Thursday, 18 August 2011

Traversable Wormhole Vol 8

Last time we spoke to Traversable Wormhole aka Adam X it was not long after the completion of the monstrous CLR remix pack which ended up being a veritable who's who of techno artists. And as much as the project was a big success, Adam wanted TW to return to it's more mysterious roots. No promotion, no hype, just straight releases, that was if it was to ever return at all! But luckily enough for us, it has!

We first heard about it back in April when Giorgio Gigli listed it in his RA Chart but since then, as is the traditional TW way, mum has most certainly been the word! Now though, over a year since TW Vol 7, it's out, and it's time we started spreading that word!

Like the 7 releases proceeding it, Vol 8 consists of two tracks, 'Four Dimensional Mami Fold' and 'Negative Energy Density'. Both feature the dark, stripped back, industrial techno that made him our number 1 priority when arranging the Slash Dot Dash relaunch last summer. Check out the samples below

This is out in the shops now so go out and grab your copy, because there wont be many of them and they won't be around for long!

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