Friday, 6 January 2012

Darko Esser - Slightly Disturbed EP (Peter Van Hoesen & Sandwell District Remixes) [Balans 005]

Here we have the new release from Darko Esser's label, Balans. After releases from Rod, The Parallel, Betek and Dimi Angelis & Jereon Search it's time for the boss to take over. The release features one original track with two remixes by Peter Van Hoesen and Sandwell District and as you would expect, all three consist of the highest quality techno. Esser brings twisted acid, PVH takes a more restrained, stripped back view whilst Sandwell District up the atmospherics and make use of the bass frequencies. Check out the samples below.

The release will be in the shops around the middle of February and will be available on vinyl and digital. More info on Balans can be found on their Facebook Fan Page and the same goes for Darko Esser.


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    1. Our pleasure. We love the release so had to give it a mention!