Friday, 18 June 2010

Regis & Scorn to perform at the Narcissus Trance Exhibition (26th June 10)

Karl O'Connor AKA Regis and Mick Harris AKA Scorn will collaborate as part of the Narcissus Trance exhibition, which begins at London's E:vent Gallery next week.

The show is based around the ideas that Canadian scholar and philosopher Marshall McLuhan had on the interaction of technology and humanity, and in particular his concept of the Narcissus Trance, which is described by co-curators Paul Purgas and Shama Khanna as "a process that anaesthetises the nervous system in order to allow technological media to merge with the mind." It's not the first time that the O'Connor and Harris have collaborated with Purgas, as they took part in his two
We Can Elude Control shows alongside Sleeparchive and Secondo in 2008. Again, a physical product will be released to commemorate the commission; and this time it's 7-inch single bearing text by writer and theorist Mark Fisher AKA K-punk.

Turner prize nominated Mark Titchner, acclaimed New York painter Wade Guyton, author and conceptual artist Tom McCarthy and emerging London based sculptor Ben Washington are amongst the other artists contributing work to the exhibition, which runs from June 26th through to August 8th. The grand opening on Friday 25th June will be anchored around some special live performances, with Rose Kallal doing a new piece with three 16mm projectors and a Roland SH-2000 synthesizer, and O'Connor and Harris showcasing their latest project for the first time in public. The aforementioned artists will also contribute installed pieces to the exhibition that, according to Purgas, "will function as more of an immersive encounter." The exhibition will also host discussion events stemming from McLuhan's theories, and the project will continue into the new year, with a second exhibition at Bristol's Spike Island in January.

Find out more information at the Event Gallery Website

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