Thursday 24 February 2011

Mix Of The Day: DVS1 fabric promo mix

DVS1 is a 20 year veteran of the Minneapolis techno scene but it's own in the last few years that his reputation has spread across the pond and he's finally getting the recognition he truly deserves. A chance meeting with Ben Klock at a party in the US has sent his career into overdrive. Releases on Klocks own Klockworks label and Derrick Mays' Transmat label has launched him into becoming a household name for techno fans, both in the US and right across Europe. So it seems only right that he makes his UK debut and on the 5th March he'll do just that at fabric in room 2 alongside Ben Klock.

fabric caught up with him recently for a chat and he's recorded a promo mix for the central London club which they've released on their blog. You can download the mix from the link below

You can also read the interview with the man himself on the fabric blog page

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Slash Dot Dash pres. Redshape (Live) & 19.454. @ Cable London (Red Room) 12th March 2011

Here's the official flyers for our next party in the Red Room @ Cable London. Tickets are still available on Resident Advisor and include free entry to Jaded in the very same club. Giving you up to 15 hours of pure partying on one of Londons' best sound systems with some incredible music!

Mix Of The Day: Marcel Fengler - CLR Podcast 104

I left the house this morning with a choice of 3 mixes to accompany me on the drive to work. It was either DJ Pete's new Wax Treatment Podcast, The Resident Advisor Podcast from Pinch, but in the end I settled on Marcel Fenglers' new CLR Podcast. And I certainly wasn't disappointed.

The Berghain resident serves up a feast of that signature Berlin techno sound with tracks from Milton Bradley under his 'The End Of All Existence' project, Norman Nodge, Robert Hood, OVR and his own forth coming release on Ostgut Ton, Shiraz.

You can download the mix from either Uploadstore or Fileserve or search for 'CLR Podcast' in the iTunes store.


1. End of All Existence – The Final Hours [End of All Existence]
2. Norman Nodge – Body To Body [Ostgut Ton]
3. Andrew Richley – Instant And Eternity [Fine Audio Recordings]
4. Mark Morris – Callstyle (Damon Wild Remix) [Ketra Records]
5. Drexciya – Fusion Flats (Octave One Mix) [Tresor Records]
6. Hideyuki Eto – Equip [Synewave Records]
7. Radial – Revolver (Oscar Mulero Mix) [Planet Rhythm]
8. Splice – Trouble [Farden]
9. Aubrey – D2 [A7 Records]
10. Robert Hood – The Family [M-Plant]
11. Kelly Hand – Wanderer (Ritzi Lee Edit) [Gorsch]
12. OVR – Posttraumatic Son (Marcel Dettmann MDR Version) [Blueprint]
13. Mike Dehnert – Framework [Delsin]
14. Marcel Fengler – Shiraz [Ostgut Ton]
15. Cosmin TRG – Izolat [50 Weapons]
16. Jolka – Five (Surgeon Remix) [Sect]
17. Swift Craft – Ventad [Abstract Dance]
18. Otaku – Emilias First Tooth [Soma]

Check out the CLR Website for more info and plenty more mixes

Sigha - Politics Of Dying [OCS002]

Things are going from strength to strength for London born Sigha. We caught his set at Plex a few weeks ago and he absolutely destroyed the main room in Corsica Studios. Recently he's appeared on Echocord Records remixing for Resoe, and after the huge success of his first release on his own label, Our Circula Sound (with a Marcel Dettmann remix no less), it's time for the second release.

'Politics Of Dying' is a droning trippy piece of techno with fluttering percussion and heavy sub bass. 'Over The Edge' (Shifted Remix) goes back to Sigha's earlier work with it's earthy tones and dubby feel, but still with a strong pounding kick to rattle any sound system. James Ruskins' remix of 'Politics Of Dying' is packed full of energy and euphoria as the subtle synth drifts along in the background. Check out the samples below

More info can be found on the Our Circula Sound website or you can follow them on Twitter. Sigha can also be found on Twitter so you have no excuse to miss out on anything!

Monday 21 February 2011

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 002: Chris Stanford

After our first podcast mix was from the man behind Slash Dot Dash, XI. Our second podcast comes from our resident, Chris Stanford. Known all around London and beyond for his DJ abilities and as one of the main driving forces behind the Lost Souls promotion and the infamous bog parties @ Public Life. Chris was the obvious choice to partner XI as our resident and he fully understands what techno is really all about. No hype or market, just raw underground techno.

This mix is full of dark, driving, atmospheric beats and should perfectly set the mood for the party in March. You can subscribe to our podcast series and download the mix through iTunes.

Or for all you Soundcloud users, you can download or stream the mix from the player below. Be sure to follow our page as we have plenty more exciting mixes coming throughout the year.

You can catch Chris at the next Slash Dot Dash party in the Red Room @ Cable London, 12th March, alongside Redshape (Live), Horizontal Grounds' 19.454., EarToGround frontman Gareth Wild and of course XI. Tickets are still available on Resident Advisor.

Thursday 17 February 2011

Mix Of The Day: Resoe - The Black Void Of Space Podcast 009

Resoe, owner of Baum Records and one have of Pattern Repeat, has been a busy man of late. His debut album 'The Black Void of Space' has just dropped on Echocord Records last month. I picked it up the other week and it's tremendous. Also the first EP, 'The Black Void Of Space' featuring a tremendous remix by Sigha, got released in December and amongst all that he still had time to record the 9th episode of his Podcast Series, 'The Black Void Of Space Podcast'. (Do you sense a theme here?)

The podcast is more of the same quality dub techno that you would of experienced from the album and his recent releases on Echocord and his own Baum Records label. You can stream or download it from the Soundcloud app below, or if you'd rather subscribe to the series in iTunes then just do a search for it. All other 8 episodes are just as good!

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Mix Of The Day: Traversable Wormhole - Resident Advisor Podcast 245

As you probably know, we're big fans of Traversable Wormhole here at Slash Dot Dash. So much so we invited Adam X over to make his UK debut under his TW guise last year. We've followed him through the last 6 months with release after release on his CLR remix project and now we've made it into 2011, there's no let up.

Resident Advisor have followed up their recent Jonas Kopp podcast with some more outstanding techno. I'm not going to waffle or overload you with hype. That's not what TW is about. Speaking to Adam recently, he told me he's planning to bring the mystery back into the project. No faff, no promo, no long list of DJ feedback. You'll know when the next TW release is out, when you see it in your local record shop, that's if there ever is another TW release....? We'll know, if it happens!

This could even be the last contribution Adam makes to TW so don't let this one pass you by. The mix can be downloaded from the following links


The End Of All Existence - The End Of All Existence - The End Of All Existence
Xhin - Seed - Stroboscopic Artefacts
B12 - Static - B12
CUB - CU - Cub01
The Secret Initiative Vol 2 - Playing God - The Secret Initiative
Claudio PRC - Clear Depths (Obtane Remix) - Prologue
Traversable Wormhole - Traversing The Asteroid Belt (Function Remix) - CLR
Unknown Artist - Defeating White Brotherhood - Unknown
Sendai - Northeast - Time To Express
Sawf - Slim - Perc Trax
Sascha Rydell - Rude - Fachwerk
Traversable Wormhole - Closed Time Like Curve (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - CLR
Alter Ego - Lycra (Luke Slater Remix) - Harthouse
Smear - Lito - Singularity Recordings
Perc - Antifunk - CLR
Northern Structures - Plus Minus - Sonic Groove
Dino Sabatini - Ciclope - Sonic Groove
Northern Structures - Self Similarity - Sonic Groove
Isomer Transistion - On Verge Of A Breakdown - Race Car Productions
Substance - Gestalts - Ostgut Ton
Ben Klock - Static Test - Ostgut Ton
Adam X - Outflow Boundary - Prologue
Luke Slater - Boom Tang Schwuck - Ostgut Ton
Aubrey - Dark (Mike Parker Remix) - Mowar
Samuli Kemppi - Quantum Mechanics (Planetary Assault Systems Dub edit) - Mote Evolver
Dipole - +Pole - Sonic Groove
Function - The Balance Of Power - Substance
Orphx - Anima - Hands
Traversing The Wormhole - Exiting The Milkyway (Surgeon Remix) - CLR
Rhythmatic Continuation Part 9 - Unknown
Adam X - Wind Shear Detection - Prologue
O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son (Ben Klock Remix) - 12" - Blueprint
Redshape - Dark & Sticky - Delsin
Emptyset - Altogether Lost (Original) - CLR
Norman Nodge - Convergence - MDR
Milton Bradley - The Path To Mathematical Truth - Do Not Resist The Beat
Conrad Van Orton - Panic Room - Key Records
Lucy - Eon (Truss Remix) - Stroboscopic Artefacts

Head over to the RA Podcast Page for an interview with Adam and to see what the RA members have to say on the mix

Friday 4 February 2011

Lucy - Beelines For Working Bees [Stroboscopic Artefacts 008]

'Beelines For Working Bees' is a 12" that sees four of the most innovative artists in electronic music rethinking and reconfiguring the strands of Lucy's forthcoming album 'Wordplay For Working Bees'. The relationship between the point of origin and the end point is not a prescribed one: the beelines for Tommy Four Seve, James Ruskin, Peter Van Hoesen and Truss return to the hive of Lucy's album taking the most experimental and cross-pollinated paths. SA008 acts as a case in point for techno, melding and fusing genre boundaries to reveal new hybrid sounds.

On A1 Tommy Four Seven takes 'Tof' and teases it ethereal whispers into a strong, steely structure for the plumped up beats to lie upon. From one of Lucy's most complex structures he creates malevolently broken techno. James Ruskin's A2 takes 'Bein' the album's most 4/4 cut and fortifies it, seasoning with snuffing snaps of multi-layered pads. He refuses to be hemmed in by a genre, slipping across borders to create an utterly distinct track. B1 sees 'Lav' taken head-on by Peter Van Hoesen. It's transformed into intelligent prime time material, loaded with iridescence and bristling with dubbed-out sub frequencies. To close, Truss moulds his fearsome bass lines around the obscure and prickly top lines of 'Eon' unleashing an analogue scream.

SA008 presents a utopian vision that's puckering at the seams. The artists chose the tracks they wished to remix and fused their own defined sound identities with the of Stroboscopic Artefacts. In anticipation of Lucy's debut album this is a delicious foretaste of what's to come and a cryptic insights into four of techno's leading minds
Words: Clare Molloy

Check out the samples below

The EP is out in all good stores today. More info can be found on Stroboscopic Artefacts, their artists and all the releases on the Stroboscopic Artefacts Website

Wednesday 2 February 2011

Plex @ Corsica Studios (4th Feb 11)

If you're in London this weekend you'd be well advised to get yourselves down to Corsica for Plex. They've got Slash Dot Dash favourites Surgeon (doing an exclusive A/V set), Sigha and Ancient Methods. If you're a London techno fan then this is a definite must

Tickets are avaliable through Resident Advisor. You can get yours on the RA Event Page.