Thursday, 27 January 2011

Milton Bradley - A Sky Full Of Numbers [Do Not Resist The Beat! 06

Since playing for us back in November last year, Milton Bradley locked himself away and set to work on his first ever live project which debuted at Berghain last weekend, to outstaqnding effect. We've been waiting a good while for the next release from the label he set up with Zeal, Do Not Resist The Beat. And the time has finally arrived.

As is the way with the label, it's a 3 tracker packed full of exhilarating experimental techno. 'A Sky Full Of Numbers' drones and pulsates bass right through your mind, whilst shuffling patterns keep your head nodding. 'The Path To Mathematical Truth' is the raw techno number. Sirens swell to full intensity then fade into the background, readying themselves for another onslaught. 'Number Analysis' is 4/4 like 'The Path To Mathematical Truth', but is much more steady, relentless but deep all at the same time. It's one of those special tracks that sits late in the party when all you need is a raw techno grove to accompany you're heads down, no talking, dancing moments.

At the moment I've only found it at Hardwax, but I'm sure it'll be in all the best stores soon. Check out the samples below

I remember speaking to Samuli Kemppi in the hotel before the last party and we was chatting about Milton Bradley's music and he said to me "the great thing about his production, is that everything has it's place. Never to much or too little, it's perfect" and I whole heartedly agree with him. We expect very big things from Milton in 2011.

For those of you who are lucky enough to be in Berlin on the 18th February would be very wise to make your way down to Horst Krzbrg for Grounded Theory 07. Of course resident Milton Bradley will be there. He will be joined by the (as those who were there in March will fondly remember) excellent Traversable Wormhole performing live and some big favourites of ours, Terence Fixmer and Delta Funktionen. All the event info can be found on Resident Advisor

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