Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mix Of The Day: 19.454. - Resident Advisor Podcast 201

There's an awful lot of unknown when someone mentions the words, Horizontal Ground. Other than a reputation for an immensely high standard of techno.

The label is a sub label of another anonymous imprint, Frozen Border. Finding artists which they admire and putting records out into the world with the most limited information possible.

Resident Advisor did a little investigation work and discovered that 19.454. was responsible for the first and third release of the series and decided to acquire their DJ talents to take their podcast into a new century of mixes.

The mix showcases an excellent array of stripped down techno with thundering beats and ear piecing high hats. In the Resident Advisor Interview, 19.454. explains how he couldn't do too much within the short mix, so don't be expecting a journey. Instead you'll be rewarded for giving it your time with a collection of great music. Much like the productions on Horizontal Ground the beauty is in the subtle changes through out the mix.

This mix is definitely one to cherish.


00:00 Jeff Mills - Glen 21 (Interview) [???]

01:00 154 - Apricot [Delsin Records]

07:00 Jeff Mills - Belief System [Axis Japan]

09:20 Steve O'Sullivan - Quatre B1 [Green/As It Is]

12:05 Function - Reykjavik [Sandwell District]

15:45 Ben Klock – Viscoplastic [Deeply Rooted House]

21:20 Jeff Mills – 001 [Something In the Sky]

26:25 19.454. - Unexpected Cycles [Horizontal Ground]

33:00 19.454. - Ghosts On Acid [Horizontal Ground]

38:05 ID

41:00 EQD - 003A [Equalized]

46:00 Robert Hood - Hoodlum [Drama]

49:20 Omens Jot - Toe Job [Ampoule006]

55:10 76-79 - Six Ten [Comfortable]

58:20 Oni Ayhun - OAR 002 B

64:50 Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip [Punch Drunk]

69:25 Jeff Mills - The Light That Burns The Brightest [Axis]

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