Friday, 12 July 2013

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 021: Kontort

Kontort is the production alias of London based Andrew Wright. His passion for underground music is evident in everything he does. As a DJ, under the name of XI, he's spent the last 8 years building a name for himself across the UK's capital, which has seem him perform at the very best venues for a number of London's best promotions.

The last few years have seen him dedicate his time to a small number of projects. Firstly launching his own promotion, Slash Dot Dash. After a number of events, taking in some of the worlds best techno acts, the brand was expanded to include a successful podcast series and an informative blog.

The final step for him was to make his move into production, and the Kontort project was born. Using a combination of vintage analog hardware and modern day software, his roots are based firmly in old school techno virtues, but integrating it with modern software allows him to keep his sights set firmly forward.

In 2011 he finally got recognised for his work when he was signed to Italian label, Toffler Music, and had 3 tracks released as part of the Various Artists compilation CD, entitled 'From The Grave' and then two more coming as part of 'The Brave' the following year. In the studio he continues to conduct sonic experiments and more music will be surfacing soon.

For our 21st edition of the Slash Dot Dash Podcast Kontort ventures into the dark underbelly of techno, bringing together the minimalistic ideals of Detroit and the hypnotic warblings of Berlin to supply you with an hour long expedition of twisted beats and rhythms.

You can subscribe to our podcast series in iTunes or you can download or stream the mix from the Soundcloud player below


1) SS/S - Siglo 1 [Jealous God]
2) Kontort - Conservation [Unreleased]
3) Mike Parker - Lustrations One (Khonsu) [Prologue]
5) Recondite - Cleric [Dystopian]
6) Subjected - Vault101 [Vault Series]
7) Ventress - Typhon (Svreca Remix) [Edit Select]
8) Markus Suckut - Strength (Rod Remix One) [Sckt]
9) Reboot - Rhomb [Modularz]
10) Minilogue - Clouds And Water (Rrose Remix) [Enemy Records]
11) Rødhåd - Spomeniks [Token]
12) Pär Grindvik - Planets [A&S / Stockholm Ltd]
13) Traversable Wormhole - Universal Time (Dasha Rush Remix) [Traversable Wormhole]
14) Kontort - Secret Listeners [Unreleased]

More information on Kontort can be found on his Facebook Fan Page or you can check out his studio jam videos on his YouTube Channel

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