Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cio D'or - Magnetfluss Remixes [Prologue 023]

A month ago we brought you news of the release of Cio D'or's Magnetfluss EP on Prologue Records, so now it's time to bring you the news of the follow up remix pack involving three of the hottest properties in techno today. Hailing from The US, UK and Germany respectively, Silent Servant, Shifted and Milton Bradley have been behind some of the best music to be released in the last 12 months. Silent Servant and Milton Bradley are no strangers to Prologue. Silent Servant remixed Claudio PRC's 'Clear Depths' EP, and Milton Bradley put out his own 'The Unheard Voice From Outer Space' EP as well as remixing Cio D'Or's last Prologue release 'Die Faser'.

The EP begins with Silent Servants remix of 'Wasserkraft'. The ghostly aura breathes repeatedly in and out over the top solid 4/4 for an emotional journey. For 'Magnetkreis', new to Prologue, Shifted breaks up the kicks and provides an atmospheric soundscape. Finally Milton Bradley takes on 'Magnetfluss' and transforms it into a dark, droning piece, full of depth and anticipation. It's tough to pick a favourite, but all 3 will find their place in any set.

Listen to the samples from the player below.

The EP will be out in the shops at the end of October. We highly recommend you get yourselves a copy. No doubt this wont be about for long. Info on Prologue can be found via their Facebook and Twitter pages. Cio D'Or can be found on Facebook, as can Milton Bradley. Shifted is on both Facebook and Twitter but as is the Sandwell District way, Silent Servant can't be found on any social networking sites!

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