Thursday, 15 September 2011

Parallel Series 1: ASC & L.B. Dub Corp [Mote Evolver 026]

The Parallel Series is a new exciting concept from Mote Evolver. Taking two different artists and combining two tracks from each to create a contrasting, yet complimenting, release. For the first EP Luke Slater rolls out his L.B. Dub Corp alias and lays it down nicely next to UK producer ASC.

ASC takes control of the A side with 'Slow Burn' and 'Transit'. Taking his influences from dubstep and using that to make droning, trippy techno full of heavy bass and mind bending percussion. The B side sees 'Lurcher's Dub' and 'Native Dub' from L.B. Dub Corp. Fans from techno and house will find something to love inside these hypnotic jams.

The Parallel Series 1 will be out in the shops around the end of the month. More info on Mote Evolver can be found on their Facebook Fan Page (there's a cracking video of the Planetary Assault Systems remix of Marcel Fengler's 'Thwack') or you can follow them on Twitter. Same goes for ASC (Facebook, Twitter) and of course Luke Slater (Twitter)

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