Thursday, 9 December 2010

Quantec - My Safe Harbour [Echocord 50]

Ecohocord have just released their 48th EP this week with Resoe's 'The Black Void Of Space' complete with a remix from Sigha (go buy it now, it's amazing) but today we're looking forward to their 50th release.

It comes from serial dub technoist, Sven Schienhammer aka Quantec. No stranger to the label, previous releases include his second album 'Cauldron Subsidence' and his 'Subliminal State', 'Unusual Signals', 'Moonstruck' EPs and also the sister label, Echocord Colour on which he released his 'Ray Of Hope' EP.

#50 is more of the same high quality dub techno as we've come to expect from Echocord, and Sven was kind enough to post the title track 'My Safe Harbour' on his soundcloud page. As with all his music this is another perfectly crafted piece. Full of groove it grows and evolves through detailed intimate production. Different sounds come at you from all angles but the arrangement makes sure that everything has a purpose, no excess or wastage.

We expect to see this hitting the shops early next year and no doubt you'll find it in all the best record shops. More info can be found on Quantec and Echocord here

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