Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Echocord Jubilee Comp

Echocord Records was founded by our next guest, Kenneth Christiansen, in 2002. 9 years and 49 releases later it's all come down to this. The 50th release. Featuring tracks from the artists that have made Echocord one of the worlds most respected Dub Techno label.

'Jubilee Comp' is a celebration of everything that's come before it. It's being released in 4 parts throughout this month. Firstly it's being released as a CD, with three 12" releases accompanying them. The CD and the first two 12" are in all the best shops now, so make sure you get your copy before they undoubtedly sell out. The third 12" will be in the stores before the month is out.

More info on Echocord can be found on their Facebook Fan Page


1) Fluxion - Tides
3)Deadbeat - House Of Vampires
4) Onmutu Mechanicks - Calyx
5) Brendon Moeller - Farmhouse
6) Luke Hess - Kratos
7) Resoe - Tanzfieber
8) Stephan Hitchell - For Convextion
9) Fenin - Salty Dub
10) Mikkel Metal - Waho

50.1 features the tracks by Fluxion, Quantec and Deadbeat. 50.2 has the Onmutu Mechanicks, Brendon Moeller, Luke Hess and Resoe tracks, whilst 50.3 features the remaining tracks from Stephan Hitchell, Fenin and last but by no means least Mikkel Metal.

Devoted Echocord fans around the world have been looking forward to this release, but some have gone further than others. OOooHACKERooOO is a youtube user from Hungary who likes to spend their time making music videos. They've picked out the Onmutu Mechanicks and Luke Hess tracks and created stunning imagery to go alongside stunning music. Check out the videos below.

There's plenty more on their youtube page so once you're done with these two, head over to check out the rest of their great work.

Of course you can next catch Kenneth Christiansen in London playing for us at Public Life on the 8th July. £5 tickets are available on Resident Advisor now, but they're strictly limited so don't delay in getting yours!

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