Thursday 31 March 2011

K209 - 1

The man behind the string of undergound techno parties in Berlin, Grounded Theory, Henning Baer makes his first venture into production alongside his resident and past Slash Dot Dash guest, Milton Bradley.

Henning is a regular as a DJ around Berlin, playing at legendary venues like Tresor and Suicide Circus. Milton Bradley needs no introduction. His work on his Do Not Resist The Beat! label promoted us to fly him over to London. You would of seen we reviewed DNRTB!06 a while back.

Hardwax describes the release as 'harder stomping noisey techno cuts'. Sounds like a perfect, to the point review to us. Check out the samples below

It's available on vinyl now at Hardwax but will be hitting all the rest in good time. We strongly recommend you check this out.

The next Grounded Theory event will be taking place at Arenaclub on the 15th April featuring another unbelievable line up. After linking up with Perc at a recent show in New York, they've brought him in to headline. Alongside Ali will be Moerbeck and Subjected (Vault Series), Ancient Methods and of course Milton Bradley. The Resident Advisor Event Page tells you all you need to know.

But to not miss anything Grounded Theory related, give them a 'like' on their Facebook Fan Page

Stroboscopic Artefacts Showcase @ Corsica Studios (2nd Apr 11)

If you've been paying attention to the blog over the last couple of weeks you'll of definitely noticed a theme of late. We've been featuring plenty of posts about Stroboscopic Artefacts artists, such as new releases from label boss, Lucy, and mixes from Xhin and Truss, and it's all been building up to this weekend.

Stroboscopic Artefacts has exploded onto the underground techno scene in the most emphatic way. Already they've racked up label showcases at Berghain and in New York and now it's time for them to bring their signature sound to London.

The line up is a little different from the flyer. Unfortunately due to visa issues, Jonas Kopp can no longer make the event, but it's not all bad. Added to the line up is the superb Dadub, performing a live set alongside Lucy, Xhin and Truss.

Both Slash Dot Dash residents, XI and Chris Stanford, will be performing. With the room 1 change around, XI has been moved into the main room to kick things of with his signature dub techno sound that you'll be extremely familiar with from the last 3 SDD parties.

And as if room 1 wasn't big enough for you, room 2, hosted by EarToGround, have the head of Sleaze Records, Hans Bouffmyhre, headlining their room with a selection of London's finest in support.

We still have discounted £5 tickets available so if you've not got yours yet, drop us an e-mail to to get yours. But don't hang around, they won't be about for long. And if you miss them then it's £20 on the door!

There will be plenty of Stroboscopic Artefacts merchandise available on the night too, from CDs to vinyl to the uber cool SA T Shirts. All the remaining info, can be found on the Resident Advisor Event Page.

Stroboscopic Artefacts related news can be found on their Facebook Fan Page and you can follow them on Twitter

Wednesday 30 March 2011

Mix Of The Day: Xhin - Live @ Civic Underground, Sydney (26th Mar 11)

Xhin has been on a bit of a mini tour of Australia this month, performing at parties in Melbourne, Brisbane and finally Sydney. He's recorded two of the sets from the tour, but we're concentrating on the last appearance. 3 hours of outstanding techno featuring tracks from Surgeon, Traversable Wormhole, Autechre, Aphex Twin and Unkle to demonstrate how he constructs his sets using a wide range of influences.


1. Boards Of Canada - Opening The Mouth
2. Christian Wunsch - Cohoba
3. Phase - The Dialogue
4. Silent Breed - Insane
5. Drexciya - Black Sea
6. Royal House - Party People (Club Rub Dub Rub)
7. Steve Rachmad - Liteon
8. Jolka - Five (Surgeon Remix)
9. Surgeon - Muggerscum Out
10. Sian - Coup Coup d'état (Xhin Remix)
11. Kyle Geiger, Bobby Dowell - Tigerwall (Material Object Mix)
12. Coefficient - Nonlinear Phase Event
13. Oscar Mulero - Horses
14. Reeko - Inroad
15. Surgeon - Compliance Momentum
16. Xhin - Blade Moth
17. Traversable Wormhole - Spacetime Symmetries (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
18. Monoloc - Nohouse (Xhin Remix)
19. Christian Wunsch - Yopo
20. Scuba - Three Sided Shape
21. Autechre - Blifil
22. Aphex Twin - To Cure A Weakling Child
23. M-Ziq - The Sonic Fox
24. Autechre - Vietrmx (Plaid Remix)
25. Dadub - Groove Insomnia
26. Sepalcure - No Think
27. Embed - Zero-1 (Plaid Remix)
28. Oscar Mulero - Seleccion Natural
29. Vegim - Mental Perfectionism
30. Addison Groove - Dumbshit
31. N-Vitral - Bazouka
32. Vex'd - Lion
33. Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
34. Aphex Twin - Meltphace 6
35. Oscar Mulero - Seven Kinds Of Sin
36. Jimmy Edgar - Inner Citee Color Reprise
37. Christian Wunsch - Mental Noise
38. Xhin - Key
39. Inigo Kennedy - Filaments
40. Throbbing Cristle - Six Six Sixties
41. Mike Dehnert - Klartext
42. Valmay - Old Dog
43. Caustic Window - Cordialatron
44. GO!DIVA - Avis
45. Aphex Twin - Cymru Beats
46. King Cosmic - Acid (In My Soul) (KiNK Remix)
47. Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid (Acid Chant Mix)
48. The Other People - Let Me Be Me
49. Clark - Look Into The Heart
50. Caustic Window - Humanoid Must Not Escape
51. 4Hero - Cookin Up Yer Brain
52. UNKLE, Girls On Top - Sounds Interlude #3/Numbers/I Wanna Dance With Somebody
53. KiNK, Sleazy McQueen - Naked (KiNK Mix)
54. Stephan Brown - After Life
55. Inigo Kennedy - Origami Mystery
56. British Murder Boys - Rule By Law
57. Traversable Wormhole - Closed Timelike Curve (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
58. Lucy, Xhin - LX2
59. Public Energy - Three O Three
60. Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn - It's The Music (Legowelt Remix)
61. Oni Ayhun - OAR003-B

For those of you in London, you can witness Xhin make his UK debut this Saturday at Corsica Studios alongside his label mates as part of the Stroboscopic Artefacts Showcase hosted by EarToGround. Check out the full details on the Resident Advisor Event Page. We've still got some £5 tickets left for this so e-mail us at to get yours.

More news and stuff on Xhin can be found via his Facebook Fan Page or you can follow him on Twitter

Friday 25 March 2011

Mix Of The Day: Speedy J 2011 Special Mix

Today's mix of the day is something that I can't really tell you all that much about. Jochem Paap, aka Speedy J, has uploaded it on his soundcloud page and it's 5 1/2 hours long, taken from a 7 hour set.

There's not really much more to be said. So clear a big space in your diary, sit back, relax and enjoy

We Fear Silence pres. Blueprint Records @ Cable (26th Mar 11)

If you're out and about in London on Saturday there's only 1 place for you to make plans for. The flyer pretty much tells you all you need to know. Some serious big techno heavyweights. For those of you who don't know too much about O/V/R, it's a live project from Ruskin and Sandwell Districts, Regis. Recently they performed live at Berghain and it went down an absolute stormer. Rumours have it that the whole Blueprint Klubnacht went on till 11pm Sunday!

The room 2 line up is also a strong one. Really excited to see how the ambient set from Sigha and Shifted goes down. I'm expecting it to be special.

Anyway there's still tickets available on Resident Advisor for a more than reasonable £10 (+bf) or you can pay on the door but it will cost you a few more quid.

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Mix Of The Day: Truss - Electronique Podcast 108

Truss was asked to provide a mix for the superb Electronique podcast and he duly obliged. He's been on fine form of late with his work on Perctrax and Stroboscopic Artefacts (you'll remember his remix on Lucy's 'Beelines For Working Bees' remix EP we covered a while back).

Truss - Wyesham - Unreleased
G-Man - Quo Vadis - Styrax Leaves
Group Niob - Vector - Phlox
Brawther - Chains & Funk - Brawther
Tob Jona - Adiabatic - A.r.t.less
Retail & Leisure - Your Reference To - Retail & Leisure
Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub - Deep Mehdi Music
Casual Violence - Briefly Sexual - Aftertaste
Tube Jerk - Daddy's In The Basement Diggin' Gravy - iLL
Scuba - Reverse - Hotflush
Donor / Truss - Sude 5 - Thema
Donor / Truss - Endo 3 - Perc Trax
Alpha 606 - Pressurized City (Loop) - Interdimensional Transmissions
Junq - From Below - Cultivated Electronics

You can catch Truss in a couple of weeks time performing at the Stroboscopic Artefacts Showcase, hosted by our friends at EarToGround, at Corsica Studios in two weekends time on Saturday 2nd April. Both Slash Dot Dash residents, XI and Chris Stanford, will also be performing.

We have a limited number of £5 tickets available for this event. Please e-mail to get yours now. They won't be around for long!

Friday 18 March 2011

Pfirter - Audiometria (Incl. Lucy Remix) [Stockholm LTD]

Next up on the blog is the excellent new release on Swedish label, Stockholm LTD, by Pfirter with a big remix by SDD favourite, Lucy.

'Audiometria' is a relentless droning affair packed with deep grooves and moody undertones. 'Vasodilatador' is an intense 5 and a bit minutes. Catching you off guard with it's clever arrangements. Lucy sprinkles a bit of that Stroboscopic magic across 'Audiometria' with his experimental take on todays underground techno. Those of you at Slash Dot Dash this last Saturday would of heard XI drop it, and it sounded incredible on that system!

The EP will be released on 29th March and no doubt will be available in good record stores. More info on the artists and all the latest news can be found on the corresponding Twitter pages, Pfirter & Lucy. And for more info on the label check out the Stockholm LTD website

Wednesday 16 March 2011

Mix Of The Day: Ben Klock - Roots United @ Efir Club, Russia (6th Mar 11)

It's been a while since we've featured the Berghain resident on the blog. But when we do it's normally for something special. And this time around is no exception. Ben was booked to headline Roots United @ Efir Club in St Petersburg, Russia and his full set was recorded.

I don't know how he does it but R_co has got his hands on it and has added it to his soundcloud page for us all

Klock has appeared a couple of times recently on these shores, at fabric a few weekends ago with DVS1, and last weekend at the excellent Bloc Weekender. You can see him next at the Ostgut Ton Label Showcase on the 21st April somewhere in East London.

Monday 7 March 2011

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 003: 19.454.

It's new Slash Dot Dash Podcast Time! Episode 3 comes from one of the guests at our next party, 19.454. This man who hides behind the number first came to our attention though Horizontal Ground releases 01 and 03. Then later he guested on Resident Advisors podcast series (look back through the Mix Of The Day tag and you'll see we blogged that too) and we knew this was an artist we had to invite over to London.

This mix blends together a selection of dreamy soundscapes layered over raw techno beats. There's 2 ways you can get this mix, either subscribe and download the mix through iTunes or you can stream or download the mix from the Soundcloud player below

We're extremely excited to host 19.454.'s UK debut, alongside Redshape, in the Red Room @ Cable London this Saturday, and after hearing this mix, we know you will be too.

Tickets are still available on Resident Advisor so head over there to guarantee yourself entry and save a few quid on the door money in the process

Friday 4 March 2011

Morphosis - What Have We Learned [Delsin Records]

2011 is fast becoming the year of the techno album. With releases from the likes of Lucy (see the last blog post), Sawf, Perc, James Ruskin, Tommy Four Seven, Resoe to name a few.

Delsin Records have been highly busy behind the scenes getting ready for two forthcoming albums. Firstly you have 'Framework' from Mike Dehnert set to land in your local record shop on the 14th March, then you have the album we're talking about here, 'What Have We Learned' by Morphosis.

'What Have We Learned' consists of 9 tracks

a1 - Silent Screamer
a2 - Spiral
b1 - Wild In Captivity
b2 - Androids Among Us
c1 - Gate Of Night
c2 - Kawn
d1 - Dirty Matter
d2 - Ascension
d3 - Europa

Delsin have uploaded a couple of tracks from the album to their soundcloud page to show you what the album is about.... and here they are

'What Have We Learned' will be in your shops on the 11th April. More info can be found on Delsin, Morphosis and all the Delsin artists (including our next headliner, Redshape) on the Delsin Records Website or you can follow them on Twitter

Thursday 3 March 2011

Lucy - Wordplay For Working Bees [Stroboscopic Artefacts]

2010 was a big year for Stroboscopic Artefacts. They cemented their place amongst the shining stars of Underground Techno with a string of exceptional releases from the likes of Jonas Kopp, Perc, Xhin... and 2011 is going to be more of the same, if not even bigger.

Already we've seen the 'Beelines For Working Bees' package, with incredible remixes from Tommy Four Seven, James Ruskin, Peter Van Hoesen and Truss, to wet your appetite for the album, then last month they took on the mighty Berghain in Berlin for the label showcase and this month finally sees the launch of the debut album from the man behind Stroboscopic Artefacts.

After giving the album a full listen on my drive to work the other morning, I can tell you it's superb listening for the club, the car, the frontroom or anywhere that you could possibly want to listen to some beautiful crafted music. I could sit here and bore you with an indepth analysis of each track, or I could just let you make up you're own mind...

Y0u can stream all the tracks from the album on Lucy's Soundcloud Page. (I would of added the player on to the post but for some reason soundcloud wont let me.)

The album is available both on cd and digitally from the all the usual places, so make sure you go out and buy it, because this is something you'll go back to time and time again!

Wednesday 2 March 2011

Mix Of The Day: Peter Van Hoesen @ Berghain (6th Feb 11)

The first Klubnacht of February was a pretty special one. Big favourites of Slash Dot Dash, Stroboscopic Artefacts, were invited along to showcase the sounds of their label. A line up including Lucy, Perc, Xhin, Norman Nodge and of course Peter Van Hoesen, and that was just in Berghain.

The focus of this post is about Peter Van Hoesen. Belgium's premier techno export was handed the 4 hour period between 8am and midday, and he was nice enough to record every single minute of it and host it on soundcloud for our listening pleasure. We would of loved to of been there, but this is a very special 2nd prize.