Monday, 13 February 2012

Mix Of The Day: Silent Servant - CLR Podcast 155

It's been a while since we've featured a CLR Podcast, but it was only a matter of time before the series appeared again. Todays mix comes from the Sandwell District camp and is Silent Servant's first appearance on the legendary techno series.

He took some time out from working on a full length album for Hospital Productions, and a remix for Ostgut Ton, to put this two hour mix together. It's a live recording with no post production involved, so pretty much what you'd expect to hear from him with his DJ sets.

You can download the mix from the following links or search through iTunes for "CLR Podcast"


1) Cabaret Voltare - Bed Time Stories
2) Cub - CU1 [Cub]
3) CH-Signal Laboratories (8003 Lucerene) [Sandwell District]
4) Sigha - How To Disappear [Hotflush]
5) Function - Decending [Sandwell District]
6) Ron Trent - The Afterlife [Warehouse]
7) Sleeparchive - Elephant Island [Sleeparchive]
8) Staffan Linzatti - Prophet Of Regret [Stockholm LTD]
10) Planetary Assault Systems - Bell Blocker (Silent Servant Remix) [Ostgut Ton]
11) Planetary Assault Systems - Function 3 (Marcel Dettmann Remix) [Mote Evolver]
12) Peter Van Hoesen - Transitional State 2 [Time To Express]
13) Planetary Assault Systems - Wriss [Ostgut Ton]
15) Marcel Dettmann - Planning [Ostgut Ton]
16) Ugnadan Methods - Beneath The Black Arch (Ancient Methods)
18) Conforce - Vulcan (XDB Remix 2) [Clone Basement Series]
19) Marcel Dettmann - Duel [50 Weapons]
20) Martyn - Seventy Four (Redshape Remix) [3024]
21) Untold - Little Things Like That [Clone Basement Series]
22) #4.26 - Theatron [Frozen Border]
23) Analog Solutions - My Own Transition [Analog Solutions 009]
24) Radio Slave - Absolute Absolute (Jerome Sydenham Remix) [Apotek Records]
26) Edit Select - Asperity (Edit Select & Markus Suckut Remix) [Edit Select]
27) Jeff Pietro - Still A1 [Borrow Language]
28) Throbbing Gristle - Hot On The Heels Of Love [Industrial Records]

Check out Silent Servant's Facebook Fan Page for more info on him. Head over to the CLR Podcast website for the rest of the series

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