Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Pär Grindvik - Wyatt ARP [Stockholm LTD 024]

Pär Grindvik drops his first release on Stockholm LTD for four years. These are his reasons for this hiatus and the thought process behind the new EP...

"It’s been four years since my last own EP on Stockholm LTD. 
The main reason for this is that I have been surrounded by music that has inspired
me much more than my own.
This EP was written and produced with strict narrow frames and a huge amount
of frustration. I was tired of waiting for the inspiration to kick in, then suddenly it
appeared with a strength that I haven’t felt for long time. I’m now curious for more.
While sketching the title track, ’Wyatt Arp’, I couldn’t get Detroit legend, Terrence
Dixon, out of my mind. Terrence is a long time hero of mine, and an artist that always
stays on the true side of what we do while most of us occasionally leave our paths.
I had to ask him to do a rework."

Check out the samples on the Soundcloud player below

Pär Grindvik - Wyatt ARP - STHLM LTD 024 by Stockholm LTD

The EP will be in the shops towards the back end of August so make sure you get yourselves a copy. More information on Pär can be found on his Facebook Fan Page.

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