Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Black Dog 'Music For Real Airports' Video Teaser

Music For Real Airports from The Black Dog on Vimeo.

Brian Eno's original work, 'Music For Airports', for me was a triumph of music, but the British act weren't convinced that the 1978 release told the whole story.

The new album consists of over 200 hours of field recordings to create a piece of music that fully represented the feel of a modern airport today

The album will be released in May 2010

01. M1
02. Terminal EMA
03. DISinformation Desk
04. Passport Control
05. Wait Behind This Line
06. Empty Seat Calculations
07. Strip Light Hate
08. Future Delay Thinking
09. Lounge
10. Delay 9
11. Sleep Deprivation 1
12. Sleep Deprivation 2
13. He Knows
14. Business Car Park 9

Check out The Black Dogs' Website for all the details on the release and plenty of other info to boot

You can also follow them on Twitter

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