Thursday, 28 April 2011

Mindgames - Composure

On March 11, Japan was hit by one of the greatest natural disasters in the country’s history, a massive earthquake and tsunami. For all of us living here in Japan, this is probably the saddest and most horrific event we will witness in our lifetimes.

The scenes of ruin in the Tohoku region are impossible to process. Even for those unaffected by the earthquake and tsunami, the images alone are traumatic.

But amidst scenes of apocalyptic destruction, there are other scenes making their way into the collective imagination, and these are scenes of composure. Under unimaginable conditions, people in the devastated areas are drawing upon a deep collective spirit to face this crisis with a courage and pride that is humbling. But these same people are also traumatized and in desperate need of support.

Mindgames has reached out to artists who have played at the Labyrinth festival—friends who have a deep love and respect for the country and people of Japan—and asked them to contribute music in honor of the survivors and to help raise funds for the process of rebuilding. The music will be compiled as a double-cd release, entitled “Composure”.

To help heal tired nerves, the music is downbeat nature, from experimental techno to deep ambient.

We know that our contribution will be a modest one, but we also feel it is important to express our concern for everyone affected, and music is the avenue of expression that we as a group have chosen.

Almost all the music contributed are new tracks that have been composed especially for this project, and none have been released before. The artists who have kindly agreed to create and donate their music are:

* Alex Smoke (Scotland)

* Convextion aka E.R.P. (USA)

* Deepchord (USA)

* Donnacha Costello (Ireland)

* Donato Dozzy (Italy)

* Eavesdropper (Belgium)

* Echospace (USA)

* Jonah Sharp & Fred P (USA)

* Koss aka Kuniyuki (Japan)

* Mathew Jonson (USA)

* Mike Parker (USA)

* Minilogue (Sweden)

* Peter Van Hoesen (Belgium)

* Reagenz: Move D & Jonah Sharp (Germany/USA)

* Sandwell District: Function & Regis (USA/UK)

* Steve Good (UK/Japan)

Handling the mastering will be another Labyrinth friend, Neel from Rome.

Disk Union in Japan has generously agreed to partner with us to produce and distribute this album through their own label, Music 4 Your Legs, which we are very thankful for. To ensure that as much money goes to relief efforts as possible, Disk Union and the Labyrinth are covering the production costs (cd pressing, packaging, etc), so you know that your purchase is going to people who need it. The album will first be released digitally in May, and the cd version will follow in June.

We are currently researching which group here in Japan to support with the funds that we raise. We would like to support one local cause where we can make a big difference. We will update the page here after we reach a decision.

We would also like to thank Dan Anthon from the ambient label Silent Season who contributed the cover art, a photograph of a Japanese maple tree. The Japanese maple tree is known for showing a magnificent array of colors depending on the circumstances and season—and in this difficult season, we think Japan is showing the world her true colors. Please show her your support, either through this project or by giving directly to important NGO’s here in Japan, such as Red Cross Japan, Second Harvest, or Civic Force.


Russ, Yasuyo, and So

The Labyrinth


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