Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Jonsson / Alter - Mod Album Preview [Kontra Musik 022]

We've featured a few releases on Kontra Musik and every time we hear something new, we get more and more impressed with this great label from Sweden. Focusing on Swedish producers to create music with personality, not just built for DJs and clubs, but music you can listen to at home.

As Jonsson / Alter, Henrik Jonsson and Joel Alter, blend together ambient, dub, atmospherics and plenty of soul to give 'Mod' an earthly touch. The album intro 'Dikt' almost mentally transports you to a Swedish mountain top surrounded by snow and endless evergreens. The album steadily picks up the pace with 'Acapellen' and 'Djup House' providing throw backs to early house sounds but in their own way. 'Dvärg' pulsates it's way into your brain whilst 'Kyrka 2.0' holds together the most solid of sub bass grooves. 'Hela Berget' is all about the club with heavy influences from US Techno with Jonsson / Alter's tell tale organ chords layered in and out of the mix. Finally 'Tre Ackord' closes out the album with dreamy chords patterns with solid 4/4 kicks underneath them to create and altogether relaxing, yet uplifting, last dance.

Check out the album preview from the soundcloud player below

The album will be out in the shops and available digitally early next month. More info can be found on the Kontra Musik Website. Or for social networks you can like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter

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