Monday, 9 May 2011

Mike Dehnert Interview

Whether it's as a globe trotting DJ, chart topping producer or ground breaking label boss, Mike Dehnert is in serious demand right now. His latest album 'Framework' has been getting rave reviews all over the world.

Ahead of his performance at EarToGround next Friday, they caught up with him for a chat...

Where the in world are you right now?

At this moment I stay in Berlin

What have you been up to recently?

I had a lot to do with my Album on Delsin rec.and a lot of Gigs like very nice parties and a lot of traveling (transfer)

You like to push the audio envelope. Some of your tracks sound near to distortion but fused with the other elements always sound amazing especially on the dance floor. Can you tell us about your sound and approach to making music?

At first for me it’s not important how do you make music like digital or analog so I produce completely analog.

I like it to make soundexperiments like be creative with the limits (not distortion!:-)).
I will take the Techno sound in the next higher level(for me).

But everytime with focus on the Dance floor with creating feelings (emotions,erotism) with sounds ,Tracks.

I try to establish a emotion in tracks so It’s very interesting in to create (for example)a Techno track with erotism and than I test it in My DJ-Set’s on the dance Floor.

So I can also say that I don’t play tracks in my DJ set’ I play emotions or I mix emotions on the dance floor.

What do we have to look forward to from you and Fachwerk?

….some new releases are ready like on clone

Mike Dehnert - Oblique

and I have a lot of new releases planned like for my next “deeply rooted house” and echocord color, again, MD2 part 4…………

I also found a new Label calling “Colombage” like again a small division of Fachwerk with more focus on Tech-House music like a other nice platform for sound dance floor experiments.The first release is calling MIJU EP , the 12″ is coming in two weeks.

Reno Wurzbacher & Mike Dehnert - Miju EP

After the actual Fachwerk FW018 release from Sascha Rydell comes Roman Lindau again with a realy cool 2 tracker release so I think Roman’s 12″ FW019 comes in 3-4 Weeks and than I will do a EP….

I have also a lot of remix and release requests what I have to cancel becouse I also have to spent a lot of my times for managing my Labels so I will see………..

Any message for your fans in London?

so let’Z Rooockkkkkkkkkk

Mike Dehnert will be playing in London on the 20th May alongside Shifted at the next EarToGround Party @ East Village. Tickets are on sale through Resident Advisor now

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