Friday, 13 January 2012

Mix Of The Day: 19.454. - Field Recording 033

It's very rare that 19.454. hits that big red record button. Before now we've only been blessed with two studio mixes, the first being his epic Resident Advisor Podcast 201 which made us realise we had to bring him to London, which leads us to his second mix which he kindly recorded for us that went out as our Slash Dot Dash Podcast 003.

With 19.454. it's most definitely quality over quantity, and for his third mix in the space of two years he lends his considerable abilities to Field Records to contribute to their Field Recordings Podcast series and he doesn't let them down. An hour of dark techno to send judders down your spine with a mixture of heavyweight beats and subtle melodies.

You can get the mix either but clicking on this Download Link or you can stream / download from the player below.

As is always the case with 19.454. everything is shrouded in mystery so there's no tracklist available. There's a few in there you'll recognise but a few you most definitely won't, so happy hunting. More info on Field Records can be found on their Facebook Fan Page and the same goes for 19.454. with his Facebook Fan Page

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