Thursday, 5 August 2010

Quantec - Force Vive EP [Phonobox Records 008]

Here's some new work from one of my favourite producers, Quantec. The man's been bang on form of late with a string of recent releases on labels like Styrax, Pong Musiq, Statik, Piece Communications, this one of Phonobox Records and one of the best labels for me of the last couple of years, Echocord.

With all this activity there's been no drop in quality. All the tracks ooze Quantec's trademark deep sounds with immensely detailed production all leave you in suspense without really knowing where the track is going to take you. You imagine how they're going to end from the start of them but come the final bars you listening to something completely unexpected, leaving you very pleasantly surprised. Check out the sample here

Quantec - Force Vive | Force Vive Ep | Phonobox 008 (Decoder Muzique) | 12" Vinyl by Quantec

Quantec-Swayings | Quantec - Force Vive Ep 12" | Phonobox Records 008 by Quantec

This is on sale now in all the usual places. As ever more info can be found on Quantec through his Myspace Page, his Facebook Fan Page and his Soundcloud Page

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