Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Yuka & Stanislav Tolkachev - Little Chemistry [Fullpanda 019]

Fullpanda Records 19th release is a split EP featuring two works from Yuka and two from Stanislav Tolkachev. The talented pair had a very tough act to follow after the mesmerising FP018, 'Lostbanhoff' from Dasha Rush and Lars Hemmerling, aka Lada, but have managed to pull it off with some aplomb.

Yuka takes charge of the A Side whilst Stanislav has the B. 'Element X' utilises ever growing waves of intensity with frantic percussion to deliver the most euphoric of techno moments. 'Chlorum' is chopped full of drones programmed with the most clinical of approaches. Stanislav Tolkachev's B Side begins with 'Self-Renewal', a sedated acid number, whilst 'Hexapoda' is moulded in Detroit stylings, with a touch of Jeff Mills' Something In The Sky project about it. The Ukrainian producer mixes fluttering rhythms with solid kicks to assemble a never ending peak time adventure.

Check out the samples through the soundcloud player below

FP019 "Little chemistry" by Yuka and Stanislav Tolkachev by FULLPANDA RECORDS

The release should be in all good records shops in the next 3 weeks. More info on Fullpanda Records can be found on their Facebook Fan Page or on

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