Tuesday, 29 October 2013

#. [HG015]

In a sea of mystery artists and secret projects, Horizontal Ground stand out head and shoulders above most. A collection of artists with IP address style names assigned to them alongside some of techno's emerging stars. AnD, Skirt, Samuel Kerridge, Szare and Monica Hits the Ground have been thrown into the pot with our previous guest and podcaster, 194.454. as well as

The 15th release on the imprint comes from a new face, well name, # Three tracks of dark techno is the outcome. A1 comes with a powerful marauding bass and shattering percussion. B1 nods your head with it's metronome like clicks and effects whilst B2 heads back to the dancefloor with it's ever evolving synth lines.

Expect to see the release in the shops by the end of this week, but don't hang about because these vinyl only releases are normally limited in numbers. You can pre order your copy on the ReadyMade Website

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