Monday 25 June 2012

Slash Dot Dash Podcast 013: Pfirter

It's new podcast time and our next offering comes from one of South America's hottest techno exports, Pfirter. With a career that spans over a decade Juan Pablo has developed a unique and personal style and can be seen in particular dj sets that venture through the many subgenres of Techno.

Pfirter is nowadays considered Argentina’s biggest international music projection thanks to releases on CLR, Stockholm Ltd, Figure, Synewave, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Apnea and his own music MindTrip Music imprint.

His records are regularly charted and played the likes of Len Faki, Par Grindvik, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Perc, Terence Fixmer, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram, Luke Slater, Lucy and many more.

All of this allows him to perform in Argentina and South America’s best clubs as well as Europe’s most respected; Berghain (Berlin), The End (London), U60311 (Frankfurt), Tresor (Berlin) or ADE (Amsterdam) just to name a few.

With the rebranding and relaunch of Pfirter's label, MindTrip, we invited him to celebrate it with an exclusive podcast for Slash Dot Dash and he's duly obliged. 

You can download or stream the mix from our Soundcloud player below or you can subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes


1) Hironori Takahashi - Kevsrac [Aconito Records]

2) Allan - Nonamaka - Pest [Subsist Records]
3) Delusions - Untitled (Svreca Remix) [Ballistic Records]
4) BCR Boys - B1
5) Truncate - Focus V2 [Truncate]
6) Pfirter - The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent (Developer Remix)
7) Markus Suckut - Hunt [Figure]
8) Christian Wunsch - Seismic Waves [PoleGroup]
9) SP-X - Attack Pattern [Komisch]
10) Rumenige - Untitled 
11) Logotech - Prehypnotic (Audio Injection Remix)
12) Thee Maddkatt Chronicles - Vegeance Of A Madman
13) Tracy - Bonk [Ketra Records]
14) Ctrls - The Socket [Token Records]
15) Function - Ratio
16) Hiroaki Lizuka - Tera
17) Pfirter - Induccion A La Hipnosis [MindTrip]
18) Developer - Origins (Jeroen Search Remix) [Modularz]
19) AD/S - Transversal [Avian]
20) Patrick Gill - Lil Jet (Jeroen Search Remix)
21) Pfirter - Fractales [MindTrip]
22) Pfirter - The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent
23) Hiroaki Lizuka - VC7 (Exium Remix) 
24) Ascion - The Poetics Of Withdrawl (Pfirter's No Fear Of Death Mix) [Krill Music]
25) Pfirter - Epistaxis [MindTrip]

We also caught up with him for a chat about the label, DJ’ing, Producing and a few other things too.

1) You set up MindTrip Music as a digital label in 2006, what made you decide to reinvent and rebrand it to create MindTrip?

Well, many things but the main reason was to change the concept of the label from a digital only label promoting mostly argentinian artists, to a new, vinyl + digital plattform where i can introduce many of my upcoming productions + remixes from some of my favorite artists in the Techno scene. I felt that this kind of change also needed an update on the whole thing: from design, promotion, distribution and communication up to the brand itself.

2) you used MindTrip Music to raise the profiles of Argentinian artists, as well as releasing your own music, will the new label continue with the same philosophy?

During 2012, the goal will be to show some of my latest records and to include remixes and collaborations from artists all over the world. Of course some artists from Argentina will be included but wont be the main thing on MindTrip. In the future we'll definitely start releasing original tracks from different producers as well.

3) and will all the releases be centred around music for the dancefloor?

Well i'm a dj as well and i can really appreciate music made for the dancefloor in a smart way. But we also scheduled many tracks that aren't concieved for the dancefloor itself. They might be played in clubs as tracks sometimes, as tools on others...but some of the music coming out on the label is definitely thought for home listening as well. Always fitting the escence of Techno music.

4) you're on the road a lot performing. Does this affect the amount of time you get to spend in the studio?

Well, i've been living 50/50 between Spain and Argentina for some time already, and moving from one place to the other has some impact on my studio time but i've learned to handle it. When talking about gigs, it affects me a lot but in a positive way; for me there's no bigger inspiration than playing in a club. After that, i always get much more energy and inspiration in the studio.

5) you're based in Argentina but you spend a lot of time gigging in Europe, are the respective scenes different in any way?

Well yes...of course there are some really good clubs in Argentina as everywhere in the planet, but the ammount of clubs for playing Techno or any kind of underground music is way less than in places like Germany or Europe in general. The quality of the soundsystem in the clubs isnt usually the same either. But the vibe from the clubbers is really special.

6) finally what's the rest of 2012 got in store for you?

Productionwise, I'll be having remixes coming out soon on CLR, Audio Assault and Krill Music plus all the MindTrip stuff coming out from now until the end of the year. Also some other original tracks for some other labels as well.
Regarding my gigs, i'm now on tour in South America until mid August, and then i'm going back to Europe for a new tour during 4 months. So i'm really looking forward to more and more great experiences during 2012!

More information on Pfirter can be found on his Facebook Fan Page. For the rest of our Podcasts please check out our Website

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