Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mix Of The Day: Gary Beck @ Awakenings Festival (25th Jun 11)

Todays MOTD comes from last months Awakenings festival and takes in a live recording from Gary Beck. Hailing out of Glasgow, the Scot has built up a reputation over the years as one of the most consistent members of the techno community, both as a DJ and a producer.

Behind the decks, he's played at the best clubs in all corners of the globe. As a producer he's had records released on various labels, including Perc Trax, Electric Deluxe, Minus, Beardman, Edit Select and his own Bekaudio imprint.

But for now it's his DJ skills that we're concentrating on for this Mix Of The Day. Although there's plenty of his own tracks scattered about the mix. You'll find the streaming / download links and parts of the Tracklisting below...


00. Intro
01. ID
02. Mark Broom - "Verve (Gary Beck Remix)" [Unreleased]
03. Mioxam & Evan Burke - "Tunnel series 01" (Gary Beck remix)
04. Gary Beck - "Get down"
05. Gary Beck Loop Project
06. Gary Beck - "Askaig"
07. Gary Beck - "Egoist"
08. Phil Kieran - "Empty vessels" (Gary Beck remix)
09. Gary Beck - "Hands is mine"
10. Woman in panic & Alexx Wolfe - "Chin stroker" (Gary Beck remix)
11. Gary Beck - "Hey big girl"
12. Miki Litvak - "Polinator" (Gary Beck remix)
13. Gary Beck - "Say what"
14. Gary Beck - "Consumed" (Mark Broom' bang bang remix)
15. Gary Beck & Nic Fanciulli - "Hear me out"
16. Mark Broom - "Eye Of The Tiger"
17. Kalden Bess - "Se7en" (Gary Beck scene take 1)
18. Par Grindvik - "Sinister" (Gary Beck remix)
19. Pig & Dan - "Deliverance" (Gary Beck remix)
20. ID
21. ID
22. ID
23. Kalden Bess - "Se7en" (Gary Beck scene take 2)
24. Alan Fitzpatrick - "Gridlock" (Gary Beck locked up drums)
25. ID
26. Gary Beck - "Yes"
27. BCR Boys & Joseph McGeechan - "Identity" (Gary Beck footprint remix)
28. Xhin - "Blade Moth"
29. Tony Thomas - "Beginnings" (Gary Beck Remix)
30. Gary Beck - "Consumed"
31. Gary Beck - Unknown [Unknown]
32. Tim Xavier, Tony Rohr - "ACB Experiment" (Gary Beck Remix)
33. Gary Beck - "Fereneze"
34. Gary Beck - "Limehouse"

More info on Gary can be found on his Facebook Fan Page or you can follow his updates on Twitter. If after giving this mix a whirl then you can find all his upcoming gigs on his Resident Advisor DJ Page. He's got some bits coming up in Germany, France, Italy and Hungary in the next few months!

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