The album will be in the shops on the 28th May. To find out more about Forward Strategy Group, head over to their Facebook Fan Page

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 012: Resoe

Resoe is a Danish DJ, Producer and label owner with over 25 years of experience in the business. As a producer he's a part of one of Dub Techno's most influential labels, Echocord, and with Kenneth Christiansen they make up the production duo, Pattern Repeat.
He's performed as both a DJ and live act in some of the worlds best venues, from London's fabric to the legendary techno mecca that is Berlin's Berghain. His own label, Baum Records, has just been relaunched with a release from the Finish dub techno artist, Leftover which features a remix from Resoe himself, so to help celebrate the long awaited relaunch, we invited Resoe to provide the next instalment of our podcast series.
Resoe serves up a blissful selection of dub techno that's not just perfect for inside the club but also makes for great home listening too.
You can get the mix either by subscribing to our series through iTunes or you can download or stream the mix from the Soundcloud player below.

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 012: Resoe by Slash Dot Dash

1) Leftover - Tow (Resoe Remix) [Baum Records
2) Fluxion - Perfuse [Echocord]
3) Onmutu Mechanicks - Phosphor (Norman Nodge Remix) [Echocord Colour]
4) Deepchord pres. Echospace - Spatialdimension (Cv313 reduction) [Echospace]
5) Resoe - Blazing Deep
6) Leftover - Desolte Plains [Baum Records]
7) Resoe - Distant Noizes
8) Cosmin TRG - What You Be [50 Weapons]
9) Sascha Rydell - It Happened [Fachwerk Records]
10) Function - Obsessed (Substance Remix) [Echocord Colour]
11) Pattern Repeat - 00/6 A [Pattern Repeat]
12) Kode 9 And The Spaceape - Sine Of The Dub [Hyperdub]

For more information on Resoe, head over to his Website where you'll find all his releases and mixes and some other stuff too. To check out the rest of our podcast series, please visit the Podcast page on our Website.

Friday 4 May 2012

Weekend Clubbing Roundup: London, Berlin, Munich, Athens, Brussels & Copenhagen

Here's our pick of the best events Europe has to offer across this weekend


Bank Holiday Sundays don't come much bigger than this as VOID takeover Cafe 1001 with Ben Klock (playing a monster 6 hours) and Tommy Four Seven. Tickets are sold out but there's spaces available on the door. Full event info on Resident Advisor

Colony are back at The Rhythm Factory as they team up with Scand to bring you Perc, Phase, AnD and plenty more.

Tickets available on Resident Advisor


Fachwerk Label Night & Kinetic @ Tresor (5th May 12)

Globus: Fachwerk Label Night
Mike Dehnert
Roman Lindau
Sascha Rydell

Tresor: Kinetic
Alan Fitzpatrick
Darko Esser

Info on Resident Advisor


Staying in Germany we move to Munich for Time To Express at Harry Klein with Samuli Kemppi (Live) and label boss, Peter Van Hoesen.

Event info on Resident Advisor


Reform #003 - Modal Analysis Launch Party @ 6 Dogs (5th May 12)

Modal Analysis is a new label with it's first release coming up this month in the form of the 'Plate' EP by Cassegrain with a remix of Kangding Ray (check it out on Soundcloud).  To celebrate Reform are throwing a launch party for them at 6 Dogs. You'll notice another SDD Podcast contributer on the line up too with Sawf on the line up too.

The event starts at midnight but before that (at 11pm) they'll be screening a documentary by Amelie Ravalec called 'Paris / Berlin: 20 Years of Underground Techno'.

Full event info and tickets on Resident Advisor


Fondation Sonore # X @ Le Plan K / La Raffinerie (5th May 12)

Adam X and Ancient Methods swap Berlin for Brussels on Saturday night as they appear at Fondation Sonore's 10th party. Ancient Methods will be playing live whilst Adam will perform both a DJ set and a live set.

The documentary by Amelie Ravalec that's being shown in Athens will also be screened in Brussels at the same before before the event kicks off.

Full info on Resident Advisor


Sound Of Berghain @ Culture Box (5th May 12)

We finish our roundup in the Danish capital as the Sound of Berghain makes it's way to Culture Box to continue their regular swap. Efdemin and Marcel Fengler have been handed the task of bringing the sounds of the Berlin superclub to the intimate Copenhagen nightspot.

Full event info on Resident Advisor

Leftover - Der Kirschbaum EP (Resoe Remix) [Baum 007]

After a couple of years out in the Scandinavian wildness, 2012 sees a welcome return for one of the best Dub Techno labels as Resoe relaunches his Baum Records imprint. Now into it's 7th release and it's the return of one of Resoe's favourite dub producers, Finlands Leftover.

The EP features three original tracks and a remix by the label boss. Blissful dubs put together with intricate precision and emotion make for a great release full of subtle variation. Check out the samples below. 

Leftover - Der Kirschbaum EP (Baum007) by Resoe/Baum Records

The record will be in the shops next week on white splatted vinyl

So go out and get your copy from all the usual places.

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Delsin Night @ Culture Box (3rd May 12)

Thursday nights don't come much better than this as our favourite Danish nightspot keeps wheeling out the impressive line ups. Tomorrow night sees Delsin Records setup shop for the night at Culture Box with the help of Morphosis and Delta Funktionen.

Support in the Cocktail Box comes from Finn Of Tomland. Doors open at 11pm. More info can be found on the event can be found on the Resident Advisor Page.

To find out more about Culture Box check out their Website or Facebook Fan Page. Check out their upcoming events, there's some right belters in there.