Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Shake It presents Canada Day with Richie Hawtin @ Village Underground (1st July 10)

The few times Richie Hawtin brings his array of technology to London, there's always something not quite right about it. The last few choices of venues SEOne, The Brixton Academy and Ministry Of Sound have raised a few questions. The Contakt show at SEOne was over crowded beyond belief, poorly run and never got going. I saw the same show a month later at I Love Techno and it was immense. Something about London just didn't work. The idea behind it, and off shoot of the Narod Niki shows, was a great concept and ILT proved how good it could work. The ratio of scene-sters to genuine techno fans was far too high, and the main show started far too late, and by that time it was too late to rescue it. Especially as Hawtin was no where to be seen for the first 90mins after the intro.

At last years Friday night Sonar showcase however, Richie was back to his brilliant best. I put all thoughts of Contakt, Cubes, Clothing Lines and any other hype that was surrounding him at the time, to the back of my mind and, as cliche as it sounds 'just concentrated on the music'. Hawtin put in a tremendous performance that night and convinced me that when it is all the techno, there's few better.

I have a feeling this night is going to be just like that memorable night back in Barcelona, in a considerably smaller space, but all about the Techno. No frills, no spills (although maybe a few Canadian flags), the London crowd cruisers will be kept away by the annoyance of Friday work (don't worry i have the day off) and Richie will serve up his finest to mark the occasion.

Tickets are still available at:

I have mine. And for those of you that might be around the west end in the afternoon of Canada Day, Hawtin will be playing a half hour set at 5:30pm in Traflagar Square as part of the festivities

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