Thursday, 9 December 2010

Videos: Sandwell District @ Timewarp Holland (4th Dec 10)

Photo by Luke Garwood

Winter is always warmed up by one of our favourite festivals, Timewarp, in one of our favourite countries, Holland, and this time they switched it from Rotterdam to one of our favourite cities, Amsterdam. So far everything is looking rather promising but just to make it that much sweeter the guys at Cosmopop decided to get our boys, Sandwell District, involved too.

Held in Sporthallen Zuid, a sports centre near Schipol Airport, filled with 40,000 wanting clubbers, the stage was set. Darko Esser and Steve Rachmad did stellar jobs on warm up duty before Sandwell District took the stage. And they only just made the stage too. Schipol was having difficulties caused by the snow so Dave and Karl's travel plans changed drastically. Originally intending to fly from Berlin straight to Amsterdam, they instead flew to Dusseldorf and had to get a taxi to Amsterdam and arrived only 20 mins before the start of their set. Anyway they simply shrugged all the problems aside and went to work in the only fashion they know how!

Unlike in October @ Berghain, when i was unable to get some videos (rules is rules) I took full advantage this time round. And here they are

Plenty more videos can be found on our Youtube Page

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