Monday 15 September 2014

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 032: TM404

TM404 is the brain child of Swedish producer, and analog legend, Andreas Tilliander. The project, released on Kontra Musik, was a homage to his love of vintage Roland hardware. Using nothing else but two 202s, four 303s, two 606s, a 707 and an 808 he expertly crafted an improvised work of experimental genius. Andreas utilised Roland's x0x series in a fashion unlike anyone else to create of vision of dub techno that's enthralling, relaxing and uplifting all at the same time.

TM404 is just one of a long line of projects under Tilliander's belt. During the last 15 years he's released music ranging from classic dub techno to experimental soundscapes and dubstep to peak time dance floor techno. All this can be found under his own name, as well as the aliases Mokira, Lowfour, Rechord, Komp, Kondens (with Stefan Thor), part of the bands Bulgur Brothers and Skitus and finally his newest project, forth coming on Semantica, Svaag, on esteemed labels such as Raster Noton, Prologue, Echocord, Skudge, Kontra Musik and many more.

The TM404 live show has entertained and impressed audiences worldwide at clubs and festivals like Berghain, Mutek, Culture Box and CTM Festival, and has been a regular at Richie Hawtin's Enter parties at Ibizan super club Space. With new music coming in the next few months, as Svaag on Semantica, as Mokira on SELF and new TM404 material, firstly on Skudge and a TM404 remix pack from Svreca on Kontra Musik, winter is shaping up to be a very exciting time for the Swede, as it is for his fans.

We asked him to join our podcast family and he duly obliged with a TM404 DJ mix that encapsulates all this is Andreas Tilliander. Effortlessly gliding from experimental to acid, to elegant dub techno before venturing into the world of hypnotic techno, touching the fringes of DnB then back to stripped out techno, culminating in a swan song of early 80s dub.

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1) Peder Mannerfelt - Lines Describing Circles [Digitalis]
2) AFX - Analogue Bubblebath 5 Track 7 [Rephlex]
3) Helena Hauff - Корабль—макет [Panzerkreuz Records]
4) Echologist - Good Bye [Prologue Records]
5) Cio D'Or - Ur [Telrae]
6) Unknown Artist - Knowone 015 [Konwone]
7) Answer Code Request - Ghostas [Ostgut Ton]
8) Rrose - White/Drip [EAUX]
9) Ben Buitendijk - Colourblind [Field Records]
10) Acid Lindgren - Aphex Schulman
11) Donato Dozzy - Gol [Dozzy Records]
12) Skudge - Ontic [Skudge]
13) Sterac - Track 2 [Klockworks]
14) General Ludd - Burning Mack [Autonomous Africa]
15) Daniel Araya - No Hope
16) Psyk - L3 [Mote Evolver]
17) Shelley Parker - Drill
18) Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern (Dub) [Token]
19) Svaag - Saaade [Semantica]
20) Love Joys - Gimme Back [Wackies]

More information on Andreas Tilliander and all his projects can be found on his Facebook Fan Page. We especially recommend you check out his Youtube Page for many incredible videos including the records of a number of tracks from the TM404 album. For the rest of the podcasts in the series, head over to the Podcast Page on the Slash Dot Dash Website.

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