Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Video: The 29 Nov Films, Mørbeck - Morbius [Candela Rising]

We don't know a lot about The 29 Nov Films except that they're an independent organisation that makes incredible videos for EDM music. You just need to scan through the videos on their Youtube Channel to see their works on tracks by Monolake, Planetary Assault Systems, Henning Baer, Shed, Rrose, Pattern Repeat, Shifted, Samuli Kemppi and many many more SDD favourites, the list is literally endless.

For the video in question they set to work on a piece by Berlin DJ / Producer, Vault Series collaborator (with Subjected) and member of the Grounded Theory stable, Mørbeck. 'Morbius' comes from the 'Magneto' EP on the new London based, vinyl only label, and brainchild of past SDD guest Billy Allen, Candela Rising.

The video (probably The 29 Nov Films' most twisted video, that we've seen) acts as a perfect accompaniment to Mørbeck's intensely hypnotic composition. Drawing you in as disturbed visuals intertwine with rumbling basslines, drifting bells and sharp hi hats to leave you feeling entirely removed from your comfortable surroundings, and very much trapped inside that house, part of the little psychopathic girls' world of demented homicidal activities.

The EP will be available to buy in the next couple of weeks. You can get an e-mail from Juno, letting you know when it's ready to buy, now. Mørbeck has contributed 3 original pieces and Jeroen Search offers up an interpretation of 'Mystique'. Check out the samples below

Get yourselves over to the Candela Rising Facebook Page, and 'like it', to keep informed of all of the labels movements. And be sure to subscribe to The 29 Nov Films' Youtube Channel to see all of their new videos.

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