Monday, 16 July 2012

Coma London Techno Champions Part II: Ventress Interview and Setaoc Mass Mix

This Friday sees Coma return to the Horse & Groom for the second part of their London Techno Champions series, with the London debut of Avian artist, Ventress, and support coming from Doubleffe and Setaoc Mass.

To give you a little taster of what to expect from Fridays party, Coma caught up with Ventress to get some insight into what goes on in the head of the techno mystey man.

Why have you chosen to keep the identity of Ventress so low key?
I would rather people focus on my music, than on me as an individual.
What influences your productions? Is there any other art, technology or world events, which inspires your sound?
I’m am inspired by many things; my surroundings, my mood, film and art play a large part - I like to create an ambience around me, be it a dark room, a movie on in the background etc. This helps me to focus my mind on creating unusual textures and soundscapes within my music.
What comes first for you, DJ or Producer?
I would say production comes first, although I really enjoy Dj’ing. For me they are two different experiences, I write music alone, it is a very personal thing. Dj’ing is an experience that is shared with others.
How did your collaboration with Shifted come along? What was and still is the purpose and vision behind your imprint Avian?
Shifted and I have been friends for many years, we have very similar tastes in music and art. We decide initially to set up Avian as a platform for our own productions, to give us full creative control over our output and also the aesthetics of the label.
However as time has gone on, we have met some great people and been sent music that we both felt was too good to pass up. So far this year we have been working hard on expanding, and have upcoming 12's from Shadows (including a Mike Parker remix), SHXCXCHCXSH, and a second EP from MPIA3.
Who do you hold as you biggest influence and why?
 If your talking music, I wouldn't say I have any one "biggest" influence, they change all the time depending on my mood. At the moment I am particularly feeling Motion sickness of time travel, Carter Tutti Void & Sleeparchive.                 
What have you got in the pipeline for the future?
I have a 12 coming on Edit Select later on in the year, this is going to feature remixes from Abudula Rashim and Svreca, so of course I am looking forward to that unfolding. I am currently putting the final touches on my next EP for Avian & there are a few other projects on the go.
What can we expect from your London debut on Friday the 20th of July with Coma, for Part II of their “London Techno Champions” summer events at the Horse & Groom in Shoreditch?
Straight up techno both new and old! I shall also be testing out some forthcoming Avian material.
Are you a sport fan? If so, are you looking forward to the London 2012 Olympic Games? Do you think they will bring a new emphasis to the city in terms of music, arts and events?
I wouldn't regard myself as a sports fan, but yes I do have tickets for the Olympics and am looking forward to going. I'm not sure it will bring much emphasis to music etc, however I am sure it will bring emphasis to the London transport links!

If that wasn't enough to get you excited for Friday then check out the exclusive mix recorded for Coma by the second guest, Setaoc Mass from the player below.

For all the info on the party head over to the Facebook Event Page. There will be an unlimited £3 concession list running. To get on it just send your names to You've got till 5pm on Friday 20th July to get your names in otherwise it'll be more on the door.

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