Thursday, 20 January 2011

Damon Wild - Avion Return (SW100 Remix Collection) [Synewave Recordings]

Damon Wild is the president of Synewave. He has been producing music since 1991, and djing since the age of 15. He is recognized for his productions as a solo artist as well as for his collaborations. He is well known for his early acid tracks such as "Bang The Acid", "Ego Acid", "Afghan Acid", "Equinox", "Pulzar", "Avion", "Morph", to his recent electronic "Subtractive Synthesis" series.

To commemorate the labels 100th release Damon has ventured back to one of his early successes, Avion. Bringing right up to date with a selection of remixes from techno heavyweight Marcel Dettmann, to more up and coming artists.

The whole release will be hitting shops in early 2011 but if you can't wait till then to get a listen then check out the samples below.

More info on Synewaves' releases, artists and history can be found at the Synewave Recordings Website

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