Friday, 7 January 2011

Mix Of The Day: Sandwell District - Plex @ Corsica Studios (5th Feb 10)

Ahead of their live set next Saturday, Sandwell District pulled out a little gem from their archives for the fabric blog. Almost a year ago Dave and Karl headlined @ Corsica Studios for Plex.

That was right at the beginning of a great year for Sandwell District. 3 other London appearances followed (one of which was of course the amazing set they turned in for us) as well as gigs all over the globe. A label night @ Berghain, A string of great releases from the label which finished with the 'Feed Forward' Album. It's safe to say the boys were on fire!

You can download the mix from here

Tickets for next Saturdays' party are available at Resident Advisor, or if you're a fabric first member then you can get in free and bring a guest in with you for half price. Can't say fairer than that! It's not just Harrod's having sale this month!

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