Friday, 3 June 2011

Traversable Wormhole - Live @ Movement Festival, Detroit (29th May 11)

We're gutted that we missed out on Movement Festival this year. We've still not been and we've already put plans of Movement 2012, but we've hard a couple of sets and watched a few vids to console ourselves. It looked amazing.

However there was one video which annoyed us more than any of them. Our previous SDD guest, Traversable Wormhole, performed live on the Torino Stage and someone managed to catch a 23 minute video from the performance so we absolutely had to share it.

It's not even close to as good as being there but it's still an amazing video from an amazing artist. We're praying for some new Traversable Wormhole material, but as was the case with the project before the CLR remixes, you won't know about it until you see a copy in your local record shop. So keep your eyes peeled.

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