Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Slash Dot Dash catches up with Truss

Ahead of his first appearance Slash Dot Dash next month, we caught up with Truss to give you a bit of a insight behind his influences, his work and what's coming up in the future....

1) How has the start of 2012 been for you?

It's been a good start to the year. January is always a nice time to get on with writing music as there are fewer distractions than usual.

Other than getting on with new music, I've just played my first gig of the year which was a wicked little party in Madrid with Sigha and Svreca as part of a Our Circula Sound label showcase.

2) What got you into dance music?

Flyers, tape packs and a general fascination with rave culture. I was too young to go to any parties when i first got into dance music, so my friends and I would make do with devouring any, and all, mix tapes we could get our hands on and try to outdo each other by having the most flyers on our bedroom walls.

3) What, of your work so far, are you most proud of?

That would have to be my first vinyl. Greg (Donor) and I had been working on some music together with the aim of targeting a couple of specific labels. Luckily we had those tracks signed to the first label we sent them to - Dumb Unit. Having my music on wax had been a long time ambition and it was a wicked feeling to accomplish that.

4) Do you have a different approach when working for different labels?

These days I try not to think too much about specific labels when I write. I generally feel the stuff I am happiest with is the music I write for fun and nothing else.

5) What's coming up for you in 2012?

I have some solo material lined up including a couple of remixes from some producers I admire a lot. There is more Donor/Truss music ready to be released and I have a new project which will be making its first airing in a few months. I'm going to keep quiet about this project for now though.

6) and finally, we're really excited that you'll be making your first appearance for us next month, have you got anything special lined up for us?

I'm lucky to have an ever increasing amount of new unreleased material from some very talented friends of mine. Looking forward to trying some of these tracks out.

Truss will be joining Henning Baer, XI and Billy Allen at Basing House for our first Sunday afternoon party on the 11th March 2012. All the event info and tickets can be found on the Resident Advisor Event Page.

To find out everything else you'd need to know on Truss you can like him on his Facebook Page or follow him on Twitter.

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