Thursday 29 April 2010

Allen & Heath Vibration testing the new Xone DX

Here's a video of Allen & Heath testing their new midi controller / mixer, the Xone DX, with the largest sub available, connected up to a 1kw Amp, to prove once again why Allen & Heath products are renowned for having amazing build quality.

Check out the official A&H Xone Website for all the specs on the new controller

Jacek Sienkiewicz - Bunker Podcast 67

This set was recorded live at Unsound Festival New York at The Bunker in Brooklyn on February 5, 2010. When it was time for them to pick Polish artists to participate in The Unsound events at The Bunker, Jacek was the first name that came to mind. He totally delivered with a nice primetime mind-bending set

Find out more about Jacek Sienkiewicz and his Recognition Label at his Myspace Page

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Ben Klock - Berghain 04 Tracklisting

Ben Klock has been lined up by the powers that be at Berghain to compile and mix the next series in the Berghain compilations.

As with his DJ sets at the legendary Berlin nightspot, this mix includes a wide range of genres from jacking house, dubstep and the more familiar straight up techno we've got very much used to.

The mix features some unreleased work which will be made available through the 2x12" records and the digital release. Tracks by Martyn, Roman Lindau, James Ruskin and Kevin Gorman make up the vinyls. The digital release will also include the track by Jonas Kopp and Ben Klock's own remix of The Ecologist.


01. 154 - Apricot
02. DVS1 – Pressure
03. Junior Boys - Work(Marcel Dettmann Remix)
04. Martyn – Miniluv
05. STL - Loop 04
06. Levon Vincent - The Long Life
07. Jonas Kopp - Michigan Lake
08. ACT – RoHd
09. Mikhail Breen – Veracity
10. DVS1 – Confused
11. Rolando - De Cago
12. Kevin Gorman - 7am Stepper
13. Ben Klock - Compression Session 1
14. Roman Lindau – Keppra
15. Tyree - Nuthin Wrong
16. The Echologist - Dirt (Ben Klock Edit)
17. James Ruskin – Graphic
18. Ben Klock feat. Elif Biçer - Elfin Flight
19. Rolando – Junie

Berghain 04 will be released on 28th June 10 with the vinyls and digital extras being released shortly after in June and July.

A Year of Mixtapes: Week 48 - Detroit Techno

Chrissy Murderbot is a Chicago-based DJ/Producer in love with juke-rave-jungle-disco-dubstep-hi-NRG-gangsta-dancehall-ghetto-garage-core. He's embarked on a project called My Year of Mixtapes which basically does what it says on the tin. Every week he's recorded a mix dedicated to a specific genre throughout dance music history. Week 48 sees him turn his attention to Detroit Techno.

Detroit's local brand of techno has some key differences from the countless other types of techno that have evolved from it in the last 25 years—generally speaking it's more "soulful" (whatever that means); it's more in touch with its roots in house and electro; and it's got a heavy tendency toward Black Nationalist and sci-fi themes (although in a primarily instrumental genre, these themes are often conveyed more through song titles and cover art than actual lyrical content).

You can download the mix from this link. It's a direct link so right click, save as

  1. Rhythim is Rhythim; Strings of Life (Piano Mix) (Transmat, 1987)
  2. K.S. Experience; Electronic Dance (KMS / Ten Records, 1988)
  3. Model 500; Sound of Stereo (Metroplex, 1987)
  4. Suburban Knight; The Art of Stalking (Transmat, 1990)
  5. Paris Grey; Don't Lead Me (Nexus 21 Remix) (Network Records, 1990)
  6. Mia Hesterley; Spark (Chrissy Murderbot Instrumental Edit)(Metroplex / Ten Records, 1988)
  7. Inner City; Big Fun (Magic Juan Mix) (KMS / Virgin, 1988)
  8. Juan Atkins; Techno Music (Ten Records / Metroplex, 1988)
  9. Model 500; No UFOs (D-Mix) (Metroplex, 1985)
  10. Rhythim is Rhythim; Feel Surreal (Subconscious Mix)(Transmat, 1988)
  11. Nexus 21 feat. Donna Black; Still (Life Keeps Moving) (Carl Craig Remix) (Network Records / KMS, 1990)
  12. Inner City; Good Life (Magic Juan's Mix) (Virgin, 1988)
  13. Blake Baxter; Brothers Gonna Work It Out (Black Planet) (Logic Records, 1992)
  14. Cybersonik; Technarchy (Plus 8, 1990)
  15. E-Dancer; Pump The Move (KMS, 1991)
  16. Alan Oldham; Orietta's Theme (Generator, 1995)
  17. Suburban Knight; The Warning (Underground Resistance, 1996)
  18. Drexciya; The Journey Home (Warp Records, 1995)
  19. Model 500; I Wanna Be There (M500 Remix) (R&S Records, 1996)
  20. Aquajazz; Bodyrhythms Bodyfusion (Carl Craig Mix)(Aquarhythms, 1995)
  21. DJ Mark Flash; Cachaca (Underground Resistance, 2008)
  22. Blake Baxter / Dreamsequence III; Compromised Evolution(Tresor, 2001)
  23. Suburban Knight; Shapeshifter (Peacefrog Records, 2003)
  24. Underground Resistance; Electronic Warfare (Aux 88's Take Control Mix) (Underground Resistance, 1996)
  25. Drexciya; Black Sea (Warp Records, 1995)
  26. Underground Resistance; Codebreaker (Underground Resistance, 1997)
  27. Robert Hood; Parade (M-Plant / Tresor, 1994)
Check out his blog if you fancy checking out any of the 47 previous weeks mixes

Monday 26 April 2010

Marcel Dettmann - Clubberia Podcast 023 (26th Apr 10)

Marcel Dettmann has been a very busy man of late. What with the release of his debut album 'Dettmann', numerous gigs around the world, including an amazing performance b2b with Ben Klock at the Wetyourself Bank Holiday special at fabric earlier this month. (One of the best sets i've seen for a very long time!)

It's safe to say the man is very much in demand but managed to nail him down for an addition to their podcast series.

Download the mix by clicking HERE


1. Martyn - (Seventy Four Redshape Remix)
2. Roman Lindau - Adipeux
3. Knarz - Knurr
4. Milton Bradley - Distorted Reality
5. Scb - 20_4
6. Fine Art 18 (White)
7. Gerd - Arkest’s Blaze
8. Marcel Fengler - Thwack
9. Robert Gorl - Deep Intruder
10. Valmay - Radiated Future
11. A Made Up Sound - Crisis
12. Carl Craig - Mind Of A Machine

Of course don't forget to add Marcel to Myspace to get all the latest info on his future gigs and releases

Wednesday 21 April 2010

Seth Troxler @ Fabric On & On... & On (6th Mar 10)

The 2nd of fabric's 30 hour parties (the first being the legendary 10th Birthday) took place on the 6th March and included the likes of Ellen Allien, Dinky, Konrad Black, Onur Ozer, Radio Slave and of course Seth Troxler.

One of Seth's mixes throughout the weekend was recorded and has been released onto t'internet for your listening pleasure. And here it is.

Length - 1hr 51mins
Bitrate - 128kbps

Tuesday 20 April 2010

RIP Guru (1966 - 2010)

Rap morns the death of another legend today. Guru has lost his fight against cancer and sadly passed away yesterday morning (April 19th).

You can read the official statement on the FACT Mag Website

Kode 9 - DJ Kicks Tracklisting

The producer, DJ, lecturer, published author and label boss seems to have compiled a music with a mix that touches on UK funky, broken beat, grime, futuristic soul and R&B.

The mix also features an exclusive Kode9 track entitled You Don’t Wash.

1. Lone Once In A While
2. Aardvarck Revo
3. Kode9 Blood Orange
4. Kode9 You Don’t Wash (DJ-Kicks exclsuive)
5. Cooly G Phat Si
6. Ill Blu Bellion
7. Ikonika Heston
8. Scratcha DVA Jelly Roll
9. Mr Mageeka Different Lekstrix
10. Grievous Angel Move Down Low
11. Sticky feat. Natalie Storm Look Pon Me
12. Sticky Jumeirah Riddim Sequel
13. Mujava Pleaze Mugwanti
14. DVA Natty
15. Aardvaarck Re Spoken (Nubian Mindz Released Mix)
16. Morgan Zarate feat. Sarah Ann Webb M.A.B.
17. Rozzi Daime Dirty Illusions
18. Zomby Spiralz
19. Kode9 It
20. J*DaVeY Mr. Mister
21. Digital Mystikz 2 Much Chat
22. Terror Danjah Stiff
23. Digital Mystikz Mountain Dread March
24. Zomby Godzilla
25. Digital Mystikz Mountain Dread March (Reprise)
26. Addison Groove Footcrab
27. Kode9 vs. LD Bad
28. Maddslinky Cargo
29. Ramadanman Work Them
30. Terror Danjah Bruzin (VIP)
31. The Bug Run (feat. Flo Dan)

The mix will be released on 21st June through K7 Records. Also add Kode 9 on Myspace and on Twitter

Female - Blood Tide (Regis Mix) [Sandwell District] Free Download

Direct Download (Right Click, Save As)

Ahead of Sandwell Districts fabric performance this Saturday, they've teamed up with Clash Music to release some music from one of their foremost producers, Female, with a remix by Regis.

It's dark and moody, with plenty of atmospherics. Synth patterns come and go throughout only adding to the tension, complimented with great percussion programming and a series of clicks and dial tone type sounds to increase the depth of the track. Can't wait to hear it on the monstrous sound system in fabric's room 2.

You can get tickets to Saturday's fabric event from the Resident Advisor Event Page. Line up also includes Cobblestone Jazz (Live), Thomas Brinkman (Live) and Craig Richards in room 1, Terry Francis and Luke Slater joining Function & Regis in room 2 and an Echocord Records Showcase with Kenneth Christiansen, Brendon Moeller (Live) (If he managed to get his flight out of JFK last night, waiting for word back on Twitter), Substance (Live) and Reseo. It's going to be a big night!

Monday 19 April 2010

Blur 'Fools Day' - Free Download

Ok so it's not dance music related but i feel still worth a mention. Blur are one of my favourite bands ever. I saw them live in Hyde Park last year and it was a hell of an evening.

The track 'Fools Day' was recorded especially for Record Store day and all 1000 limited edition 7" copies sold out across UK record stores. However Blur's manager, Chris Morrison, thought it was import for the song to be made available to fans legally, to stop fans having to turn to illegal download and file sharing sites. So to combat this, Blur have decided to release it as a free download.

Just follow this link to Blur's website, fill in your details and the track is all yours

Surgeon - Wax Treatment Podcast 009 (16th Apr 10)

This is fast becoming one of my favourite podcasts. Excellent earlier additions from DJ Pete, Mackjiggah, Crofton and Fiedel. Now the 9th episode features a mix from Birmingham's techno legend, Surgeon, before his headline appearance at next Sundays Wax Treatment party @ Horst Krzbrg on their infamous Killasan sound system.

You can download the mix from the following links or subscribe to them in iTunes by searching for 'Wax Treatment Podcast' within the iStore

Direct Download (Right Click, Save As)

As per usual you can follow Surgeon on Twitter or check out his website for all the info you need on forthcoming dates and releases.

    Friday 16 April 2010

    Independent Record Store Day 17th April 2010

    Tomorrow is Independent Record Store Day so make sure you get involved and support your favourite stores.

    Here's some links to a few of mine

    It's an age old debate, the whole cd vs. vinyl thing, but however you feel about it, we should all do our bit to protect independent record stores because that's where the true passion for music is maintained. Without that the world would be a wash with bland corporate profit making music, and no one wants that!

    Sigha - Reprise Mix (Apr 10) + New Tracks

    Forged in the fires of Techno's industrial past, and rising from the flames phoenix, as if to claim his place in the pantheon,Sigha is a different kind of DJ and Producer.

    Releases on the fresh-to death Hotflush (Rawww EP) and alongside Spherix on Immerse (Seperation), have got techno and dubstep heads equally excited. With support from the infamous Mary Anne Hobbs and the mighty Marcel Dettmann, there is no stopping Sigha…

    Direct Download Link (Right Click Save As)

    Not only that but he's uploaded some new tracks to his Soundcloud Page including a new remix by Marcel Dettmann no less.

    You can follow all of Sigha's forthcoming releases and updates by adding him on Myspace or following him on Twitter

    Thursday 15 April 2010

    Forward Strategy Group - Combat Code EP [Perc Trax]

    Here's the first samples of the new Perc Trax release by Forward Strategy Group with a remix from Donor & Truss.

    3 quality no nonsense techno tracks as we've come to expect from PT. Code #01 features relentless highs with a thumping kick underneath. Code #02 is more dubby than #o1 and the Donor & Truss remix is slightly lighter with a haunting stab circling it's way throughout the track.

    But don't take my word for it, check out the samples here

    Available to buy on vinyl from

    For more info on forthcoming releases add them up on the Perc Trax Myspace or follow them on Twitter

    You can also check out Forward Strategy Group's Myspace for all their past, present and future releases and appearances

    Maayan Nidam - Bodytonic Podcast 77 (14th Apr 10)

    Maayan Nidam aka Miss Fitz delivers the latest Bodytonic Mix. Check out her new track "Greatest Tits" out on Wolf and Lamb in May.

    Wednesday 14 April 2010

    Chris Stanford - Toilet Escapade (Apr 10)

    Here's a heads up on a new mix from my fellow Lost Souler, Chris Stanford. At almost 3 hours long this is a serious journey through techno.

    You can download the mix from Chris Stanford's Soundcloud Page

    Featuring productions and remixes from:

    Adam Beyer // Alan Fitzpatrick // Alex Bau //Alex Smoke // Ben Klock // Dario Zenker // Donor & Truss // Donato Dozzy // Dustin Zahn // DVS1 // Jesper Dahlback // Jerome Sydenham // Joseph Capriati // Maetrik // Marcel Dettmann // Maxime Dangles // Monoloc // Norman Nodge // Oliver Deustchmann // Pan-Pot // Peter Van Hosen // Pfirter // Robert Hood // Sigha // Silent Servant // Xhin

    To keep up to date with all his upcoming gigs, you can either join his Facebook Group or buddy him up on Myspace

    Ibiza Voice catch up with Marcel Dettmann for a chat

    “Beat presently imposes itself as the martial law controlling all expression. Music is now only music if legitimized by Beat. And the dancehall represents society under disco lockdown", journalist Biba Kopf wrote those words nearly twenty years ago. His was a comment on his peers - the vast ocean of influences of early minimalist pioneers like Cabaret Voltaire, Non, and Can - being buried by the rising tide of techno music - a descendent clearly rooted in the same common history - but one overtly intent on replacement. At the same time, it was also an essay to the future, to those born after punk, to those in a country that they have seen both united and divided, and to those musicians who have brought Kraftwerk's idea of a man-machine to life - a future where "disco lockdown" didn't look as much like imprisonment as it did freedom.

    Marcel Dettmann is one such case, his heritage traceable back to the accumulated grime under his fingernails caused by old industrial records long ago consigned to the dustbin of time. Much has been said of Dettmann and his legendary sets at his residency in Berlin at the techno Mecca Berghain. It seems that he's taken over the role Sasha once occupied, the DJ matinee idol that can even make the boys swoon. Hype aside, the guy came of age in a time when club culture became the center of German youth culture and no other contemporary DJs or producer have expressed that shift better.

    His latest release is his debut album for Ostgut Ton, the dark, minimal techno label with which he is synonymous. It's entitled Dettmann and at first the title seems like it could a testament to one man's ego and fascination with his own brand but I Voice cuts through that mystique to capture a pretty normal dude, one who likes his job, loves music, and has the laser focus to be a successful DJ and producer. So many others have the first two qualities but only a rare few have all three, Dettmann is one, and his latest expresses the thoughts and ideas of author Biba Kopf so very well, but re-conceptualized in typical techno fashion so that it is a celebration of a minimal aesthetic that runs counter to the excess that has marked the past decade in music.

    There is a sense of restraint on your album, was it hard shifting focus from being a DJ who plays tracks into a producer interested in dynamic, flow, and listener response for a proper album?
    To be honest it was a really welcomed change of pace. On the weekends I was a DJ playing all different kind of records and during the week I was concentrating on my personal concept for the album.

    How long did this album take to make? There is a sense many of the tracks are unhurried and allowed to fully mature. Did you fool us and just push a button or were many hours spent laboring on it?
    The production of the album took approximately one year. Haha I didn't fool you at all. It was my conscious intension to create tracks which give the listener a projection screen and leaves much open to interpretation.

    How much of this album is indicative of what you would play in a DJ set at Berghain and did you try out anything on here that wouldn't work at the club?
    In principle there is no record which can't be played in a club. You just need the right moment for it. Regarding my DJ sets at Berghain there are definitely musical elements, which you can find in my album tracks but I didn't do it consciously, rather subliminally.

    This album has some of the most beautiful melodies in recent techno history, they are so brief and austere, almost old school industrial sounding. Give us a little behind the scenes tour and tell us about the process and some of the influences you used to make some of the more memorable tracks on here.
    Happy to hear that - thanks! Whatever I do it has to be real. I'm permanently caught in a crossfire of influences ... That's life. Lots of these different influences are reflected in my tracks.

    How does one achieve depth in an age when just about anyone armed with a laptop and software can make a track? There seems to be so much cold, emotionless in the marketplace. Where do you find your inspiration to make music that has meaning and depth?
    My inspiration is my personal claim.

    In all of your interviews, you seem to genuinely enjoy your job, so many DJs at this level don't seem to, how do you keep things fresh and challenging after all of these years? Is it really all about the music?
    Yes it's all about the music. Sharing music with other people is a great feeling. And every weekend it's like a present you get and don't know what's in it.

    What kind of tour do you have planned in promotion of the album and what else can we expect from you in the coming months to support it?
    To promote my album I'll go on tour to USA, Australia, South America and Europe. Besides that I'll release some new tracks from different artists on my label MDR.

    Marcel Dettmann Myspace

    Tracklisting for Michael Mayer 'Immer 3'

    Michael Mayer has been a big favourite of mine ever since his fabric 13 compilation. (We're now on the verge of receiving 52 next month yet 13 is still in my top 3). Immer delves into the darker side of Mayer's musical spectrum. The first mix released nearly 8 years ago is widely regarded as one of the best mix albums ever produced.

    This one follows the same rules as the other two, no consideration for what's new and hot. More concerned about the right tracks for the right times, regardless of how old they are. Close Musik 'Departures' from 2002 and Raudive 'Slave' from 2006 are the main candidates.

    01. Courtney Tidwell - Don't Let the Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Ewan Pearson's Ambient Mix)
    02. Closer Musik - Departures
    03. Ben Watt - Guinea Pig (DJ Koze Remix)
    04. Tim Paris - Edges of Corrosion
    05. Smith N Hack - Falling Stars
    06. Raudive - Slave
    07. Massive Attack - Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)
    08. Popnoname - Hello Gorgeous (Terranova Remix)
    09. Charlotte Gainsbourg - The Operation (Superpitcher Remix)
    10. Culoe de Song - The Bright Forest
    11. Kinky Justice - New Day

    'Immer 3' will be released on 14th June. Check out the Kompakt Website for more info on the label and their forthcoming releases

    Monday 12 April 2010

    James Ruskin - Blueprint Records RA Label Of The Month Mix

    James Ruskin's label is Resident Advisor's May Label of the Month, and in my book deservedly so. We had James come and play for us down at our infamous bog parties in February and the man put in a truely amazing performance. Great tunes and excellent technical ability made it a set well worth seeing.

    Check out the full article on Resident Advisor

    Now for the mix from the man himself. You have your pick of sites to download this from


    01. Unique 3 - Theme (Autechre Mix)
    02. Silent Servant - Noise Modulation
    03. Valmay - Distrust
    04. Bauhaus - Bauhaus
    05. Saint Etienne - Your Head My Voice (Aphex Twin Mix)
    06. Vex'd - 3rd Choice
    07. Marcel Dettman - Shift (Norman Nodge Remix)
    08. Surgeon & James Ruskin - Sound Pressure
    09. James Ruskin - Massk
    10. James Ruskin - Graphic
    11. James Ruskin - Lahaine (O/V/R Mix)
    12. Gary Beck - Limehouse
    13. Deadbeat / Fenin - Teach the Devil's Son
    14. Shlomi Aber - Create Balance
    15. Autechre - Second Peng
    16. Delta Funktionen - Silhouette (Marcel Dettman Remix)
    17. DVS 1 - Departure
    18. Polson & Ruskin - Institute for the Future
    19. Planetary Assault System - GT (James Ruskin Remix)
    20. Valmay - Old Dog
    21. Portion Reform - Reduction
    22. O/V/R - Fallen Night Renew
    23. Marcel Dettmann - Unrest (Norman Nodge Remix)
    24. Autechre - os veix3
    25. Deepbass - Blackout
    26. Lee Holman - Kawl
    27. James Ruskin - Work (BP Mix)
    28. Valmay - Radiated Future
    29. James Ruskin - Sabre
    30. Mark Broom & James Ruskin - Hostage
    31. Lucy - Gmork (Luke Slater Remix)
    32. Mark Broom & James Ruskin - The Metal Man
    33. Sandwell District - LTD
    34. Peter Van Hoesen - Terminal
    35. Surgeon - The Crawling Frog Is Torn and Smiles
    36. James Ruskin - Solution
    37. O/V/R - Interior
    38. James Ruskin - The Outsider (Luke Slater's ME Remix)

    Keep up to date with all of James Ruskin's releases and upcoming dates at his Myspace Page

    Sunday 11 April 2010

    The Black Dog 'Music For Real Airports' Video Teaser

    Music For Real Airports from The Black Dog on Vimeo.

    Brian Eno's original work, 'Music For Airports', for me was a triumph of music, but the British act weren't convinced that the 1978 release told the whole story.

    The new album consists of over 200 hours of field recordings to create a piece of music that fully represented the feel of a modern airport today

    The album will be released in May 2010

    01. M1
    02. Terminal EMA
    03. DISinformation Desk
    04. Passport Control
    05. Wait Behind This Line
    06. Empty Seat Calculations
    07. Strip Light Hate
    08. Future Delay Thinking
    09. Lounge
    10. Delay 9
    11. Sleep Deprivation 1
    12. Sleep Deprivation 2
    13. He Knows
    14. Business Car Park 9

    Check out The Black Dogs' Website for all the details on the release and plenty of other info to boot

    You can also follow them on Twitter

    Friday 9 April 2010

    Moderat Confirm New Tour Dates

    12.05.2010 / AT / Graz / Springfestival / Electronic Beats
    20.05.2010 / DE / Köln / E-Werk / Electronic Beats
    27.05.2010 / ES / Barcelona / Primavera Sound Festival
    11.06.2010 / FR / Aix-en-Provence / Fondation Vasarely / Seconde Nature Festival
    19.06.2010 / FR / Paris / Bains Numériques
    03.07.2010 / DK / Roskilde / Roskilde Festival
    09.07.2010 / RS / Novi Sad / Exit Festival
    10.07.2010 / IT / Venice / New Music Festival
    11.07.2010 / NL / Utrecht / Source Festival
    15.07.2010 / BE / Dour / Dourfestival
    31.07.2010 / GB / London / Field Day
    07.08.2010 / DE / Saalburg / Thüringen / SonneMondSterne
    28.08.2010 / PL / Katowice / Nowa Muzika

    Alex Smoke - FACT Mix 139 (9th Apr 10)

    Alex Smoke – Ikos (Hum+Haw)
    Autechre – R Ess (Warp)
    Zomby – Test Me For A Reason (Hyperdub)
    Shackleton – (No More) Negative Thoughts (Perlon)
    EPY – Hannah (Pomelo)
    The Seducers – Unavoidable Infiltrators (Cytown)
    Deadbeat/Fenin – Teach The Devil’s Son (Echochord Colour)
    Levon Vincent – Double Jointed Sex Freak Pt 2 (Novel)
    Claro Intelecto – New Life (Modern Love)
    Brinkmann – Lucky Hands (Max Ernst)
    Steve Poindexter – Maniac (Area’s Lost Meaning Version) (Mathematics)
    Fever Ray – Seven (Marcel Dettmann Remix) (Rabid)
    Lory D – Street Vision (Rephlex)
    MMM – Nous Sommes (MMM)
    Actress – Paint, Straw And Bubbles (Zomby Remix) (Honest Jons)
    Floating Points – K&G Beat (Planet Mu)

    Ikonika releases free track 'Politriks'

    Hyperdub's Ikonika, who was once described by the Guardian as "a rare female face in the male dominated world of dubstep" as decided to send out a track for the love rather than capital gain. And here it is.

    At just short of 5 mins, this glitchy track with its frantic hi hats and 8 bit sounds is something i would of gladly paid for. (It's a direct link so right click, save as)

    Also her debut album "Contact, Love, Want, Have" is also available now in all good record stores, and probably some bad ones too!

    Thursday 8 April 2010

    Love Family Park 2010 - London Lost Souls Flight Packages

    This 4th July Love Family Park turns 15, and Lost Souls are inviting you to join us on another Frankfurt adventure!

    The initial line up includes;

    Sven Vath
    Richie Hawtin
    Ricardo Villalobos
    Loco Dice
    Marco Carola
    Matthias Tanzmann
    Reboot (Live)

    and many many more to be confirmed in the coming months.

    If you're traveling from London, then Lost Souls are providing the only way to travel. Flights from Stansted, transfer to a premium hotel, tickets to the festival, transfer back to Frankfurt Hahn and then flights back to Stansted, all for £110 if you pay in full now, rising up to £150 if you want to pay in installments.

    For more info please e-mail or check out the Facebook Event Page

    Don't get taken for a ride, let us take you on an adventure!

    Perc - Electric Deluxe Podcast 015

    One of my favourite DJs, Perc, has just compiled the new Electric Deluxe Podcast. With him being a fellow Lost Souls resident i've been lucky enough to catch the man doing his thing on a fairly regular basis and the guy never disappoints. One of dance music's nice guys too.

    His label, Perc Trax, is going from strength to strength with excellent releases which include production and remix work from the likes of Peter Van Hoesen, Gary Beck, Donor & Truss, Kyle Geiger, Milton Bradley and of course the man himself. Look out for Perc's forth coming release on Luke Slater's, Mote Evolver label, with a remix from Edit Select. Check out his myspace for all the info on releases and his up and coming dates.

    You can download the mix from the following link

    Perc - Electric Deluxe Podcast 015 (It's a direct link so right click, save as)

    1) Cristian Vogel - Hearing Things Before They Happen - Magnetic North
    2) NIN - Another Version Of The Truth (Kronos Quartet And Enrique Gonzalez Muller) - Interscope
    3) Dave Clarke - Summer - ACV
    4) Demdike Stare - Ghostly Hardware - Modern Love
    5) Badawi - DstryPrfts (Shackleton Remix) - The Index
    6) Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns (Original Mix) - From Jupiter
    7) Demdike Stare - Suspicious Drone - Modern Love
    8) V1NZ - Disposition - Android
    9) Millie - Path To Hell - Daphne Recs.
    10) Happy Mondays - Hallelujah (Deadstock Mix) - London Recs.
    11) Paul Giovanni and Magnet - The Masks/The Hobby Horse (Wicker Man OST) - Silva Screen
    12) Cabaret Voltaire - Badge Of Evil - Virgin
    13) The Grid - Rollercoaster (Global Communication Yellow Submarine Mix) - Deconstruction


    Wednesday 7 April 2010

    Fiedel & Erik Errorsmith - Nous Sommes MMM (MMM)

    Anyone that caught Ricardo Villalobos's set at Timewarp 2 weekends ago would undoubtedly remember this tune. It tore the place apart. Excellent track with an old skool acid rave feel to it. Gonna be a big bomb for 2010.

    Tuesday 6 April 2010

    Mix Of The Day: 19.454. - Resident Advisor Podcast 201

    There's an awful lot of unknown when someone mentions the words, Horizontal Ground. Other than a reputation for an immensely high standard of techno.

    The label is a sub label of another anonymous imprint, Frozen Border. Finding artists which they admire and putting records out into the world with the most limited information possible.

    Resident Advisor did a little investigation work and discovered that 19.454. was responsible for the first and third release of the series and decided to acquire their DJ talents to take their podcast into a new century of mixes.

    The mix showcases an excellent array of stripped down techno with thundering beats and ear piecing high hats. In the Resident Advisor Interview, 19.454. explains how he couldn't do too much within the short mix, so don't be expecting a journey. Instead you'll be rewarded for giving it your time with a collection of great music. Much like the productions on Horizontal Ground the beauty is in the subtle changes through out the mix.

    This mix is definitely one to cherish.


    00:00 Jeff Mills - Glen 21 (Interview) [???]

    01:00 154 - Apricot [Delsin Records]

    07:00 Jeff Mills - Belief System [Axis Japan]

    09:20 Steve O'Sullivan - Quatre B1 [Green/As It Is]

    12:05 Function - Reykjavik [Sandwell District]

    15:45 Ben Klock – Viscoplastic [Deeply Rooted House]

    21:20 Jeff Mills – 001 [Something In the Sky]

    26:25 19.454. - Unexpected Cycles [Horizontal Ground]

    33:00 19.454. - Ghosts On Acid [Horizontal Ground]

    38:05 ID

    41:00 EQD - 003A [Equalized]

    46:00 Robert Hood - Hoodlum [Drama]

    49:20 Omens Jot - Toe Job [Ampoule006]

    55:10 76-79 - Six Ten [Comfortable]

    58:20 Oni Ayhun - OAR 002 B

    64:50 Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip [Punch Drunk]

    69:25 Jeff Mills - The Light That Burns The Brightest [Axis]