Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Marcel Dettmann - Landscape [Music Man Records 157]

Marcel Dettmann has been sharing the love around of late. Recent months have seen him release on Ostgut Ton and 50 Weapons, remix for Delsin Records and produce a DJ compilation CD, 'Conducted', for Music Man Records. It's for this final legendary label that Dettmann drops his latest offering.

After choosing not to select any of his own work on 'Conducted' Marcel decided to put together a special EP to follow up the compilation. 'Landscape' is a sparse drifter of a record. Ambient styled synth patterns perfectly compliment the industrial grating. Those of you that have seen the 'Conducted' tracklisting will recognise the name of the remixer on this EP, Answer Code Request. After releasing their debut single towards the end of last year, Marcel invited his close friend to go to work on 'Landscape'. The result of this being bass heavy, disjointed and ferocious is all the right ways.

The EP is scheduled for release on the 23rd Jan. Decks.de already have it on presale. Make sure you don't miss out. For more info on Music Man Records check out their Website. As for Marcel, head over to his Facebook Fan Page

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