Thursday, 24 November 2011

Worldwide Weekend Clubbing Roundup

Normally we recommend individual nights or if there's a couple in the same city on the same weekend that are worth mentioning then we'll chuck them into a post together, but for some reason this weekend globally is packing some serious punches. So to make it easier for you we're throwing them all together into one handy post for you. If I was to give each one a write up, we'd be here all day so I'll let the flyers do the talking

London - Unterton @ Corsica Studios (25th Nov 11)

Copenhagen - Echocord Label Night @ Culture Box (26th Nov 11)

Berlin - Klubnacht Electric Deluxe Nacht @ Berghain / Panoramabar (26th Nov 11)

Berghain - Electric Deluxe

Mike Huckaby
Genius Of Time

Sonntags - Nachtdigital Loves Dial
Carsten Jost
Manamana aka Map.ache & Sevensol

New York - Adam X @ National Underground (25th Nov 11)

Amsterdam - Awakenings @ GasHouder (25th Nov 11)

22:00 - 00:30: Marcel Fengler
00:30 - 01:30: Mathew Jonson
01:30 - 03:30: Jeff Mills
03:30 - 05:30: Speedy J
05:30 - 07:30: Sandwell District

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