Friday 27 July 2012

Mix Of The Day: Sigha - Groove Podcast 10

It's been a while since we've featured a mix from Berlin based, London born DJ, Producer and Our Circula Sound boss, Sigha. Almost a year in fact, so seeing the man post the link on his Facebook Fan Page this morning has certainly brightened up our Friday! You can download the mix from the following link

Sigha - Groove Podcast 10


1) Dadub - Biopoiesis [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
2) Sendai - Following The Constant [Time To Express]
3) Alexander Lewis - Love And Sex
4) Shifted - Image//Channel [Our Circula Sound]
5) Forward Strategy Group - Industry & Empire [Perc Trax]
6) Shadows - Distorted Images [Mike Parker Remix) [Avian]
7) Shxcxchcxsh - Kxxkxxxkkxx [Semtantica]
8) Planetary Assault Systems - Function 4 (Shifted Remix) [Mote Evolver]
9) Reeko - Segmento [Mental Disorder]
10) Iori - Floatation [Semantica]
11) James Ruskin - Solution [Blueprint]
12) Oscar Mulero - Reverberation [Pole Group]
13) Motor - Hyper Lust (Pfirter Remix) [CLR]
14) Rrose - The Surgeon General (No Child Left Behind) [Eaux]
15) Dax J & Chris Stanford - Kommand [EarToGround]
16) Ø [Phase] - Binary Opposition (Peter Van Hoesen Remix) [Token]
17) Truss - Splot [Our Circula Sound]

More Groove Podcasts can be found on their Website

Wednesday 25 July 2012

EarToGround launch website with Secluded podcast and Truncate Interview

Our friends at EarToGround have been beavering away behind the scenes, and just as their 3rd release (ETG 003 Chris Stanford & Dax J / Gareth Wild's 'Kommand' EP, with excellent remixes from AnD and past SDD guest Samuli Kemppi) hits the stores, their website,, hits the Internet. 

On the site you'll find all their latest news, including an interesting interview with US producer / DJ, Truncate, details on their past, present and future releases, their new podcast series which begins with a mix from Secluded, details of their artists and their contact details for bookings and more.

Thursday 19 July 2012

Weekend clubbing roundup: London, Birmingham, Berlin, Copenhagen, Athens, LA, Buenos Aires

There's plenty of events going on around the techno world this weekend. Here's our pick of them


On Friday, Coma continue their London Techno Champions series at the Horse & Groom with a London Debut for Avian artist Ventress and support from Doubleffe and Setaoc Mass.

There's a £3 concessions guestlist running for the party. Send your names to before 5pm tomorrow afternoon to get on it.

Sunday techno returns to London as Void are throwing a free party residents special. A collection of upcoming London based producers and DJs will be displaying just how bright the future is for London techno.

It's free so if you're in the area (or even if you're not) get yourselves down to Cafe 1001


Birmingham has a rich history of techno and on Saturday the Gibb Street Warehouse intend to keep that going. Function, who is of course part of the legendary techno collective, Sandwell District (named after an area of Birmingham) takes top billing supported by Birmingham's own first lady of techno, Rebekah.

Tickets for the event can be purchased on the Ticket Sellers Website


Swedish Tuna @ Tresor (Friday 20th Jul 12)

It's a Stockholm LTD showcase in Tresor on Friday night at Pär Grindvik and Staffan Linzatti showcase their considerable skills with Drumcode's Joel Mull completing the Swedish connection.

Full event details can be found on Resident Advisor


Whenever we do these roundup posts, somewhere along the line there's always a mention for our friends at Culture Box and more often than not there's a party in there which includes Luke Slater, so when the two of them came together for one event, it's was always going to find it's place on the post.

Support comes from local boys and Sonic Groove act, Northern Structures, and Circuit Club's Morten Kamper with Finn Of Tomland in the Cocktail Box. Full event info on Facebook.


The Greek economy may be in a precarious position at present, but the techno scene is alive and well as Time To Express boss, Peter Van Hoesen, heads to the capital to join Slydex, HRISL and Poen at the Astron Bar.

Doors open at 8pm and stay open until 7am and best of all, it's free!

Los Angeles

Droid Behaviour head to LA to host a CLR Showcase which includes Chris Liebing, Drumcell, Truncate and Dean Paul.

Tickets are still available on Resident Advisor

Buenos Aires

The last stop on our roundup takes us to Buenos Aires and the home town of our last SDD Podcast contributor Pfirter. For Wormhole .02 @ Cocoliche, Juan Pablo is joined by another home town boy, Jonas Kopp.

Full event info can be found on the Facebook Event Page

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Pär Grindvik - Wyatt ARP [Stockholm LTD 024]

Pär Grindvik drops his first release on Stockholm LTD for four years. These are his reasons for this hiatus and the thought process behind the new EP...

"It’s been four years since my last own EP on Stockholm LTD. 
The main reason for this is that I have been surrounded by music that has inspired
me much more than my own.
This EP was written and produced with strict narrow frames and a huge amount
of frustration. I was tired of waiting for the inspiration to kick in, then suddenly it
appeared with a strength that I haven’t felt for long time. I’m now curious for more.
While sketching the title track, ’Wyatt Arp’, I couldn’t get Detroit legend, Terrence
Dixon, out of my mind. Terrence is a long time hero of mine, and an artist that always
stays on the true side of what we do while most of us occasionally leave our paths.
I had to ask him to do a rework."

Check out the samples on the Soundcloud player below

Pär Grindvik - Wyatt ARP - STHLM LTD 024 by Stockholm LTD

The EP will be in the shops towards the back end of August so make sure you get yourselves a copy. More information on Pär can be found on his Facebook Fan Page.

Yuka & Stanislav Tolkachev - Little Chemistry [Fullpanda 019]

Fullpanda Records 19th release is a split EP featuring two works from Yuka and two from Stanislav Tolkachev. The talented pair had a very tough act to follow after the mesmerising FP018, 'Lostbanhoff' from Dasha Rush and Lars Hemmerling, aka Lada, but have managed to pull it off with some aplomb.

Yuka takes charge of the A Side whilst Stanislav has the B. 'Element X' utilises ever growing waves of intensity with frantic percussion to deliver the most euphoric of techno moments. 'Chlorum' is chopped full of drones programmed with the most clinical of approaches. Stanislav Tolkachev's B Side begins with 'Self-Renewal', a sedated acid number, whilst 'Hexapoda' is moulded in Detroit stylings, with a touch of Jeff Mills' Something In The Sky project about it. The Ukrainian producer mixes fluttering rhythms with solid kicks to assemble a never ending peak time adventure.

Check out the samples through the soundcloud player below

FP019 "Little chemistry" by Yuka and Stanislav Tolkachev by FULLPANDA RECORDS

The release should be in all good records shops in the next 3 weeks. More info on Fullpanda Records can be found on their Facebook Fan Page or on

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Video: The 29 Nov Films, Mørbeck - Morbius [Candela Rising]

We don't know a lot about The 29 Nov Films except that they're an independent organisation that makes incredible videos for EDM music. You just need to scan through the videos on their Youtube Channel to see their works on tracks by Monolake, Planetary Assault Systems, Henning Baer, Shed, Rrose, Pattern Repeat, Shifted, Samuli Kemppi and many many more SDD favourites, the list is literally endless.

For the video in question they set to work on a piece by Berlin DJ / Producer, Vault Series collaborator (with Subjected) and member of the Grounded Theory stable, Mørbeck. 'Morbius' comes from the 'Magneto' EP on the new London based, vinyl only label, and brainchild of past SDD guest Billy Allen, Candela Rising.

The video (probably The 29 Nov Films' most twisted video, that we've seen) acts as a perfect accompaniment to Mørbeck's intensely hypnotic composition. Drawing you in as disturbed visuals intertwine with rumbling basslines, drifting bells and sharp hi hats to leave you feeling entirely removed from your comfortable surroundings, and very much trapped inside that house, part of the little psychopathic girls' world of demented homicidal activities.

The EP will be available to buy in the next couple of weeks. You can get an e-mail from Juno, letting you know when it's ready to buy, now. Mørbeck has contributed 3 original pieces and Jeroen Search offers up an interpretation of 'Mystique'. Check out the samples below

Get yourselves over to the Candela Rising Facebook Page, and 'like it', to keep informed of all of the labels movements. And be sure to subscribe to The 29 Nov Films' Youtube Channel to see all of their new videos.

Monday 16 July 2012

Coma London Techno Champions Part II: Ventress Interview and Setaoc Mass Mix

This Friday sees Coma return to the Horse & Groom for the second part of their London Techno Champions series, with the London debut of Avian artist, Ventress, and support coming from Doubleffe and Setaoc Mass.

To give you a little taster of what to expect from Fridays party, Coma caught up with Ventress to get some insight into what goes on in the head of the techno mystey man.

Why have you chosen to keep the identity of Ventress so low key?
I would rather people focus on my music, than on me as an individual.
What influences your productions? Is there any other art, technology or world events, which inspires your sound?
I’m am inspired by many things; my surroundings, my mood, film and art play a large part - I like to create an ambience around me, be it a dark room, a movie on in the background etc. This helps me to focus my mind on creating unusual textures and soundscapes within my music.
What comes first for you, DJ or Producer?
I would say production comes first, although I really enjoy Dj’ing. For me they are two different experiences, I write music alone, it is a very personal thing. Dj’ing is an experience that is shared with others.
How did your collaboration with Shifted come along? What was and still is the purpose and vision behind your imprint Avian?
Shifted and I have been friends for many years, we have very similar tastes in music and art. We decide initially to set up Avian as a platform for our own productions, to give us full creative control over our output and also the aesthetics of the label.
However as time has gone on, we have met some great people and been sent music that we both felt was too good to pass up. So far this year we have been working hard on expanding, and have upcoming 12's from Shadows (including a Mike Parker remix), SHXCXCHCXSH, and a second EP from MPIA3.
Who do you hold as you biggest influence and why?
 If your talking music, I wouldn't say I have any one "biggest" influence, they change all the time depending on my mood. At the moment I am particularly feeling Motion sickness of time travel, Carter Tutti Void & Sleeparchive.                 
What have you got in the pipeline for the future?
I have a 12 coming on Edit Select later on in the year, this is going to feature remixes from Abudula Rashim and Svreca, so of course I am looking forward to that unfolding. I am currently putting the final touches on my next EP for Avian & there are a few other projects on the go.
What can we expect from your London debut on Friday the 20th of July with Coma, for Part II of their “London Techno Champions” summer events at the Horse & Groom in Shoreditch?
Straight up techno both new and old! I shall also be testing out some forthcoming Avian material.
Are you a sport fan? If so, are you looking forward to the London 2012 Olympic Games? Do you think they will bring a new emphasis to the city in terms of music, arts and events?
I wouldn't regard myself as a sports fan, but yes I do have tickets for the Olympics and am looking forward to going. I'm not sure it will bring much emphasis to music etc, however I am sure it will bring emphasis to the London transport links!

If that wasn't enough to get you excited for Friday then check out the exclusive mix recorded for Coma by the second guest, Setaoc Mass from the player below.

For all the info on the party head over to the Facebook Event Page. There will be an unlimited £3 concession list running. To get on it just send your names to You've got till 5pm on Friday 20th July to get your names in otherwise it'll be more on the door.

Thursday 12 July 2012

futurist 47 pres Oliver Ho aka Raudive @ Visions Video Bar (14th Jul 12)

This Saturday the man behind Slash Dot Dash, XI, will be appearing at the Visions Video Bar for the launch of a new London promotion, called futurist 47, alongside infamouns UK techno producer / DJ, Oliver Ho.

Oliver, also known for his work under his Raudive alias, will be performing a special extended 3 hour set to mark the occasion.

Blurring and pushing boundaries for 15 years, as a producer Oliver has melded influences from jazz, post punk, industrial and the avant garde to birth a unique, dark take on techno and house. Ho's releases for Blueprint and his own Meta Records were made for the floor, but with an experiemental agenda. Most recently he has perhaps been known as Raudive, with releases on such respected labels as Macro and his own Wires imprint after evolving on Klang, Music Man and Poker Flat. As a DJ, his uncompromisingly deep and funk-fuelled sets have detonated dancefloors and neurons the world over.

Completing the line up will be futurist 47 resident, Fraction with L'Aubaine manipulating visuals all night.

Tickets for the event are available through the Resident Advisor Event Page

Friday 6 July 2012

Weekend Clubbing Roundup: Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Riccione, Nagoya City, Taipei

For Londoners this weekend is all about Bloc @ The London Pleasure Gardens (check the link for our preview / itinerary) but for everyone else there's still some cracking events happening worldwide. Here's our picks of some of the best of them


Klubnacht - Panoramabar 04 Release Party @ Berghain / Panoramabar (Saturday 7th Jul 12)

Berghain - Klubnacht
23:59 - 04:00 Silent Servant
04:00 - 07:00 Luke Slater
07:00 - 10:00 Fiedel
10:00 - End Rødhåd

Panoramabar - Nick Höppner's Panoramabar 04 Release Party
Nick Höppner
Matthew Styles
The Mole
John McMillion (Live)

Will Saul b2b SCB (Scuba)
More TBA

With all the recent goings on involving the GEMA legislations the days of Berghain could be numbered, so every opportunity to spend time in the Berlin techno mecca should be taken. Especially when there's a stella line up like this and the launch party of the new Panoramabar 04 CD.


Darko Esser invites two of the UK's brightest techno stars, Tommy Four Seven and Shifted, to join him at Amsterdam's Melkweg club for the latest of his Balans label parties. Doors open at 11pm, full info can be found on the Facebook Event Page


Tonight the legendary Paris venue, Rex Club, will be filled with the sounds of Technorama as DVS1 and Delta Funktionen join French local DJs Zadig and DJ Jee.

Full event info and tickets can be found on Resident Advisor

New York

Two weekends ago London was blessed with the incredible live set from Prologue's Voices From The Lake. Tonight it's New York's turn as The Bunker take over Public Assembly for another night of Pure Techno. As well as the VFTL live set, both Donato Dozzy and Neel will be performing DJ sets in the Back Room alongside Bunker resident Spinoza, while the Front Room is headed up by Detroit legend, Omar S.

Tickets for tonight's party are still available through Brown Paper Tickets


Notte Rosa @ Cocorico (Saturday 7th Jul 12)

Idriss D
Andrea Arcangeli

Italy gets a selection of techno heavyweights as Mr CLR joins two Berghain residents, two Grounded Theory boys and more.

Event info on Resident Advisor

Nagoya City / Taipai

This weekend the man behind the labels Do Not Resist The Beat!, The End Of All Existence and, with Henning Baer, K209, Milton Bradley makes two stops on his tour of the far east. First up tonight in Japan at Mago for Otonoko (Resident Advisor)

and tomorrow he'll be in Taipai, Taiwan at The Wall as Smoke Machine present Organik 18.

Event info on Resident Advisor