Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mix Of The Day: Norman Nodge @ Berghain (14th Jan 12, Part 1)

We've just spotted this on Soundcloud, uploaded by the man himself, Norman Nodge. This is the first two hours from his four hour opening set from Saturdays Klubnacht @ Berghain. As the mix is titled part 1, it could well mean that part 2 will be along anytime soon. We'll have to wait and see.

Norman was joined by fellow Berghain resident Marcel Fengler, John Selway and a live set from Grounded Theory artists, Vault Series (Live). Check out the set below...

If you want to see Norman Nodge performing at a club near you, he'll be playing at Hive Club in Switzerland on Saturday (RA), then back in Berghain on the 4th Feb (RA), Amsterdam on the 11th Feb (RA) or all you Londoners can come join us in Room 2 @ fabric on the 11th Feb as he's joined by Ben Klock (RA).

For all the rest of the info on Norman's gigs and releases head over to his Facebook Fan Page

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