Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Perc nominated for 'Tomorrow's Cult Star Today' Quietus Award for BBC 6 Music

We've been long standing fans of Perc for many a year. As a Producer, label owner and DJ he's been pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music and a prolific supporter of new talent, but this commitment to the advancement of techno, and all its derivatives, has been noticed outside the usual circles.

BBC Radio 6 Music asked to put together a category for their 6 Music Blog Awards taking place this Friday (2nd Mar). After scratching their brains for a bit they decided their award would celebrate 'Tomorrow's Cult Stars Today'. Focusing not on current chart acts, but more the artists of the underground who have their own loyal following as they explore their musical world deeper and deeper.

Perc's 'Wicker & Steel' album grabbed them by the short and curlies and forced them to pay attention. Using words like pummeling, stark, metallic, they describe the album as "a collection of dancefloor tracks interspersed with mood pieces, 'Wicker & Steel' success is that it convincingly blurs the boundaries between the two. The result is an involving and addictive album length statement." We found it a masterpiece and it's easily one of our favourite albums of 2011.

Alongside Perc in the Nominees are Laurel Halo, Alexander Tucker, Knifeworld, Factory Floor, Death Grips, Jane Weaver, The Haxan Cloak, Uncle Acid and the deabeats and Zun Zun Egui, but for us there's only 1 clear winner. To cast your vote head over to Facebook and pick your favourite. Voting closes Thursday (1st Mar) evening, so don't hang about