Friday, 27 August 2010

Luke Hess - Michigan Central Station EP [Echocord Colour]

Next up on the excellent Echocord Colour, off shoot label from Echocord, is the stunning 'Michigan Central Station EP' by Luke Hess. The label's been in fine form over the last 2 years or so. With releases from Brendon Moeller, Sebastian San, Deadbeat, Mikkel Metal and Pattern Repeat to name a few. This latest offering from Hess is his second outing on Echocord Colour, his first being a project with Marko Fuerstenburg (another great dub techno artist. Check out his recent 'Counter Mode EP' on Artless Records).

The EP is a homage to Michigan Central Station in Detroit. Once a glorious piece of engineering, now left in ruins, showing a glimpse over previous flourishing times in the City. The A Side sees Hess display dreamy melodies with his signature dub delayed patterns underneath to deliver a beautiful uplifting composition. Side B is darker. It's flittering percusion carries the track along over a deep bassline. Check out the samples below.

More info on Luke Hess can be found on his Myspace Page

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