Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sandwell District @ fabric (14th Jan 12)

January, fabric, Sandwell District. It's a combination we're getting familiar with. In 2010, on the second Saturday of the year, Regis and Function took on Room 2 with a mission to remove all those Christmas cobwebs and announce that the new year was here with a giant bang (well 3 hours of giants bangs to be precise). This Saturday is the second Saturday of this year, and guess what...? Sandwell District are back!

It's been an uncertain few weeks for Sandwell District fans after a slightly confusing post on their Tumblr Page, explaining how the label was going to cease audio communications from 31st Dec 11. Unfortunately for us this means that there will be no more releases from the label, instead the collective planning to spend their time working on their own projects. But one thing that won't be stopped is the live performances!

Joining them will be fellow Berlin residents, Ostgut's Barker & Baumecker with a special live set and fabric long timer, Terry Francis. The main room plays host to a Superfreq riot whilst Air London will be in charge of Room 3.

Tickets for Saturday's party are still available through Resident Advisor, or you can check out the fabric website for more info.

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