Monday, 14 April 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 028: Mary Velo

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Mary Velo got involved in music at an early age. It wasn't till the 80's where she discovered Depeche Mode and got attracted to deep & moody sounds. In 2007, Mary Velo moved to Berlin where she got strongly influenced in the Deep House & Techno scene.

With a creditable discography which includes releases on labels such as Frozen Border, Semantica, Gynoid Audio and Coincidence, Mary has proven that hard work gets you somewhere.

Mary Velo's releases have gotten rave reviews from sites and magazines such as Resident Advisor, Groove, Fabric, FACT, Little White Earbuds, De:Bug, Juno & Boomkat. Her tracks have also been played and charted by Silent Servant, Function, James Ruskin, Ben Sims, Rebekah, Brendon Moeller, Edit Select, Dominik Eulberg, Toby Tobias & ROD, which has brought Mary to the list of new upcoming techno talents. Her track "Detune" (out on Frozen Border Minutes In Ice comp) was also featured in Sandwell District's fabric 69 mix cd.

Mary Velo has played in highly respected events & clubs such as Berghain, Tresor & Tomorrowland 2013 doing both Live sets and DJ sets.

Mary's been on our radar for quite some time now and we're delighted that she wanted to be part of our podcast family. After the alternative home listening of the last podcast from Pär Grindvik, it's back to business as usual as Mary puts together an intense excursion into hypnotic rhythms, hard hitting beats and spacial atmospherics to set the toes tapping, head nodding and heart racing.

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1) Rrose - Ammonia [EAUX]
2) Hector Oaks - The Life I Choose [Sonntag Morgen]
3) Alex Bau - Mechanic (Audio Injection Remix) [Sleaze Records]
4) Dasha Rush - Ocean Sharp [Deep Sound Channel]
5) Setaoc Mass - Latch Machine
6) Answer Code Request - The 4th Verdict [Ostgut Ton]
7) Woo York - Contact Point [Planet Rhythm UK]
8) DJ Sodeyama - Underwater (Jonas Kopp Remix) [ECI Korea]
9) The Plant Worker - Delta Cut 002 [Ressort Imprint]
10) Robert Hood - Alarm [M-Plant]
11) MTD - Basement (Mørbeck Remix) [Sonntag Morgen]
12) Sawlin & Subjected - Texture 1.1 [Electric Deluxe]
13) Lewis Fautzi - Binary (Oscar Mulero Remix) [Soma]
14) Joe Cocherell - Commerce Above All Else [Frozen Border]
15) Aiken - Gathered [Semantica]
16) Rrose - Pentagons [EAUX]
17) Kwartz - Hole [Newrhythmic]
18) Mary Velo - Dynasty [Gynoid Audio]

More info on Mary can be found via her Facebook Fan Page. If you want to catch her live, she'll be in Sweden on Thursday 17th April at Norbergfestival and back in Berlin the following weekend at Tresor on the 25th April. For the rest of the mixes in our series, head over to the Podcast Page on our website

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 027: Pär Grindvik

Pär Grindvik, or his pseudonym The Hollow, has been a core person of the Swedish electronic scene since the nineties as a record-store owner (Illegal Stockholm), label manager and producer. He is a well established artist and has been touring for many years and releases on big name labels like Drumcode, Spectral Sound, Saved Records and his own label Stockholm Ltd, which he created and founded in 2002.

Stockholm Ltd began as an outlet for singles and Eps from Swedish electronic artists with a focus on releasing timeless electronic music. Nowadays it's much more, as each release tells it's own story. Pär also founded the sub label Islands & Islets in 2008. Every inch of Pär's work, including the labels, artwork, release info and music, is wrapped with heart and emotion, which keeps the sparkle and curiosity alive within the ever changing adaptations of the artists world.

Thus, Pär Grindvik is one of the most promising names around today and one of the most respected producers out there! With this in mind, Pär was an artist that we felt had to be part of the Slash Dot Dash Podcast family. He asked us the brief and we simply told him "do what you feel". And what resulted is a rare downtempo home listening mix from the Swede.

All the heart and emotion, that's the benchmark of everything he does, is present in this glorious 70 minute excursion into landscapes of sound, that touch you on the deepest of levels. So sit back and immerse yourself in this expansive mix that traverses from ambient textures to late night head nodders and bass heavy sonic attacks to raw hip hop beats in the most elegant of fashions.

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More info on Pär can be found on his Facebook Fan Page. For the rest of our Podcasts please head over to the Podcast Page on our website. If you want to catch Pär live, and happen to be in Berlin, you can see him at the legendary Tresor next weekend (11th April) alongside Svreca and Developer in the legendary basement. Full details can be found on the Resident Advisor Event Page.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Mix Of The Day: Samuel Kerridge fabric 20 Minute Live Set

Samuel Kerridge is a man who's risen to prominence in experimental circles in just the last 2 years. Firstly through his 'Auris Interna' release on Horizontal Ground, which lead to him being picked up by Regis for his legendary Downwards label. Two EPs followed, 'From The Shadows That Melt The Flesh' and 'Waiting For Love', before the end of 2013 saw the UK producer's debut album, 'The Fallen Empire'.

His gritty, distorted, slow pulsating rhythms perfectly encapsulate the modern Downwards sound. Full of eerie atmospherics and thunderous basslines, it's almost impossible to experience Kerridge's music without sporting an involuntary gurn slapped all over your face. We caught his live set at this years CTM Festival and it was one of the stand out moments (of many incredible moments) of the whole extended weekend.

After performing in many of Europe's top clubs, like Berlin's Berghain and The Rex Club in Paris, as well as Womb in Tokyo, this weekend he'll finally be making his debut outing in London's infamous fabric Room 2. To mark the occasion (as they generally do) Samuel has provided a 20 min mini live set for the club's blog. You can check out the accompanying interview on the fabric website and have a listen to mix on the Soundcloud player below. Also his Boiler Room London set is well worth checking out

As we previously mentioned, Kerridge can be found performing live in Room 2 at fabric. He'll be following on from the ever present Terry Francis and before Mr techno himself, Marcel Dettmann. Tickets are available through the fabric website

Monday, 2 December 2013

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 026: Felix K

After the huge success of our celebratory 25th edition, we're not ones to rest on our laurels. So naturally following 25 comes 26. We stay in the same city as we move from a British ex-pat now living in Berlin to a Berlin native in the shape of Felix K.

Felix K is a DJ and Producer from Berlin and the visionary behind the labels '0000', 'Hidden Hawaii', 'Gilga', 'QNS', 'Sub' and 'Solaris Series'. His DJ career goes all the way back to 1997, when he started as a DnB DJ. 2007 turned out to be the year he stopped collecting DnB records in favour of Techno and House.

Although you can certainly recognise an immense inter text of inspirations that spans from music and movies to art and architecture, Felix's production output is hard to pinpoint to any specific musical genre. When listening to his music, out's hard not to appreciate the way he filters his inspirational input into unique moody and dubby music.

In 2012 he joined of the most exciting collectives of recent times, as he became part of the now infamous Dystopian booking agency. He's since performed at the likes of Berghain and Corsica Studios as well as a small tour of Japan last month. In 2013 his debut album, 'Flowers Of Destruction' was released though his Hidden Hawaii label and met with worldwide critical acclaim. Spanning the realms of techno, DnB and ambient experimentalism, the whole piece was a homage to Felix's wealth of highly varied inspiration.

Felix's abilities as a producer, and the aspects that make his music of such interest, transpose directly into his DJ sets. All the subtle intricacies, the attention to detail and the full force of deep hypnotic techno are there to be absorbed and admired, as he transports you into an intense world of encapsulating rhythms, removing you from a place of cease and comfort and dropping you into a sparse slowly evolving landscape. Unable to break the lock it has over your attention, you have no choice but to allow it to consume you and, come the end, you feel nothing but reward for doing so.

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More info on Felix K can be found via his Facebook Fan Page. For the rest of the podcasts please head over to the podcast page on our Website.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 025: Rebekah

We're all feeling rather proud this month, as what began three years ago is now all grown up and this month we celebrate reaching our 25th Slash Dot Dash Podcast. We've featured some amazing artists from around the world spanning the techno spectrum, from the lushest dub right through to intense industrialism, and everywhere in between.

So to mark the occasion, we welcome our first female DJ and a long time friend of SDD, the Berlin based, British born, First Lady of Birmingham Techno, Rebekah.

Rebekah is one of the up and coming artists in today's world of electronic music who has made a lasting impression on some of the biggest players in the scene. Her passion is burning bright for techno, inspired by Dave Clarke, Derrick Carter, Richie Hawtin and Billy Nasty in her teens at the legendary Que Club in Birmingham.

She is currently playing at some of the most happening clubs and festivals world-wide, such as Berghain, Tresor, fabric, Atomic Jam, Studio 80, Cocoon Club, Cocrico, Guendalina, Forsage, About Blank, Tomorrowland, Awakenings and Exit. Her residency for the Eclectricity events in Birmingham has seen her play for Cocoon parties alongside Sven Vath, Dubfire, Loco Dice, Marco Carola and Luciano. Rebekah has also become a regular feature at Global Gathering warming up in the Circo Loco, Cocoon and M-nus arenas consecutively, the latter being one of the standout sets of 2010 for the whole of the festivals.

In spite of her busy tour schedule Rebekah also manages to make time to develop and manifest her personal vision of modern techno. Finding her own creative flair within the studio she is currently working with concepts, sounds, feelings, energy, art and everything else that inspires her on a deep level. She is a prolific producer and has remixes and singles on renowned labels like Cult Figures, Naked Lunch, Coincidence, 8 Sided Dice and Stolen Moments.

In a world where promo reactions count for nothing, Rebekah's recent tracks have been road tested by none other than Richie Hawtin himself. Flirting with Death has been found in his sets in the past year, along with her remix of Matador's Blond Slackers on Stolen Moments, which has been played out by Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Perc, Dustin Zahn, Tommy Four Seven, Alan Fitzpatrick and Sandwell District. It has been banged out at countless clubs, festivals and podcasts, has made it to the Beatport Charts and has been cited as her biggest production to date.

In June 2012 Chris Liebing invited Rebekah to record a mix for the infamous CLR Podcast series, cementing her position as a highly promising artist within the techno world. After recently joining the CLR artist booking agency, she will soon release one of her tracks on a forthcoming Various Artists EP on CLR as an introduction to the label.

Apart from gaining the respect of many of her credible techno peers, also established brands have recognised her efforts and have approached her for sponsorship deals. Consequently Rebekah has joined the alai Pro artist family where she has developed her live set using Akai's APC40 and she proudly holds a sponsorship by DC Clothing.

The future definitely is bright and the dairy packed for this little lady of techno. Anyone that has seen her play out live knows first hand that there are no gimmicks or clichés about this Producer / DJ, just unadulterated raw talent and a passion for the music she plays.

The mix is everything you'd expect from Rebekah, and so much more. When her passion for techno is put in the same ring as her expert technical knowledge the result is nothing short of a heavyweight encounter. Layers of ever increasing intensity, jacking grooves, futuristic premonitions and straight up dance floor bombs let you know just why she's one of the UK's most in demand techno DJs around.

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1) Divvorce - Wander 7 [Fifth Wall]
2) Samuli Kemppi - Extragalactic [MRec]
3) Mørbeck - Hoodia [Mechanism Industries]
4) O/V/R - Fallen Night Review [Blueprint]
5) Peter Van Hoesen - Force Withdrawn [Tresor]
6) Killawatt - Reactive Technique [Osiris Morgen]
7) Kwartz - Collapse Process [Sonntag Morgen]
8) Manni Dee - The Saints Smile Shyly [Black Sun]
9) #4.26. - Together [Frozen Border]
10) CTRLS - Modular Framework [Token]
11) Dualit - Martian [Mindcut]
12) Lakker - eeAea [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
13) Corax - Danaan [Rodz-Konez]
14) A Vision Of Love - Hate 2/6 [Avian]
15) Manni Dee - First & The Seventh [Black Sun]
16) Deflecting - Panic [Techno Gipsy]
17) Peter Van Hoesen - Assembly [Tresor]
18) Kwartz - Magnetism [LCR]
19) Paul Birken - Funnel Fiends [Mord]
20) AX&P - Coulomb [Ampere&Ohm]
21) Barker & Baumecker - Crows [Ostgut Ton]

Thanks again to Rebekah for putting together this incredible mix for us and thanks to all the previous guests which have helped to build a series that we're so very proud off. We salute you all.

More info on Rebekah can be found on her Facebook Fan Page. You'll be able to find all the info on her upcoming dates and releases as well as news of her label, Decoy Records.

For the rest of our podcasts please head over to the Podcast Page on our Website

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

#. [HG015]

In a sea of mystery artists and secret projects, Horizontal Ground stand out head and shoulders above most. A collection of artists with IP address style names assigned to them alongside some of techno's emerging stars. AnD, Skirt, Samuel Kerridge, Szare and Monica Hits the Ground have been thrown into the pot with our previous guest and podcaster, 194.454. as well as

The 15th release on the imprint comes from a new face, well name, # Three tracks of dark techno is the outcome. A1 comes with a powerful marauding bass and shattering percussion. B1 nods your head with it's metronome like clicks and effects whilst B2 heads back to the dancefloor with it's ever evolving synth lines.

Expect to see the release in the shops by the end of this week, but don't hang about because these vinyl only releases are normally limited in numbers. You can pre order your copy on the ReadyMade Website

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Sawlin & Subjected - Foreign Awake Part 1 [EDLX.033]

Sawlin & Subjected are two artists that have burrowed their way through the Berlin undergrowth and now the word is spreading far and wide. As two thirds of the three part collective (with Mørbeck), named Vault Series, they've been making bold statements in the techno world through a practically faceless, unhyped approach. Letting their thunderous, post apocalyptic manifestations lead the way to the wider audience rather than using PR and marketing.

It's these heavyweight outings that have caught the attention of Speedy J and prompted him to commission a two part EP for his Electric Deluxe label. The first EP, 'Foreign Awake Part 1', features three tracks from the duo. The EP begins with 'Texture 3', a dark expanse of swarming bass topped with unnerving reverbed bells. 'Texture 4' hits you like an instant slug to the head as it's heavy distorted kicks force you to sit up and take notice. The EP finishes with 'Texture 2'. A slower, but by no means, lesser impact. The kick fires at you with a deliberateness that focuses your mind, whilst frequencies scurry around your feet, like insects, upsetting your sense of calm.

Check out the EP from the Soundcloud player below

The release will hit the shops in the not too distant future so keep an eye out for that. More information on the artists can be found via their Facebook Fan Pages, Sawlin and Subjected and while you're at it don't forget the Electric Deluxe Fan Page.

If you want to catch the pair performing live, you can do so this weekend at the Electric Deluxe ADE special on Saturday alongside the likes of DVS1, Lucy, ROD and of course Speedy J. Full event info can be found on the ADE Website