Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mix Of The Day: Surgeon - Rinse FM (5th Aug 13)

On Wednesday UK techno legend, Surgeon, started his monthly show on former pirate radio station, now legal, Rinse FM. He kicks things of with his usual blend of cutting edge fresh beats and techno classics that all sit perfectly together to serve up a mix full of industrial aggression and expansive soundscapes.

You can download or stream the mix from the Soundcloud player below


1) Bee Mask - The Story Of Keys And Locks (Surgeon Remix)
2) Voices From The Lake - Reptilicus [Geophone]
3) Sleeparchive - C Version [Downwards]
4) Perseus Traxx - Poseidon's Monster [M>O>S>]
5) Jake Conlon - Dancia [Decoy]
6) J Tijn - Fucklebucks [Pennyroyal]
7) Dot Out - Light [Gate]
8) Qoso - Hard On The Boulevard [In Paradisum]
9) Truss - Redbrook [Prime Numbers]
10) Tomohiko Sagae - Endurance [Authentic Pew]
11) Conforce - Last Anthem [Delsin]
12) Delta Funktionen - And If You Know (Karenn Remix) [Delsin]
13) Perseus Traxx - Gorgon [M>O>S>]
14) Invincible Scum - Scumrush Part 1 [Power Vacuum]
15) The Third Man - Intro Sleep It Off [EPM]
16) LFO - Squeaky [Warp]
17) Phase - Morodem (Ben Sims Remix 1) [Token]
18) Phase - Morodem (Ben Sims Remix 2) [Token]
19) Jeff Mills - Gamma Player [Axis]
20) Jeff Mills - Mercury [Axis]
21) Paris Mitchell - Computer [Dance Mania]
22) Neil Landstrumm - Home Delivery [Peacefrog]
32) Infiniti - Game One [Metroplex]

If this mix has inspired you to seek out Surgeon performing live, and you happen to be in London on Saturday, you're in luck. Because whilst fabric's Room 1 will be hosting the CD launch party for Cassy's new addition to the nightclub's compilation series, Room 2 will be full of the sounds of Birmingham.

Unfortunately Terry Francis is unable to be at the event, but luckily for us, what this means is DJ Skirt and Surgeon will play extended sets to make up the time. Tickets are available from the fabric website

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