Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Berghain 06: Norman Nodge

The latest Berghain compilation CD hit the stores yesterday, and it's mixed by our favourite techno lawyer, Norman Nodge. Now on to it's sixth edition, after previous escapades from Andre Galluzi, Marcel Dettmann, Len Faki, Ben Klock and Marcel Fengler, the Berlin nightspot continues to dip into their extensive list of residents to showcase the music that's built the club's legendary reputation for the worlds very best techno.

As you may expect, Nodge's signature stamp of quality is plastered all over the mix from start to finish. From it's ambient beginnings, with the help of Birds Two Cage, Oni Ayhun and an artist we're big fans of here at SDD, Mokira, the mix steadily builds in energy, drifting it's way through the expansive sounds of Detroit, Berlin and UK techno. Combining classic tracks like Jeff Mills' 'Keeping Of The Kept' with new faces to the scene like Patrick Gräser and recent SDD podcaster, Charlton. The mix, recorded live at Berghain, completes a full circle as tracks from El Gato#9, Radioactive Man and Xosar return the listener to the comp's more blissful beginnings.


1) Birds Two Cage - Gase
2) Oni Ayhun - OAR002-B
3) Mokira - Manupulation Music (Redshape Tape Dub)
4) Patrick Gräser - From Foreign Territories
5) Hauntologists - Untitled
6) Staffan Linzatti - Morning
7) Jeff Mills - Keeping Of The Kept
8) Silent Servant - Untitled
9) DJ T - 1000 - Metra
10) The Nighttripper - Tone Exploitation (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)
11) Charlton - Black Slong
12) Architectural - Looking Ahead
13) Mark Broom - Vault 5
14) Ctrls - Socket
15) Chancellor - Roundabouts
16) Tim Taylor & DJ Slip - New York Minds
17) El Gato#9 - Coefficient Of Friction (Monty Luke Back Catalogue Remix)
18) Radioactive Man - Nasty Radio
19) Xosar - Rainy Day Juno Jam (Legowelt Remix)

As with all Berghain, and Panoramabar CDs, this mix contains a number of exclusive unreleased tracks. In the case of 06 it's three, from Birds Two Cage, Patrick Gräser and Mark Broom. Thankfully for those of you DJs out there, these three tracks don't stay unreleased for very long as they all feature on the companion vinyl. Samples of which can be found on the soundcloud player below

Mark Broom | Birds Two Cage | Patrick Gräser | Berghain 06 | o-ton 59 by Ostgut Ton

The CD and vinyl are out now in all good record shops, or can be purchased directly from the Ostgut Website. More info on Norman Nodge can be found on his Facebook Fan Page. If you're in Berlin next month you can attend the official launch party will be held at Berghain on November 10th which features Mark Broom, Redshape, Patrick Gräser (aka Answer Code Request), Ctrls, Marcel Fengler and of course Norman Nodge. Full event info can be found on Resident Advisor

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